I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: King’s Judgment│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Angelique was escorted by Serge to the King’s private chambers two days later, with Marlene and Francine close behind.

The king took time out from his duties to invite them to his private chambers.

Serge waited in the antechamber with several servants, rather than entering the king’s chambers.

“Colgard suffered a terrible tragedy. I’m relieved to hear he made it.”

“I appreciate your concern, your Majesty.”

Angelique began her first statement right away, not wanting to waste the king’s time.

“I discovered that the man who attacked my father had someone who ordered the attack.”

“I heard it was a robbery, but you’re saying someone else was after Colgard’s life?”

Angelique gave a nod.

The king’s gaze was subtle.

It was most likely because of the incident at school that ended her engagement to Ernest.

Angelique is said to have been the perpetrator of the school’s harassment and theft.

Angelique was sent to Bourg without the opportunity to explain herself, so in the king’s mind, she is still a despicable woman.

And despite the fact that she was betrothed to Ernest, the king rarely spoke to her. He was a busy man.

Even though they never spoke, Angelique admired the king for his diligence and sincerity in politics. So she only regretted disappointing the king.

Perhaps it would be preferable to clear up the misunderstanding first.

The king will not believe anything a vile woman says.

She cannot blame the king for his judgment because there were “alleged” witnesses during Angelique’s time.

“Please allow me a few moments of your time. It will not take long.”

With the king’s permission, seven or eight former students were allowed into the private chambers.

The Ladies, now countesses or marquises, confessed to the king that their earlier statements had been false, despite the fact that they could cause great harm to themselves and their marriage partners.

“Angelique had done absolutely nothing.”

“She was completely blameless.”

The Ladies stated that they had written numerous letters apologizing for their actions, not only in this case but also in previous ones. A member of the king’s entourage presented a bundle of letters to confirm this.

“Everything written in them is addressed specifically to me. Please do not pass judgment on my friends because of them.”

The king flipped through some of the letters quickly and with difficulty.

“It appears that Charlotte is the source of all this…”

The Ladies all nodded at the same time.

“For the time being…go back.”

The king instructed them.

They all nodded as it was explained that they would like to get to the bottom of the story.

Given the sins committed in the past, this is unavoidable, but Angelique hopes that the sincerity displayed here today will be taken into account.

“Angelique, I made the mistake of marrying you off to the frontier.”

The king said as he read more letters.

Angelique wondered if she had been accepted when the king said a few words and slightly bowed his head.

Angelique felt moved, because a king never bows to his subjects.

This is the highest level of apologies.

“Your Majesty, what a waste of words.”

“If you have a request, please let me know.”

“Please forgive those who confessed their sins.”

For a brief moment, the king appeared perplexed.

Then he gave a deep nod, as if he had learned something.

“I’m going to forgive them.”

Then he encouraged her to continue.

“Can you tell me who attacked Colgard?”


“Who was it?”

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to call her right now.”

The king nodded slightly, and Charlotte entered the next room through the open door.

Her mouth was bent into a grimace as she glared at Angelique.

Charlotte was accompanied not by Viscount Barabou but by Ernest.

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