I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 46

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They talked about the Dragon service plans.

“That, too, is grandiose…”

“Do we have to pay a toll for flying?”

“That is to cover the cost of road maintenance—unless you’re a particularly greedy lord. You don’t even get to the checkpoints.”

Angelique asked them if they wanted to see the dragons after leaving Louise with the nanny, and they nodded nervously.

They walk around the back of the castle to the newly rebuilt and expanded stables. The structure is simple and purposefully has many gaps.”

Lord Colgard and Lord Felix are taken aback by the sight of a castle-sized structure.

Serge was standing in front of the stables, ready to greet them.

“Please come in.”

For some reason, the dukes, holding hands and peeping anxiously into the stables, and when they saw the little green and purple dragons, they let go of each other’s hands and their eyes lit up.

“There are small ones too?”

“Those are the ones I mentioned, the ones who hatched from the eggs.”

“They’re so adorable.”

Boa and Bibi are already the size of large dogs, but they appear to think they are cute, possibly because the first dragon they saw was Blanca.

They were enthralled by the cuteness of their movements and gestures.

They even pretended to want to approach and pet them, but when they saw Lasse approaching quietly from behind, they exclaimed, “”Ah!”” as they returned.

“I had no idea there was such a large one!”

“That’s Lasse. The smaller ones, the green one’s name is Boa, while the purple one’s name is Bibi.”

“T-That’s great,” they said as they nodded. and was blown away.

They then became solemn and lauded the dragon service as a brilliant idea.

They don’t want any competition for the owl service, so they keep the price down so that no one can copy it.

Lord Colgard explained that the price was set so that people would believe it would be easier to request this type of service than to raise the animals and train them.

“However, no one can duplicate Dragon Service. You are free to charge whatever you want.”

“That’s the thing… I talked to Angelique about it, and we’re going to do it like the Owl Service, with a reasonable price that no one will want to imitate.”


“We’ve given it some thought. People will try to catch dragons if the dragon service is profitable, right?”

Catching a dragon is not an easy task, and even if such a person appears, he or she will be unable to do so. Even so, there is a chance that greedy people will be reckless if they know it will result in huge profits.

“Only Serge and our dragon wranglers know how to catch and care for them. No one will consider capturing a dragon if we treat everyone well and keep the cost of dragon services low.”

Their current dragon wranglers are all trustworthy.

“I don’t think anyone would be willing to take them out,” Angelique continued, “but it’s important to make sure the system doesn’t make too much money off of them.”

“It will take time to create a world where we and the dragons can coexist—we can’t have too many dragons because breeding them requires resources like minerals.”

They want to build a system where no one else can enter, including the ability to limit the number of dragons.

Angelique and Serge are also considering releasing all of the dragons into the forest, with the exception of Sari and Lasse, who will be returned to Escola when they are eventually used as tools of war.

To that end, they are training them for life in the wild.

And they prepare for the operation by doing everything they can to prevent such a day from ever happening.

“Will it be profitable?”

“Yes. Delivering other people’s cargo is just an afterthought. Our goal is to transport goods that are fresh to be transported to the capital and other cities.”

Angelique wanted to handle flowers, seafood, meat and leafy vegetables.

‘It may be best to leave the dragons in the wild. However, they have already begun to live with us. Like other animals, I want to live with them and think about how best to integrate them into human life.’

As she looked at the five dragons, she wished with all her heart to have a happy future with them.

“Angelique, my child… The loss of you is a terrible blow to our Dukes of Montan.”

Lord Colgard expressed his regret.

“Francine is a bright young lady, and Claude-sama is a gentleman. They’ll be fine.”

‘I see. Well…”

“Shall we have tea?” Angelique asked, turning on her heel.

‘I’d like to go to Louise’s soon.’

“I have someone here who can make pastries. Doesn’t Oto-sama enjoy sweets?”

As they made their way to the castle, Blanca came out of the stables with Pauline and began flight training.

“Oh, they’re going to take off.”

A white dragon, piloted by a petite girl, soared softly into the blue sky as Lord Colgard and Lord Felix looked on.

“Oh, wow…”

“Will there ever be a day when it flies over the country?”

Serge and the rest of the dragon wranglers emerge from the stables.

They all wave to each other as they look up at the dragon soaring high in the sky.

A brand-new era is on the horizon.

~The End~

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