I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 47

Chapter 47: [Extra edition] Mrs. Berean’s solitude (1)│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Adelle Berean was beautiful.

She was born the only daughter of a poor baroness with no estate, and attended an aristocratic school as a special student.

Her father was lazy and a drunkard.

Her family did not have the social standing to debut her, but her father dressed her up when she was old enough and let her go to parties everywhere.

Soon, the wealthy aristocracy took notice of Adelle.

A poor, beautiful girl attracts the eyes of powerful men.

It didn’t take long for Adelle to realize what this meant.

Adelle became the mistress of several noblemen and went to many parties, always as the partner of another man.

Adelle spent a lot of money dressing up and was more beautiful than anyone else.

Everyone treated Adelle with respect for fear of the great nobles who were behind Adelle.

But Adelle knew in her heart that they looked down on her.

There was nothing else she could do to survive.

Adelle became known as Mrs. Berean.

“Mrs.” even though she had never been anyone’s wife. is a sign that you are no longer fit to be a spouse.

The big red rose of society.

Still, there was no end to the number of men who wanted to take Adelle Berean to parties.

One of the men who made Adelle his mistress was Lord Aubrey. He was the head of the Duchy of Montan, one of the most prestigious families in the country.

His son, Lord Colgard, grew up to be a serious man, devoted to his wife, but his father, Lord Aubrey, was known as a fashionable, womanizing, and playful man.

It was said, true or false, that he had mistresses on all his estates in the country.

Lord Aubrey was a playboy, but he did not play with women.

Although he loved many women, he was kind to each of them.

He was faithful to every woman in his life and left her a decent fortune when he left her. Not a single woman was treated badly.

If they had children, he raised them as his own.

He had only one son from his wife, but four other mistresses bore her a child each.

One son and three daughters.

Each of the three daughters married an influential nobleman and Lord Aubrey gave his son Danio a lordship and the title of viscount.

Unfortunately, Adelle was incapable of bearing children.

Lord Aubrey said on one occasion. This was before his daughters were married.

“You are a clever woman Adelle, you should use your knowledge of the ways of the world to become an educator to the ladies of the nobility and teach them the manners of the night.”

The Dukes of Montan, who takes special care of his daughters, complains that the current teacher is vulgar and he does not like her.

“I want you to teach my daughters seriously about this and that. If you want, I can introduce you to other nobles.”

Adelle, who was beginning to think about what would happen after she lost her youth and beauty, decided to accept Lord Aubrey’s advice.

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    I am sorry, faithful to each mistress? Sounds like polygamy with extra steps. This also means that Angelique’s step-grandma (or close equivalent) was her sex-ed teacher. This means Angelique’s half-aunt’s sex-ed teacher was their (equivalent to step-mom) Dad’s mistress.

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