I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 6

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The eyes with their flashing, destructive power.

When I returned to the mansion, I quickly changed into a dress with the help of a maid. I might make it in time for dinner. As I was having my hair done beautifully, my cousin Dorothea came into the room and asked me a little discontentedly.

“Hey, Lorraine, when did you get to know Jeremiah-sama?”

“Why do you suddenly ask that?”

“Well, it’s because people are talking about how you two were walking around the garden arm in arm and seemed to be getting along well.”

I was surprised by her sudden remark.

It had only just happened, and it was already spreading. While trying to gauge Dorothea’s suspicious mood, I wondered what to say.

Dorothea admires Jeremiah. I have heard many times that she wants to get close to him at any cost at this gathering. In other words, she was trying to restrain me.

I couldn’t say anything careless.

“We just happened to be taking a walk, and he kindly showed me around. Jeremiah-sama was very kind. He was considerate of me because I was alone. That’s all.”

“…Okay, that’s good. Oh, can you ask him to dance with me later? You’ve become acquainted, haven’t you?”

“Of, of course. Is it okay at the ball later?”

Upon hearing this, Dorothea’s face lit up.

She gave the impression of being a strong-willed person, and her age was the same as mine. She had pale golden hair, white skin, and slightly drooping light blue eyes that sparkled. Unfortunately, she was not as beautiful as Tatiana, but her strong-willed nature made her seem a bit obnoxious.

However, she was not a bad person, and she was positive and passionate, and she would not do anything to kick people down.

“Thank you. I was actually angry that Jeremiah-sama met you before me, but I’ll let it go. Now, my mother is waiting, let’s hurry.”


Prompted by her words, I quickly got up from my seat after finishing my preparations.


The dinner party proceeded in a peaceful manner. Every dish served seemed luxurious to me.

Plates were placed on the table, and each time, maids or butlers would serve us from the large dishes. Everything was course cuisine, and I felt like I had come to eat French cuisine.

From two appetizers to soup, there were fish and meat for the main course, and ice cream was served as a palate cleanser in between. After that, it was time for dessert, and the meal ended with tea.

Since Jeremiah, Tatiana, and Lord Grimani were seated far away, I looked around for a handsome man nearby while finishing my meal.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see Jeremiah.

When I looked at him once, he returned a very happy smile. After all, it was my favorite face. If I kept looking at him, I would be plagued with palpitations and shortness of breath, and I wouldn’t be able to eat.

Since I could be seen so much if I finished eating, I decided to concentrate on eating for now.

Although I was able to avoid his smile, I felt a significant amount of meaningful glances.

However, since I could enjoy such a wonderful meal, I didn’t want to worry about it. I ate without any concern while telling myself that.

I want to give applause to the Castalde family’s chef.

By the way, Dorothea and her mother are relatives, so they sit closer to the head of the table, and I sit next to them. The elderly gentleman sitting next to me was the ultimate gentleman, so he didn’t ask any rude questions, and the dinner ended peacefully. The guests separated into men and women and began to relax.

Time passed leisurely.

Some male guests began to volunteer as dance partners for the upcoming dance.

Those who didn’t dance played card games or enjoyed drinks.

Gradually, more and more eyes began to pierce through me. It’s time for battle.

I felt the ladies approaching me stealthily.

Their eyes were saying, “Why did he talk to such a plain and unremarkable girl like her and take a walk? I’m much prettier than her.”

It’s just my imagination, but I think it’s mostly accurate.

I was expecting a barrage of questions to come my way, but it was Jeremiah who appeared.

The movements of the ladies who were about to approach me for questioning stopped when they saw him.

He approached me with unwavering steps, and with a superb smile, he extended his hand. I froze, but while my brain was bleeding at how wonderful his smile was, I greeted him with a smile plastered on my face.

“I’ve come to pick you up. You’ll dance for me, of course, won’t you?”

“As long as it’s not a daytime dance, I’ll be happy to.”

When I said that, he grinned and took my outstretched hand.

“As you wish, Lady.”

A sidelong glance.

It had the power to stop a person’s heart and make them unable to stand.

Completely overwhelmed by that power, I stumbled carelessly. Jeremiah immediately held me up by the waist, but I wanted to shout at him for doing something so intimate. Did he know how it looked?

Just as I was thinking that it would make us look like lovers, I remembered that I had been asked to play the role of a girlfriend, and my head began to ache.

I was envious of myself for being defeated by the destructive power of his beautiful face.

“Are you okay? If you’re feeling unwell, I’ll just stay by your side tonight…”

“No, I’m fine. More importantly…”

Sweating on my back, I regulated my breathing.

With only the mission of fulfilling what I had to do, I beckoned to Dorothea and her mother, who were watching us. Then, I noticed him flinch slightly.

“You probably already know this, but they really want to dance with you.”

“I should have properly explained why I asked you to do something like this.”

Jeremiah gritted his teeth. His hand wrapped around my waist was starting to hurt. I understood what he was trying to say. If that weren’t the case, he wouldn’t have asked me to be his fake girlfriend. But since I’ve been brought here, I can’t help but listen to them.

Soon, Dorothea came over quietly, lifting her skirt in a greeting and smiling warmly.



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I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2012 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, a shallow person, was reincarnated as a noble lady. While searching for a marriage partner for her future life, she spent her days admiring handsome men. Of course, she never thought about getting involved with them, as she knew that she was just there to enjoy the view. However, one day, one of her admired targets, the Marquis’ son, asked her to be his pretend girlfriend.


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