I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 49

Chapter 49: [Extra edition] Mrs. Berean’s Solitude (3)│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Beloved by Lord Aubrey, she gave birth to Danio.

The grandmother of Charlotte and Kathrine spends the rest of her days in the countryside in Lufall, Duchy of Montan, on the south coast.

After receiving her answer, Mrs. Berean went to the royal court office and left a letter for Ernest when he came to collect his allowance, and left the rest to the mercy of Heaven’s providence.

With nowhere to go, the only person willing to take Charlotte in is her biological grandmother, who had given up her own child, Danio.

She wished they would visit her.

It was Charlotte’s sister, Kathrine, who prompted Adelle to make such an inappropriate meddling.

Kathrine, a unusual girl who was always thought to be retarded, is now in a difficult situation due to the loss of Viscount Barabou’s title.

Kathrine was indeed a somewhat unusual girl.

Kathrine had no desire to marry.

She liked to read and write her own books.

When Adelle approached her at some point, Kathrine was overwhelmed by her admiration for Adelle as a writer.

“Make me your apprentice! No! I want to be your lady-in-waiting!”

Adelle got to read what Kathrine had written. And…

“T-This is…”

Kathrine is, as they say in a “certain” country, an “Otaku”. Also uses the other term as “rotten.”

Because Kathrine had written a novel that could only be based on Lord Colgard X Lord Felix.

“It’s a big problem to publish this, but it could sprout…”


“Let’s find ways.”

So she took in Kathrine as her lady-in-waiting and apprentice, and they started living together.

One day Kathrine began her statement by saying, “What Charlotte did is unforgivable, but…”

“I think she was just not good at accepting a life where she was only a supporting character from the start—It’s difficult not to compare when you have a lady like Angelique around who has it all. When people say that no one compares her to anyone else, she finds it difficult to understand.”

In front of her, Angelique is constantly noticed and praised.

Kathrine continues

“Charlotte could only stand beside her in a daze.

“Even though we were different in age, even I envied Angelique. It was inevitable that Charlotte, who was the same age as her, would be cynical in some ways.”

Kathrine smiled sadly and Adelle said “I understand” and put her hand on her shoulder.

For women, the world was unfair from the start.

It may be the same for men, but Adelle is painfully aware that in the small world of nobles, many suffer as a result of birthright differences.

In her youth, she blossomed like a vengeful flower.

The days she was at the forefront of her field as an educator.

Now, her third life has just begun.

She’s been through a lot.

She’s had hurtful things said to her.

She’s been scorned.

It wasn’t a great life, but she lived it because she didn’t want to do anything that herself would regret.

At the beginning of her third life, Charlotte became known throughout the country as the villainess, in no small part because of her book.

She was horrified by the cruelty of fate and at the same time she felt a faint, though not sad, sympathy for Charlotte.

But she can never forgive her for her crimes, but if Charlotte managed to change her mind and be reborn, she hoped she would live on somewhere with Ernest.

She wanted her to live, even if she had to crawl and cling to the mud.

The meeting between Adelle and Kathrine was another strange twist of fate.

The fact that Adelle still knew the woman who lived in Lufall and had once been Lord Aubrey’s mistress.

Glancing at her wrinkled hands, Adelle silently wished that if all this was God’s arrangement, then perhaps there would be a small blessing for the unfortunate villiness.

The End

Thank you for reading to the end.

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    I agree, the world of nobles is all about birthrights and keeping up appearances. Being born later in line is such a drag, there needs to be more pathways for a person who is born later to advance themselves. It’s understandable that Charlotte would feel small around Angelique. I hope that Charlotte gets another life, becomes a better person, and has a happier life next time around.

  3. Ahhhhh says:

    What a quaint ending. Thank you for translating all these chapters. All those mistresses and Katherine was an outta the blue situation. However, I am glad with Serge and Angelique’s happy ending, I took a break at one point so I feel like I did not get as much dog food from them, mmh sad.

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