I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 41

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Three days after Angelique’s audience with the king, Serge’s father, the Duke of Barnier, paid a visit to the Dukes of Montan.

“Colgard, I apologize for your difficulties.”

“Felix, I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

It is not widely known, but the Duke of Montan and the Duke of Barnier were very close friends who had spent time together at the academy.

The Duke of Montan, a widower who lost his wife six years ago, became the emotional support for the Duke of Barnier, who was in the same situation two years ago, and they have kept in touch ever since.

Frequent meetings between two powerful men, on the other hand, can cause havoc in the royal court. This made it difficult for them to meet as frequently as they would have liked.

It was frustrating not to be able to express their closeness so openly.

“Serge and Angelique appear to get along well.”

“That seems to be the case. It’s our first grandchild, Colgard.”

The two middle-aged men begin to talk excitedly.

In fact, before Angelique was born, the Barnier and Montan families had discussed Serge and Angelique getting married.

However, when the time came to settle it, the king of the time was hesitant to approve it.

The King saw the marriage of the Barnier and Montan families, two of the country’s most prominent families, as a threat to the royal family.

Later, the king changed his mind and proposed Angelique’s marriage to the second prince Ernest. They had no choice but to agree to demonstrate their devotion to the throne.

Meanwhile, Serge, who was expected to graduate from the school with honors, abruptly announced his intention to attend Escola, and Lord Felix, who had lost his temper, dared him to disown him if he insisted on going.

As a father, he anticipated problems if he continued to indulge the dragons.

But, Serge left, contrary to Lord Felix’s expectations that he would give up.

Serge’s mother was the only daughter of the Count of Voltaire, who had intended to adopt a son-in-law, but Lord Felix fell in love with her beauty at first sight and married her.

And Serge was the only one available heir to the count’s title.

“However, that rogue quickly disowned himself.”

“That’s what happens when you lose your temper.”

“But, well, it all worked out in the end.”

Serge returned home two years ago after learning of his mother’s untimely death, but he soon wandered off, and a short time later, he demanded that the tax collector of Bourg be fired.

Bourg was Count Voltaire’s domain at first, but it was temporarily incorporated into Barnier’s domain when the previous Count died and Lord Felix did not have time to govern it well.

Despite his disappointment, Lord Felix realized that this was his chance to force Serge to take over the title.

He gave Serge the lands and the title without releasing him from his disowning status.

Lord Felix didn’t have any specific plans for him, but he did promise to arrange a marriage for him. It was expected of an aristocrat.

Serge had always liked Bourg and frequently went there to play. Perhaps this is why he accepted the offer with greater ease than expected.

And then, the opportunity presented itself early last spring.

Angelique was accused of misbehaving at school, according to rumors.

Lord Colgard and Lord Felix, who were watching the events, overheard Ernest, who was having a fit for some reason, pleading with the king to break off his engagement with Angelique and send her far away from the capital.

The busy king did not appreciate it when Ernest interrupted his court, and he was willing to overlook his selfishness as long as it did not interfere with the kingdom’s rule.

Lord Colgard had no choice but to call off the engagement and ask the King if Angelique could marry Count Voltairel in Bourg, the northernmost border beyond Vignoa, where there was a surplus of land.

So he asked the king if he would marry Angelique there. The king said, “If it pleases you,” and the engagement of Ernest and Angelique was broken, and the king sealed the hastily made marriage certificate for Angelique and Serge.

Lord Colgard struck a gut-punch in his heart, while Lord Felix stood there expressionless.

The next day, Lord Colgard hurriedly dispatched Angelique to Bourg.

He didn’t want to give Angelique the chance to prove her innocence.

“That went well, didn’t it?”

“I apologize for misleading the king, but we have no plans to overthrow the royal family. That is the most important aspect.

“The current king will understand. However, we must also reduce our lands slightly to demonstrate that we are not disloyal.”

“But it all worked out so well.”

The grand dukes laugh.

“Angelique and the others appear to be well-ruling their lands—the Lord of Vignoa reported to me cheerfully.”

“My blundering son has finally outgrown the dragons. Well, he’s going to have a child soon.”

“Speaking of dragons…”

Lord Colgard arched an eyebrow.

Frederick reported to me that his followers reported to him that they had seen dragons not just once or twice.

“…Dragons are merely mythical beings.”

“Serge went to the Escola to study dragons; isn’t it true that the Escola has dragons?”

“No way.” Sir Felix laughed.

“By the way, I was wondering if Angelique was going to be okay after that long ride in the carriage—”

“Ah! Felix!”


“Angelique said she flew on a dragon!”

At that moment, Angelique, who had just learned of the Duke of Barnier’s visit, came to greet him.

“Hello. Father-in-law.”

“Angelique. What a pleasure it is to be referred to as Father-in-law by you—”

Lord Colgard interrupts in the middle of a sentence.

“Didn’t you say you rode the dragon all the way here, Angelique?”

“I did. The sky is very cold, but it doesn’t rock like a carriage, and I’ve kept warm, so I don’t mind.”

“Is there a dragon?”

“Yes. we have dragons.”

“You have dragons?”

“There are three of them. They’re all adorable. Lasse, the biggest boy, is the one who brought me here. Sari and a girl named Blanca are the other two. Lasse’s wife’s name is Sari. Blanca is still a child, but she contributes significantly.”


Sir Colgard nodded vaguely with a undescribe look on his face.

“I know you’re busy, but please come to Bourg… I’d be delighted to show you Lasse.”

“Yeah.” and “heh.” in response to Angelique, who described the color and size of the scales in great detail. The same words circled Lord Colgard and Lord Felix’s minds like spells, like “dragons, dragons, dragons…”

“…That’s right. Let’s have a wedding ceremony!”

Suddenly, the Duke of Barnier shouted.

“Let us throw a big party and parade in the royal capital before heading to Bourg.”

“Felix, didn’t you disown Serge?”

“I’ll get rid of it! I’ll divide my domain wherever I want! and the king will be relieved.”

He quickly stood up and continued.

“I want to be Angelique’s father-in-law with pride. And I want to embrace my grandchildren!”

“W-Well. Now that the king knows that Serge is the Count of Voltairel, perhaps it’s for the best.”

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