I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 5

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Why was he in a bad mood?

Although I should have changed into evening wear, I had no will to resist and went outside again with him.

The sun was already setting, and the sky was tinged with dusk.

Looking up again, I saw Jeremiah’s face.


I was mesmerized as I stepped on the grass.

Since being reincarnated and growing up here, I have seen many beautiful people. Among them, he was the most outstanding.

When I was invited to a big ball, I happened to see him, and his appearance is still burned into my mind.

Of course, even if I say I like beautiful people, I have my own preferences. I prefer faces that are closer to feminine, with a beauty that cannot be expressed in words.

And Jeremiah fits my taste the most.

However, he is the son of the Marquis family.

He was a distant existence to someone like me. So, it was also a word directed at myself that it was enough just to look at him.

Despite that, he walked next to me with a sullen face.

They say that there are various things in life, but I never thought something like this would happen.

“How long do you plan on staring like that?”

“Um, until I get bored?”

I answered easily to the words spoken to me in a bad mood.

To be frank, the only reason I accepted his request, which had nothing but disadvantages, was that I could see this beautiful face up close. Otherwise, I would have refused right away.

“…I’ve been wanting to ask you if we had the chance to talk. Among many other attractive men, I think you looked at me more often. Why is that?”

Jeremiah stopped on the side of the road and asked.

“That’s because Jeremiah-sama’s appearance was my favorite.”

I answered without any need to hide it. Since my hobbies were already known in the conversation with Tatiana and Lord Grimani earlier, there was no need to pretend.

Above all, I thought it was pointless to wear a mask for someone who would never see me as a romantic interest.

“I see, that’s an honor.”

A slightly bewildered voice came back. He started walking again, blushing a little. I walked with him. It was a good sunny day, and it wasn’t cold even in the evening. It’s already spring.

There are four seasons in this world as well. Of course, there are differences in details compared to Japan, but I was happy to be able to enjoy the changing seasons.

I walk while alternating between looking at the garden and the beautiful faces, refreshing my eyes and mind.

Since there is nothing in particular that I want to say, it is quiet. I can see the figures of gentlemen and ladies who were invited from afar. They seemed to be having a rendezvous over there, but when they noticed me, they looked surprised and stared at me.

It seems that the purpose of this stroll has been achieved.

However, I suddenly think that I hope I appear to them like a ghost in their field of vision.

Then I remember that there is a support group for Jeremiah. If I write my name on the list with some excuse like being treated kindly by him during my stay in this mansion but being rejected soon after, perhaps the storm of jealousy that will come in the future will be eased a little.

I must make use of what I have, or else I will be in trouble if I can’t get married. While thinking about future measures, Jeremiah speaks up again, perhaps unable to bear the silence.

“There was one more thing I wanted to ask.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“To be honest, I thought this offer would be rejected. Actually, I think I’m asking for something terrible. Why did you decide to accept it?”

The offer is probably to be his pretend girlfriend for convenience.

Can I honestly say that it’s because I want to stare at your face? But I didn’t know how else to explain it, so I decided to be honest.

“It’s because I want to be by your side. As you know, Jeremiah-sama is very handsome, and I, for one, would never have had the chance to get close to him if it weren’t for this. So please don’t worry about my slip of the tongue.”

I explained and smiled. Then he stopped again and stared at my plain face for some reason. His blue eyes seemed to be moist and heated.

I wondered if he was embarrassed or if I had upset him, so I waited for him to say something.

I don’t mind being stared at, but being stared at like that is quite uncomfortable.

I know very well that I don’t have a figure or appearance that is worth staring at so much. It’s ingrained in me, like a daikon radish that has been simmered for a long time.

As I was becoming like Munch’s scream inside my head, Jeremiah finally spoke.

“That sounds like you’re saying you like me?”

What came back was yet another question.

Well, I did say that, so Jeremiah’s ears and head were perfectly normal to hear it that way. However, it’s not like I like him as a romantic interest, so I need to explain it properly or he might misunderstand. I hurriedly said,

“Yes, I like you. But it’s not like I love you as a romantic interest, it’s just that your existence is attractive. I know it’s a bother for you, and for someone like me to make you a romantic interest would be blasphemy against God. Jeremiah-sama also has preferences, right?

So, please don’t worry too much about my feelings… Jeremiah-sama?”

I noticed that Jeremiah’s face had become resentful, and I was surprised, wondering if I had said something wrong. It also looked like he was disappointed or sulking.

I shouldn’t have said anything to make him look like that, but…

Before I could ask what was wrong, he spoke in a somewhat blunt tone.

“I understand your feelings well. But until I think it’s okay for you to stop pretending to be my girlfriend, please act like one properly.”

“Of course, ah, we should return to the mansion soon. The wind is getting colder.”


After that, there was hardly any conversation, and we quietly returned to the mansion while enduring the piercing stares.

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