I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Forest│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Serge sought another lady-in-waiting after learning that Angelique was pregnant, in addition to Mrs. Cello.

A 16-year-old girl named Pauline, a distant relative of John’s; her parents had died young, and she had been moving from relative to relative, but she was a very nice girl with a bright and gentle personality and no trace of cynicism.

Like John, Erick, Doni, Emire and Mrs. Cello, Serge was good at finding people.

Some were commoners, some were from the local nobility, and some came from different backgrounds, but they were all honest, hardworking, and pleasant people who shared one trait: they were polite and well-spoken.

Angelique told Mrs. Cello one day, “You have beautiful words,” and Mrs. Cello told her that Serge seems to pay special attention to those he keeps close to Angelique. She smiled shyly and said she was honored to have been chosen.

She felt confident in entrusting the estate management to Serge.

Serge has always been interested in Angelique’s method of working, from selecting crops and land to cultivate to building roads and bridges and the order in which they are built, and he has learned, discussed, thought about, and carried it out with the understanding that he is the lord of the estate.

He is naturally smart, his judgment is precise, and when a problem arises, he solves it in a jiffy. He still goes to Angelique for advice when in doubt, but he manages most of it on his own.

Angelique had nothing more to say.

As the year progressed and Angelique’s body stabilized, Serge approached her for advice on school and the hospital.

After inspecting the current situation and compiling a list of facilities and personnel required in each area, Serge immediately went to each location, found people he could trust, and threw the work to them in a good way.

His style of seeing through people and trusting them with something while doing nothing himself unless a problem arises is the ideal form of a higher-ranking person.

Serge’s abilities completely astounded Angelique.

Serge was completely free by the end of January, with nothing to do but visit the various regions on a regular basis.

One day, Serge came to Angelique fidgetily and asked her “May I go to the forest?” with hesitation.


“To the north.”

Serge once saw a dragon in the north forest.

“I’m sorry that I’m the only one who can do what I want while you’re pregnant…”

Serge tugged at the hem of Angelique’s dress and looked at her like a child, and Angelique couldn’t stop laughing.

“Why don’t you leave?”

“Are you certain?”

“Isn’t it an important job for you to research dragons? You seem to have settled down with the estate, so go ahead and do it.”

“But there’s the baby…”

“We don’t take turns keeping the eggs warm like Sari and Lasse do, and your presence won’t change anything.”

Angelique laughs again.

“Will everything be alright?”

“I’ll tell you if I want you to stay; it’s okay now, go ahead.”

Serge beamingly smiled.

“Thank you very much Angelique, I love you.”

He kissed her tenderly and walked out of the room with a spring in his step.

His childlike innocence, which remained even after he became a wealthy lord, was endearing.

Angelique, tired of sitting still, would frequently accompany Mrs. Cello or Pauline to see how the dragon was doing.

Lasse would sometimes rub his nose against Sari’s cheek while she held the eggs with a gentle expression on her face, or Lasse would hold the eggs while Sari stretched out and slept beside him.

“Dragons are large but adorable.”

With a twinkle in her eye, Pauline said.

‘This girl appears to love dragons as well.’

Mrs. Cello is still a little reserved when she enters the dragon stables, so Pauline follows her to the dragon stables on a regular basis.

In late January, John, who was riding his horse in the north woods, rushes into the stables in a panic.

He sees Sari holding the eggs and approaches Lasse, asking him, “Can you fly?”

“What happened?”

‘I don’t think anything bad has happened to Serge.’

Angelique rushes up to him, and John says, “Dragon,” with glowing eyes.

“In the forest, there was a dragon… It was only a child, and it was wounded.”

Serge requested that he bring Lasse to him.

“Danna-sama will carry the child here on the back of Lasse.”

He quickly saddled Lasse, who was already on his feet and waiting with the assistance of the other dragon wranglers.

He jumps on his back using a ladder.

While Angelique and Pauline look on, he says to Lasse, “Go!” and takes off.

The dragon’s blue wings gradually shrink, until it becomes a dot and vanishes in the northern sky.

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