I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: King’s Judgment│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Noble marriages in the Kingdom of Alkan are sealed with a testament of the king’s approval.

It is customary to announce it with a wedding ceremony or a short parade, but the couple is legally married even before the party takes place.

Angelique and Serge also followed this pattern.

And, based on the circumstances, Charlotte appeared to be already married to Ernest.

When the king saw them together, he was naturally puzzled.

“I suppose you have other witnesses?”


The King seemed relieved when Angelique nodded.

He’d like to believe they’re here as witnesses.

But then Edgar Barthes, the man responsible for Lord Colgard’s near death experience, was summoned.

Barthes approached the king and bowed deeply.

“It was the yellow-haired lady there who advised me to attack the Duke of Montan.”

The king makes a slight frown.

“Are you referring to Charlotte?”



Charlotte cried.

Even in the presence of the king, Barthes turns to Charlotte with hatred in his eyes and spits out abusive words.

Barthes, who is now facing the death penalty, had nothing to lose.

“Shut up, b*tch! I accepted the job because you said he was a bad nobleman who played with you and then abandoned you, and you wanted me to stab him!”

“What are you talking about, you wanted the money!”

“Yes! I wanted the money badly! My child is sick! I’ll need money to treat her…”

A soldier stepped between them to prevent them from fighting after the king raised his hand lightly.

“Charlotte, you just told the man “you wanted the money”

Charlotte’s face turned pale as she heard the king’s words.

“There is sufficient proof.”

Serge requested permission to enter quietly and kneel in front of the king.

“I have something to say to His Majesty.”

“You are… Serge of the Dukes of Barnier. It has been a long time. And you look as handsome as ever.”

Angelique was a little proud at the king’s compliment on her husband’s face, but she could tell by the tone of his voice that the king was pleased with Serge.

“Your Majesty, with all due respect. Charlotte attempted to murder my wife Angelique the day before yesterday.”


Charlotte turned pale immediately. Her trembling is palpable, and her resentful gaze darts from side to side.

Standing next to her, Ernest does nothing.

“Charlotte, you must be punished as a result of the investigation. If everything I’ve just heard is true, you must be executed.”


Charlotte lunged like an arrow at the king, rubbing her head on the ground.

“Please I beg you!”

“You want to kill someone, but you beg for your own! You should be ashamed!”

Charlotte raised her head in surprise at the king’s rebuke, looking like a doll with her soul drained. Maybe it was her hair color, but he reminded her of a scarecrow.

The king fixed his gaze on Ernest, who was standing there dazed.

“Ernest, she is, after all, your wife. You take her.”

“What will happen to me, Oto-sama?”

Ernest asked as he took a slow step forward.

The king could only shake his head.

“Serge,you mentioned earlier that Angelique is your wife.”


“Are you the current Count of Voltaire?”


Serge nodded, his eyes questioning.


After a brief pause, the king said, “Nevermind” and ended the conversation by raising his hand.

In the carriage on the way back home, Serge said.

“Normally, attempting to take the lives of two people would result in death, but you are both alive. And, given her marriage to Ernest and her royal connections, she might get a lighter sentence.”

“In that case, I’ll hire a hitman to do the job.”


Because Serge, who at that time had informed the officials to summon the family of the criminal, he did not witness Angelique’s blackmail attempt.

His eyes widened at the devilish words of his wife, who even when angry had a hint of tenderness in her voice.

“Angelique, did I hear you correctly?”


“No, it is nothing…”

Whatever the king’s decision, Charlotte’s future looked bleak.

On the same day, Mrs. Berean’s revealing book, “Secrets of the Bedroom,” which would later become a sensation, was released in the Royal Capital’s bookstore.

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