I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 48

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Thanks to Lord Aubrey’s encouragement, Adelle’s second life went well.

Many of her students didn’t like the subject matter, but others were grateful for Adelle’s teachings.

Aristocratic marriages are meant to strengthen the bonds between families.

In the absence of necessarily love, one must exchange the most important things as a person.

This is often difficult and painful, especially for young women.

Adelle gave the girls the knowledge to prepare for different situations and be ready for the demands.

In the privacy of the bedroom, she repeatedly spoke words of wisdom for those who were sometimes overwhelmed to survive, but also words of encouragement for those who were fortunate enough to be happily married.

She told them that if they loved each other, they could do anything they wanted as long as the other did not refuse.

Against unloving behavior, she advised them to protect themselves.

Adelle’s work was highly respected and she was invited to the royal court.

Although she was considered a leading expert in her field, she also experienced unpleasant surprises.

Curious ladies, playful ladies, madames who looked at Adelle as if she were dirty.

But many women indulged in their love affairs with Adelle as their chaperone. Adelle’s secrecy was rewarded with a consultant’s fee, and she began to keep many secrets.

Some of the ladies kept having dangerous encounters with Adelle, as if to test her.

Sometimes it was disconcerting to think that even if Adelle kept quiet, someone would eventually find out about it from their husband’s mouth.

“Mrs. Berean, I have heard some rumors about my wife…”

When she was questioned by high-ranking aristocrats who had a large sum of money to offer, Adelle would always say,

“I don’t know.”

Her tight-lippedness was her only asset.

A tutoring job and a bedroom governess under the guise of a consultant. The fees for these jobs were Adelle’s livelihood.

If she lost her tight-lippedness, she would have no way to live out the rest of her life.

It was a stressful job, that’s for sure.

So she began to secretly record her feelings of frustration in the form of a journal.

There was a time when she had a dark desire in her heart to one day make it public.

But gradually the memoir took a different form.

Rather than to expose and harm someone’s sins, she began to record the truth for the purpose of preserving it in writing.

Many secrets were written in a notebook with a red cover.

It is true that Emmeline’s offensive words made her angry.

(Emmeline: The King’s mistress.)

And it certainly influenced the background of what Mrs. Claire Emmeline did in the open.

Also the fact that Angelique and Ernest’s engagement had been broken off and that the Dukes of Montan was no longer in trouble.

But above all, it was loyalty to the king that motivated Mrs. Adelle Berean.

The only rift the king had with Queen Beatrice was one that Adele had to clear up. She could not die without telling what she knew.

For Adelle, it was like a life’s homework.

Lord Aubrey passed away, and Angelique, who was her student, got married.

Adelle Berean, who is said to be of indeterminate age, has already reached the age when her grandchild’s marriageable age.

Thinking it was time to retire and live a life of leisure, Adelle decided to give up her only weapon, her secrecy, and publish a revelation book.

But Adelle never imagined that Charlotte’s deeds would be exposed the day her book was published.

Charlotte is given no small amount of sympathy for trying to kill Lord Colgard and Angelique, but Kathrine, Charlotte’s sister, the first daughter of the Barabou family, is innocent.

And she also feels sorry for Ernest.

Prince or not, the child is also innocent.

After that happened, Adelle wrote a letter to her fellow mistress who resembled Charlotte and whose hair color reminded her of an ear of corn.

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