I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 26

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The castle’s restoration was going well.

The crumbling walls have been rebuilt, the roof has been re-roofed beautifully, and the exterior has been completely restored.

The wind has stopped blowing in, and they have recently been able to purchase enough firewood. The castle’s interior is now warm and inviting.

All that remains is to furnish the interior, and the small but lovely castle will be finished.

On the day of the Holy Child’s birth in December, the dining room table was set with a feast that Doni had worked so hard to prepare.

Grilled turkey and veal cutlets, thick stews with chopped meat and root vegetables, and sweet bread pudding are among them.

“Angelique-sama, I’m going to serve meat now.”

Angelique smiles and nods, as she always does, in response to Emire’s words.

Suddenly, she felt compelled to turn away from the smell of meat. A queasy feeling in her stomach overcame her, and she quickly covered her mouth.

“I apologize…”

She rose from her seat and dashed to the restroom. She presses her hands against her churning stomach and pulls the bell-tied string.

Mrs. Cello strolled in.

“What’s the problem?”

“I’m feeling a little nauseous…”

In the middle of her words, she gasped and plunged her face into the washbasin on the table. Mrs. Cello, who was rubbing her back, whispered in her ear.

“Um… Madame, there hasn’t been any sign of the moon recently, and perhaps…”


A quick mental search led her to Mrs. Berean’s teachings.

“A-A baby?”

“I believe so.”

Mrs. Cello smiled and nodded.

“We’re going to require the services of a doctor.”

“I think I should tell Serge…”

“Perhaps we should wait until we know for certain; if we’re wrong, he might misunderstand.”

Many men are said to be perplexed when they reveal their pregnancy at the first sign of pregnancy and then discover that they are not pregnant due to a misunderstanding.

Some go on to say that if they thought it was possible, it must have been possible, and some even believe their child is dead simply because they don’t believe it was possible.

“It’s not their fault because they lack knowledge.”

Mrs. Cello gives a bitter smile.

“Danna-sama is a very intelligent person, so I’m sure he’d understand if you said it was a mistake, but once he get his hopes up, he’ll be disappointed later.”

Angelique considered this possibility and decided to follow Mrs. Cello’s advice.

However, the castle erupted when Angelique, who was normally in good health, requested a doctor.

“The Lady said that she did not want to eat meat.”

“Did you want to eat meat? That’s insane…”

“If she left the meat, she must be very ill indeed.”

Erick and John, as well as six other young men who were dragon wranglers and castle workers, come to ask Doni and Emire anxiously.

Serge is powerless to do anything else but walk around the castle.

Mrs. Cello, who saw them anxious, told Angelique what was going on outside.

“Please inform everyone that I am fine.”

“Emire-san will bring a doctor in a minute. Let them worry for a little while.”

Emire assisted the doctor from the carriage, and the crowd eagerly followed them.

“Go away, please,” the doctor said, his brow furrowed.

As a result, they waited outside the room for a while.

For a while…

Mrs. Cello finally opened the door and announced loudly.

“The Lady is expecting!”


After a moment’s silence, a burst of cheers echoed through the corridor.

Serge stumbled into the room, calling out Angelique’s name in an emotional voice.


Serge hugged Angelique, who was smiling with stained cheeks, and then hugged him back gently.

“Oh, Angelique, what a happy man I am!”

“I’m with you, Serge.”

“Look after yourself and give birth to a healthy child. I’ll look after the territory so you can relax.”

“Thank you; I’ll rely on you.”

The holy child’s birthday celebrations became even more festive.

Angelique asked Mrs. Cello to open the door and listened to the bustle downstairs.

Angelique’s heart was filled with joy, despite the fact that she couldn’t taste Doni’s cooking.

Sari and Lasse eventually gave birth to two eggs.

Angelique approached Sari and said, “Let’s do our best together.” Sari pursed her lips and sniffed Angelique.

The two dragon eggs are said to hatch in about six months.

“Sari will become a mother first.”

Sari responded, “Gururu,” and she must be smiling.

A female human and a female Dragon encourage each other to be good mothers.

The stables are extremely cold.

Angelique understands that the dragon’s natural habitat is outside, but seeing Sari and Lasse take turns holding the two eggs makes her hope that they will hatch safely.

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