I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 7

I Was Confessed to by the Person I Was Admiring – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: You don’t have to be so aggravated…

“It’s been a while, Jeremiah-sama. I heard that you guided Lorraine? Thank you very much for your kindness.”

“No, it was my pleasure. I had a very enjoyable time.”

In an instant, Jeremiah’s face, which had reached the highest level of discomfort, changed to a gentlemanly smile as he spoke.

What a quick change. I want him to teach me that technique later.

Blushing at Jeremiah’s smile, Dorothea spoke cutely with her eyes looking up.

“Also, did you hear from Lorraine… about that?”

“Oh, the dance. I’m sorry, but my schedule is already full. If I have the opportunity next time, I would like to be your partner then.”

He said with a truly disappointed expression. Dorothea looked like a wilted flower and said, “Well, that can’t be helped,” and went to the other young gentlemen.

Her mother, in other words, my aunt, who encouraged her back, glanced at me for a moment.

Hmm, that’s strange. I feel like she’s filled with curiosity. I thought she would glare at me, but her eyes are different. It’s a face that says, “Let’s get involved in other people’s love stories and give advice for fun.”

Come to think of it, my aunt loved to gather respect by saying that she had mediated between young men and women she knew, and that she had given them various advice.

Of course, it was the same for her own daughter. Since Dorothea’s marriageable age had arrived, her enthusiasm was tremendous, even to an outsider’s eyes.

I was definitely being watched.

As I was inwardly panicking about what to do, I was pulled strongly by the waist.

“Let’s go to the hall soon.”

“Uh, yes.”

He had already returned to his unhappy expression. Why was he angry? At least, thanks to me, the other ladies besides Dorothea didn’t come near us.

I should have fulfilled my requested role.

My brilliant speculation, filled with my own arbitrary and biased opinions, was that Jeremiah still couldn’t forget about Tatiana. That’s why he asked me to be insect repellent, even if it was just for that time. I was just right, with a modesty that would be easily forgotten by everyone once everything was over.

So, this should be fine.

However, he seems angry about something. Moreover, he looks like he’s in pain. He must be tormented by various emotions, I thought. For now, there seems to be nothing I can do but leave him alone.

Reluctantly, I tried to read his expression.

But as I stared at his angry face, thinking it was cool, I was stopped by someone from the side.

“Hey, Jeremiah. Can you introduce me to that young lady?”

“…Aurelio. Don’t you understand the situation just by looking?”

“I do, but I couldn’t resist my curiosity. I was wondering who the little bird you’ve been holding onto since earlier was.”

As he spoke, the young man who called out to us, Aurelio, winked at me.

I was momentarily surprised and forgot to greet him.

That’s because earlier in the dining hall, I had found him while looking around, thinking that I couldn’t see Jeremiah and that Lord Grimani was too close to him to be in my field of vision, and he was a handsome man.

“Nice to meet you, lovely little bird. My name is Aurelio Caldelara.”

Ignoring my reaction, he introduced himself.

“Oh, I’m Lorraine Barricoeur. Nice to meet you too.”

Although I said that, I couldn’t give a proper greeting because my waist was firmly held. While smiling, I thought that even if he didn’t hold me so tightly, others would know that he was someone I was interested in.

However, Aurelio didn’t seem to be bothered by such things.

Unlike Jeremiah, he wasn’t a straightforward beauty. Rather, he didn’t belong to the category of beautiful people, but he had a mysterious atmosphere that attracted attention.

Aurelio had a prince-like appearance with soft golden hair and pale sky-blue eyes. He could be called a nobleman.

His physique was sturdier than Jeremiah’s, and he wore his clothes perfectly, effortlessly pulling off the latest fashion trends.

He seemed to be sparking some strange rivalry with Jeremiah.

I didn’t know the reason, but I decided on my own that he might be some kind of rival and diligently dug up memories about the Caldelara family name in the meantime.

There are quite a few nobles in the Floesland Kingdom.

While thinking that it would be good if it existed in my lacking brain, I searched my brain and finally remembered the name of the Viscount Caldelara family.

If I remember correctly, the head of the family died of illness, so his young son should have taken over the position.

That means Aurelio is Viscount Caldelara.

He said to me with an interesting look in his eyes, “Hehe, you’re a cute little bird, Jeremiah. How about giving me the right to dance with her too?”

“I’m sorry, but all of her dance plans have my name written on them. I’m sorry, but maybe another time.”

Jeremiah said somewhat brusquely (greedily). Although he was smiling, his eyes were not. Aurelio looked at Jeremiah, who seemed to be enjoying himself, shrugged his shoulders, and narrowed his eyes.

There was something about him that seemed to be plotting something, which was irresistibly charming.

I stared at Aurelio.

I really think he’s a great subject to admire.

If only he didn’t call me “little bird” every time.

It makes my back itch every time he says it.

“That’s a shame. Lady Lorraine, I would be happy if you could leave a place for my name next time. See you later.”

He said, winked again, and turned on his heel, heading towards the dance hall.

It seems that he went to another lady he had promised to dance with. As I watched him go, I heard a click from above and was surprised.

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