I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Repair of the Castle and Maintenance of the Castle Grounds│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Emire, who was originally the caretaker of the castle of Bourg and knew a lot about the castle’s structures, made the decision to repair the castle.

Angelique felt sorry for Emire, who is playing multiple roles at the same time.

“I apologize for being so harsh with you.”

“Of course not; it’s nothing compared to Angelique-sama’s work; please let me take care of the castle and rest assured.”

Emire has kindly agreed to oversee the repairs.

“Thank you very much, Emire.”

Following consultation with Serge, it was decided that the castle grounds should be improved as well.

The fact that the number of people coming and going is kept low and the castle town of Bourg is deserted is due to the dragons.

Serge and his men also didn’t want too many people to see them while they practiced flying.

Dragons, on the other hand, are wary creatures.

They are large and powerful. They have teeth that can crush minerals and steel wings.

If an unsuspecting person comes too close to a dragon, the dragon may be startled and injure the person. Worse, it may kill you.

“Sari and Lasse are intelligent and docile, but they don’t take kindly to everyone. I don’t think they’ll attack, but I don’t want to stress them by putting up with them.”

Angelique considered it and proposed, albeit a little strangely, that the town of Sonora, north of Bourg’s castle, be established as the town’s first central-town.

“Is such a central-town really necessary?”

“Yes, it is necessary.”

Money flows freely in a well-developed town.

Things are bought and sold at the right price, and the money spent by the wealthy is distributed evenly throughout the town.

When a town is in disrepair, inferior goods are sold at high prices, while decent goods are purchased at low prices. People will stay away if they can’t get decent goods, even if they have money.

“It will become a town where only cheaters like the tax collector you fired will benefit. Money gained from such scams is rarely spent properly. When it is spent on gambling and alcohol, it does not benefit those who work hard. We need to create a system where those who work hard can become rich.”

“I understand.”

“If Bourg’s representative town is strong, the other towns in the territory will gradually improve.”

She hesitates to compare the towns of Bourg to the royal capital and the Duchy of Montan because they are all so small. But it makes no difference how big or small it is.

Even in the capital, there are some areas that are neglected.

They are places where people are on the run because they have done bad things, or people of questionable character, and are told never to come near.

It is said to be a hotbed of crime.

‘We must not create a place as horrible as Krim.’

As soon as the various land reclamation teams made some progress, the labor force was divided in half, and work on the main roads and the construction of much-needed bridges began.

Even in the dead of winter, they continued their inspection tours to various locations.

They left the work to their trusted representative and went to see only the important parts because they couldn’t check everything with their own eyes, but the number of inspections was quite frequent.

Even though they were paid well, the work was all physically demanding.

She wanted to thank the people who worked hard in the cold with blackened hands and express her appreciation.

Angelique was frequently told by her father, the Duke of Montan, that showing one’s face in this manner was an important role of a lord.

And then…

It was at the end of December, just before the new year, that Angelique, who was quite strong in spite of her thin appearance, fell ill.

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