Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 113


𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏𝟑

As Chris sighs, Douglas returns with Emma.

She looks a little pale. I wonder if she’s feeling unwell.

“Emma, I’m sorry. Will you please take a seat?”

When Emma, who was hesitant, was asked to sit again,

She sat down as though she was afraid to do so.

It feels like she is overwhelmed by the honor of sitting with me, the crown princess.

I’m used to talking to my classmates in classroom A at the academy,

But I understand when my juniors act like this when I talk to them.

. . .I still don’t see Emma as the kind of person who doesn’t care about social status.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll help the two of them later,

But first, I need to find out what Emma herself thinks.

Of course, I cannot help unconditionally.

I must not deny the social system and the common sense of the nobility.

That’s because the royal family benefits from it.

I, who carry this country, cannot be allowed to deny it.

I know that if I make a selfish request, it will be granted.

Even with this matter, I could simply order Marquis Taylor to approve it.

But just because I can do it, doesn’t mean I should.

I must not make selfish orders just because I’m the crown princess.

“Douglas, I’m going to put up a barrier for a little while.

It’ll be over quickly, so please wait and let the three of us talk.”

“Huh? Eh?”

Without waiting for approval, I create a square-like barrier around where Emma and I are.

Not only does it block sound but also the view, enclosing us in a pure white space.

Emma, who must have entered the barrier for the first time, almost stands up.

I assure her it’s okay and make her sit down, explaining about the barrier.

“This barrier prevents sound from being heard on the other side and being seen.

I’ll remove it as soon as our conversation is over.”

“. . .I’m so sorry.”


“. . .It’s all my fault that this situation has occurred.

I was the one who instigated Douglas-sama.

I take full responsibility. . .”

Maybe because I told her to sit down, she bows her head while still seated in the chair.

Her forehead nearly touches the table as she bows deeply,

And in my hurry, I stop Emma, who continues to apologize, in a loud voice.

“Wai, wait a moment. I didn’t call you here because I wanted to blame Emma!”


“I’ve heard from Douglas, but I also wanted to hear from Emma.

You know, it’s not good to hear the situation only from one side?

So I just wanted to hear Emma’s side too.

I don’t think Emma is to blame, so please calm down?”

“. . .Did you come to take back Douglas-sama?”

“No, no, I thought something troublesome was happening,

So I thought maybe I could help.

I just wanted to hear from Emma, that’s all.”

“. . .I see, is that so. . . .”

It seems that she finally understood that I just wanted to hear from Emma.

Perhaps it was unexpected, but I could tell that Emma’s shoulders relaxed.

. . .How much mental stress must she have been under?

However, even after hearing that I didn’t come to take Douglas back, she didn’t look relieved.

Her face remained pale; I wonder what she’s thinking.

“Neither Douglas nor I think it’s Emma’s fault.

I understand the way of thinking in noble society, but I don’t think that’s the only right thing.

The child inside Emma’s belly is Douglas’ precious child, right?

I understand how Douglas feels, wanting to protect it.”

“. . .Yes.”

Watching Emma unconsciously stroke her belly,

It doesn’t seem like she dislikes the fact that she’s having a child.

“Isn’t life here tough?

Is there anything you’re struggling with?”

“I was originally the third daughter of a poor Count family, so 

I’m used to living without money.”

“That’s right. Having six siblings is amazing.

I’m an only daughter, so I’m a little envious.”

“It seems my mother wanted a boy. 

After five girls were born, my younger brother was finally born as the sixth child.”

“Oh, I see, that’s why there are six siblings. 

So, as the third, you have three younger siblings. . .

Are you good at taking care of children?”

“Yes. Especially my younger brother, who is mischievous but gets sick easily. 

I had a hard time until he turned ten.”

Perhaps reminiscing about those days, she smiles faintly. 

The first smile I’ve seen from Emma is so adorable that I almost forget she’s four years older.

“I see. Then, you can be at ease when that child is born. 

Emma will be a good mother.”

“. . . . . .”

“What’s the matter?”

“Um. . .”


“Um. . .I have a favor to ask. 

“Could you please bring Douglas-sama back to the Marquis’ house as he is?”


I thought Emma had some trouble, but she said such a thing, and 

I thought my prediction was right.

. . .Indeed, she intended to step back.

“If Douglas-sama were to stay here like this,

Douglas-sama might get hurt.

If the child I bear becomes the heir, what will people say? 

In noble society, of course. . .that. . .”

“That means to the Count Ponette family?”

“. . .Yes.”

The fact that Emma is pregnant means that it cannot be helped if the son of her new family has some problem. 

She was divorced after three years without a child, and Emma is pregnant within a year after that. 

If the son of the Ponette family could have a child right away with his new wife, 

It could be said that they were simply incompatible, but 

Apparently, the Ponette family has not had a child with the new wife either.

If it became known at such a time that Emma gave birth to Douglas’ child and made him the heir,

His honor could be deeply tarnished, and there might be harassment.

Of course, I think Douglas is acting with that in mind, but

Emma probably doesn’t want to cause trouble to the Taylor family and Douglas because of her.

“If we take Douglas back, what will Emma do? 

Can you come back to the Taylor family with him?”

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