Is the Lost Princess Unexpectedly Loved? – Chapter 111

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏𝟏

“But, even three years after marrying, she couldn’t have a child.

It seems that was the agreement when they got married.

If a child is not born within three years, they will divorce.

However, even if they divorce, they won’t ask for the dowry to be returned.

When the Ponette family decides to divorce, she must quietly obey.”

“So. . .she was divorced because a child was not born.”

I can only say that it’s unfortunate.

As the wife of an only son, it’s troublesome if a child isn’t born.

That’s why they gave a dowry to the Pierne family and married her off.

I think being divorced is pitiful, but I guess that’s what nobility is like.

Marriage is done to continue the family line.

But. . .Emma is. . .

“. . .Ah. So she was driven out of the Ponette family,

But the Pierne family also doesn’t have any financial leeway.

So Emma became our maid from last year.”

“So, why did Emma become pregnant?”

I became impatient and asked outright.

I think the reason why Douglas and Emma are here must be because of that.

She didn’t look pregnant when I greeted her earlier.

According to the report, it should be around the fifth month.

Maybe it’s not a noticeable time yet.

Douglas was visibly shaken, perhaps not expecting me to ask directly.

With a red face, he opened and closed his mouth but didn’t speak.

And, for some reason, he looked at Chris and Kyle as if seeking help.

Chris and Kyle answered Douglas with somewhat sympathetic faces.

“Douglas. . .The Princess won’t understand unless you tell her plainly.

Explain it however you like.”

“. . .Yeah, that’s right. If she doesn’t understand even after hearing the explanation, I’ll explain it later.

Douglas, please explain it in a way that’s easy to understand.”

. . .Why, I wonder? It’s like they’re saying I don’t understand things.

I think Douglas is more knowledgeable, but

I’m also trying hard to study.

“. . .Sofia-sama, how much do you know about bedroom education?”

“Eh? Bedroom education?”

Bedroom education, that’s it, right? Education to have a child?

Like what I do when I sleep with Kyle.

I’ve been told there’s more to it, but I still only know a little.

Confused about how to answer, Douglas let out a big sigh.

“Yes, I’ll briefly explain bedroom education.

You understand that bedroom education is done to have children, right?

I’m the only son of the Marquis family, right?

To not fail when taking a wife, I learn about the bedroom before marriage.

But, I can’t trust brothels,

So I ask noble widows or someone trustworthy to teach me.”

“You can’t trust brothels?”

“Because later they might say ‘take responsibility because a child was born.’

Even if it’s not a real child, you’ll have to take care of it, right?

So I ask someone with a tight mouth, who’s reliable, and chaste.

To share the bedroom with me a few times for practice.

. . .My partner for bedroom education was Emma.”

“Ah, I see.

Emma was the partner for bedroom education.”

I wanted to know why Emma was carrying Douglas’ child.

I hadn’t heard any talk of Douglas having a lover or being engaged.

Suddenly there’s talk of a child, and I was wondering why.

There are cases where a child is conceived even with a practice partner for bedroom education.

“. . .No, it’s not just because she’s my partner in bedroom education.

I’ve been interested in Emma since she came to the Marquis’ house as a maid.

She’s different from the other maids; she’s not noisy, and she hardly wears any makeup.

Over time, I saw her returning smiles to the other maids’ sarcasm, and 

Working diligently even when no one was watching, 

I thought she was a sincere and hardworking person.

Eventually, we got to talking, and found out we liked the same books.

I was happy to know she was my partner in bedroom education, even though I felt sorry.”


“Emma is kind.

She wanted to become a court lady at the time of her first marriage, but 

She accepted the offer because she thought the large dowry would help her family.

At that time, she still had three younger siblings, so 

She might not have been able to afford their schooling.

Moreover, whether she would accept being my partner in bedroom education or not was a separate matter from becoming our maid.

But, at the request of my parents who had taken her in as a maid,

I think she couldn’t refuse because she felt indebted. . .

So I felt sorry.”

“I see. . .Douglas, you like Emma.”

“Yes. I realized I had fallen in love with her.

So, she became my lover, not just my partner in bedroom education.”

Speaking with a slight embarrassment but still confidently, 

I thought that Emma must be someone Douglas could be proud of.

He’s not ashamed to say he loves Emma.

I wanted to talk to Emma, who made Douglas feel that way.

“But then, why are you here if that’s the case?

You’re running away from the Marquis’ house, aren’t you?”

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