I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Mrs. Berean’s Revealing Book│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Mrs. Berean’s “Secrets of the Bedroom,” as Angelique predicted, was so popular that the first edition sold out on the day it was released.

The story was so sensational that it became the talk of the town everywhere.

The story of Ernest’s birth was the most shocking of all.

[The second prince, Ernest, is not a legitimate son of the king.]

“No way?!”

“Is this true?!”

People devoured the Ernest chapter with wide eyes, passing it on to their friends and telling others what they had read.

According to the book. The king had five children, but Ernest was not one of them.

Ernest is said to have been born to the king’s mistress, Mrs. Claire.

The term “Mrs” did not always refer to a married woman; among the nobility, women who were mistresses were also referred to as “Mrs.”

Claire is a surname of her family, the Marquise of Claire. Her real name is Emmeline.

The Marquise Claire was Emmeline’s father, and royal connections were of the utmost status to Emmeline.

This explains why Emmeline, the Marquise’s daughter, was so well-liked when she was still a student. Noble marriages were intended to strengthen family ties and always required the king’s approval.

Marriages between noble families were always intended to strengthen family ties and required the king’s approval. Divorces were strictly forbidden.

Perhaps it was because of this that there was a relatively high tolerance for having mistresses.

However, from the start of their marriage, the King and Queen were known as a loving couple, and they were blessed with four princes and princesses, including Crown Prince Gerald, the third prince Claude, and two princesses.

The king is a man of character who is popular with the people, a trait he has possessed since he was a crown prince.

The King is also a human being who makes mistakes from time to time, but Mrs. Claire’s presence has always been so unsettling that she could be considered one of the Royal Family’s Seven Wonders.

Several times, suspicions were raised that Mrs. Claire was plotting something, but no definitive answer was found.

But ten years after Ernest was born, when his engagement to Angelique, the first daughter of the Duchess of Montan, was arranged, no one talked about it anymore.

And the Seven Wonders of Discomfort were forgotten by the public.

Mrs. Berean, a witch-like woman of unknown age, had previously worked as an educator at the royal court for more than two decades. It is said that she was the one who taught the king, but the truth is unknown.

Despite the fact that she did not go that far, “Secrets of the Bedroom” contains some rather obscene details.

Mrs. Berean, the walking encyclopedia of aristocratic bedrooms, was not to be taken lightly.

Many aristocrats regretted realizing this.

It was Emmeline who inspired Mrs. Berean to write “Secrets of the Bedroom.”

Ms. Berean, who is a recognized expert in her field, also worked outside the Dukes of Montan as a tutor. And Emmeline was another of her students. But she had a bad attitude: she disrespected Mrs. Berean, undermined her serious lessons with obscenities, and said something insulting at the end.

Because Emmeline said something extremely offensive to an elderly woman, Mrs. Berean lost her temper.

Some of the other noble ladies and wives were also treated with disdain by Emmeline.

She wanted to tell them everything she had witnessed and heard.

Angelique regretted that she had not shown much interest in the lessons, which were very important, but from Mrs. Berean’s point of view Angelique was a good student who took the lessons seriously even if she was not interested in them.

In fact, it was Angelique’s grandfather, Lord Aubrey, the late Duke of Montan, who offered Mrs. Berean the position of tutor. It is no exaggeration to say that today’s Mrs. Berean owes her existence to Lord Aubrey.

The reason she remained silent about Ernest’s birth was for the benefit of the Dukes of Montan and Angelique.

But Ernest’s engagement to Angelique has ended, giving Mrs. Berean the opportunity.

According to Mrs. Berean, Ernest was the son of a servant. They drugged the king, put him to sleep, and then had an “affair” under false pretenses, as Mrs. Claire had arranged.

Later, that servant vanished, and Mrs. Berean, the bedchamber keeper, was the only one who knew the truth.

No one can confirm Mrs. Berean’s words because Mrs. Berean was known for her taciturnity, but many ladies and wives crossed a dangerous bridge as if they were testing her.

The character mentioned in the book stated they were all “nonsense.” However, because there were many episodes with witnesses other than Mrs. Berean, the more they complained, the more credible the book became.

Because no one could expose the truth, the contents of the book became common knowledge throughout the capital.

The mystery surrounding Ernest’s birth drew the most attention.

Because of that, the Marquise of Claire had become a recluse, and Emmeline, who had been a domineering woman, was said to be sitting on a needle in a haystack.

Above all, people paid attention to Charlotte, who became Ernest’s wife.

The day Charlotte’s crime was revealed coincided with the publication of “Secrets of the Bedroom,” which could only be described as divine punishment.

“The woman who later married Ernest advised him to assassinate the Duke of Montan.”

“A scumbag named Charlotte, who had wronged the Duke’s daughter once.”

“I’ve seen her come and go from Krim.”

Charlotte escaped death because of her royal connections.

But, there are numerous incidents in the world. It’s easy to lose sight of what you’ve accomplished. Charlotte, who believed she could get away with anything as long as her life was spared, was looking for her next move with vigour.

But she was still impoverished.

Rather than being forgotten, Charlotte’s misdeeds became more well-known with each passing day, and as Mrs. Berean’s book became the talk of the town, it spread like wildfire.

Finally, as the most wicked woman in the kingdom, Charlotte’s name was known throughout the kingdom and would be for generations to come.

Her family, the Viscounts of Barabou, were stripped of their titles, and their lands were returned to the original owners, the Dukes of Montan.

And finally. Rumors reached the king’s ears.

The King was secretly happy that the only long-standing schism between him and Queen Beatrice had thawed, though he did not depose Ernest on the basis of the rumors.

Charlotte and Ernest had to live on Ernest’s meager allowances, but they couldn’t stay in the Royal Capital, couldn’t face their parents’ families, couldn’t even find a place in the slum due to the resentment of the people of Krim district, and they soon vanished somewhere.

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    No, he assumed it happened. They put him to sleep and pretended to wake up next to each other

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