I’m Going to Marry a Poor Count in the Middle of Nowhere and I’m Going to Work Hard to Reform My Territory – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Minerals│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Angelique began to go around the state by herself once she could ride a horse.

It is much faster and easier than riding in a rickety carriage in Bourg, where the roads are not well maintained, and there is nothing more physically demanding than a horse-drawn carriage driving through the rocky wasteland.

After buying meat at the Montan farm in Vignoa and returning from sending and receiving letters, Angelique saw Serge and the others getting ready to go out.

Incidentally, the meat was paid for out of Serge’s pocket. Angelique noticed that there was one ruby missing from the sword on his waist.

“Are you planning on going out?”

“Yes, Angelique, welcome back; I’m off to collect some minerals.”


He said that dragons eat everything, but they prefer meat and minerals even more. Sari and Lasse regard it as a snack.

“There’s a mine where you can mine crystals. Do you want to go, Angelique?”

Erick and two other dragon wranglers were putting the horses together. When Angelique hesitated, wondering if her riding skills and small white horse would slow them down, Serge offered to ride with her on his horse.

‘It had been a long time since Serge had given me a ride.’

Angelique was happy and nodded with a big smile on her face.

“I’ll be right back once I drop the meat off with Doni.”

“Don’t worry, there’s no need to rush; it’s not that far.”

Serge embraced her as she mounted his horse then they began their short journey.

She sees a sheer mountain at the end of the wasteland after passing through one village.

Serge’s breath is clinging to his whiskers. It tickles her and makes her nervous.

“This is the Azul mine, and I’ve always wanted to show you this cave.”

The mine’s entrance was cleverly concealed. A small smudge in one of the numerous rock crevices led to a cave.

There was a large cavern inside. Serge signaled to Erick, “OK,” as he entered the dark tunnel.

When Erick lights the lantern, the entire area around them begins to glow white at once.


“What do you think?”

As far as the eye can see, the walls are glistening with crystals.

All of the white, translucent crystals were large and gleaming.

It’s a lovely, mysterious place.

“It’s incredible, so beautiful…”

Several other mines have been discovered over time, but this one near the castle appears to be the most productive.

“Having a good mine nearby is important for dragon breeding. Although I called it a snack, minerals are necessary for dragons.”

It is thought that eating minerals helps to keep their hard scales. Furthermore, according to Serge, stones appear to support dragon life through their magical powers.

“Rubies and sapphires are also very good for their health, and the Royal Dragon Institute in Escola uses gems to cure dragon diseases, as well as to catch and accustom dragons.”

Angelique cast a glance at Serge’s sword.

“Could the ornament on your sword be used as bait in case you come across a dragon one day?”

Serge burst out laughing.

“That could be one of the reasons; if I had the chance, I’d probably use the jewelry on it, but it’s more of a insurance.”


“I’m saving it for the same reason you are.”


Angelique had sold the majority of her gowns but kept her jeweled accessories.

Jewelry that takes up little space, doesn’t depreciate in value, and can be converted into large sums of money can help in times of need. She had decided to keep them on hand for emergencies until she could save for a famine.

‘I can’t believe Serge thought the same thing…’

“How come you didn’t tell me?”

“Is it even worth mentioning? First and foremost, you also kept silent, didn’t you? “

“But…You sold one to buy meat…”

Serge renounced one of his most important insurance policies.

“Come on, I know you wouldn’t spend money from the sale of your dress on meat; it’s a shame we didn’t have any other money to spare… Besides, since you came, I thought it would be okay to give one of them away; there are plenty of things I can do with the money I have left.”

Serge’s sword is adorned with jewels that belonged to the Dukes of Barnier.

“What do you think, Angelique, about using the proceeds from the sale of the rubies to renovate the castle?”

“…It’s your money; do whatever you want with it.”

“That’s terrible; you used your dress money to pay for the estate…”

Angelique burst out laughing.

“Does that seem excessive?”

“I’d like to discuss everything and make a decision; please let me know what you think.”

“I agree. I wanted to do something about the roof, too.”

“OK, let’s think about the construction plans when we get home.”

Repairing the castle will also generate employment. It provides employment for people who are unemployed.

Angelique thinks it was the right choice of spending money.

The season is changing to winter, but a brighter future is emerging for Bourg.


While Serge tends to the dragons at the castle, Angelique reads through the letters she received in Vignoa.

Three letters were from her sisters, and one was from his father.

There were numerous letters from her school friends, as was customary.

The content is jam-packed with accusations, testimonies, and apologies.

Most of the letters spoke ill of Charlotte. The ones from Emmeline and Felice were too much to read that she wanted to fold them up halfway through. When she finished reading them, she wished she had folded them.

There were several letters of complaint and testimony to Angelique’s innocence, not only from the prominent group’s high noble ladies, but also from the more reserved and quiet ladies of the viscounts and barons.

To be honest, it didn’t matter any longer.

She’s not concerned with where Charlotte goes or what she does. At best, she wishes her and Ernest the best of luck.’

She was also pleased to read through some of the letters in which her friends’ marriages were reported.

Among them was a purple and black envelope with lace that gave off a slightly obscene vibe.

Her sex-education instructor, Mrs. Berean also sent a letter.

Angelique tilted her head after reading the brief message.

It was a letter about a revelation book she was working on, in which she announced after she and Ernest were no longer engaged.

“A Revelation Book…”

Mrs. Berean’s revelation book, written by an expert in eroticism and erotica, sounds intriguing.

[Everyone loves revelations, don’t they?] Mrs. Berean said in the letter.

Angelique had no doubts that her book would be a huge success when it was released, so she wrote a brief response saying, “I had nothing to do with Ernest.”

But Angelique had no idea the contents of her book would be so sensational in the near future.

She would have stopped it if she had known.

But Angelique was far away in Bourg. It was impossible to know her true intentions from a brief exchange of letters.

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