I Was a Shadow of the Royal Family, but Now That I’ve Been Reborn, I’m Devoted to You in This Life As Well! – Chapter – 3

Chapter 3: I Want to See You Again│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

She tried to meet with Lorde to tell him about the broken engagement to Eduard, but Lorde didn’t want to see her.

If he wasn’t interested in his son, he probably wasn’t interested in his fiancée either.

Lisel knew that she couldn’t do it the right way, so she immediately changed her strategy.

She put on the uniform of a royal maid and went around the palace to gather information.

Lorde was known as the “Solitary King,” because he worked alone at his desk and refused to accept maids or aides.

He is said to have a gaze as cold as ice, freezing even the hearts of those who look at him.

It is said that no one has ever seen the king smile, not even the late queen or his own two sons.

He used to be a carefree, laughing, honest prince, but… why?

In the memories of her previous life, little Lorde smiled at Milan and gave her words of concern in a shy way.

He took everything very seriously and studied diligently to become a king.

Lisel’s heart tightened when she thought of the healthy little prince.

Twenty-five years had passed since Milan’s death. Lorde, who was twelve years old then, was now thirty-seven and king of a kingdom.

She would like to see him again.

She also wonders if [Milan] is the only one who feels this way.

Lorde leaves his official duties to his aides and never appears in public.

Since the end of the war, he has rarely appeared in public. That is why Lisel has never seen the adult Lorde.

This time, in a fit of anger, she went to the palace where Lorde lived.

She was masked as a maid, but she was afraid that it would be better to stop.

I should just take the necessary information and go back.

Just when she was thinking that, she heard a loud bang from Lorde’s office.

It sounded as if someone had fallen, and something inside Lisel had cracked.

“Oh, no… Lorde-sama!!!”

When she opened the door to his office, she saw a man lying on the floor. With shiny golden hair and a fearless face, with a few traces of his childhood, he was probably the master Milan had served.

He looked pale and unconscious, and Lisel rushed to him in a panic.

“Lorde-sama!! Please stay with me!!!”

Forgetting herself, she picked up Lorde and called out to him.

A pile of work on his desk, a half-eaten take-out meal. the dark circles under his eyes. He was obviously slumped from overwork.

“I told you to eat three balanced meals and get enough sleep!!!”

Lisel’s words came out as “Milan.”

She chastised Lorde like a child, even though he was already a grown man.

If anyone had seen her, he/she would have turned pale with respect.

“Lorde-sama, you cannot be a good king if you are not healthy! Ah, at any rate, let’s rest in bed. Please forgive me if I’m a little rough with you…”

Lisel decided the size difference was too much to hold, put her hand under Lorde’s arm, and pulled him to the bed in the room.

It was a bit of a struggle, but she managed to lay him on the bed and take a breath.

“If you push yourself too hard, your body will break.”

The [Milan] inside Lisel is crying out to him.

Lorde must be a lonely king.

He must have fought alone for a long time without relying on anyone.

Even if he collapsed in his office, no one would notice. Not even his servants would be around the king’s office.

Tears were rolling down her face.

If Milan was still alive, she would never let Lorde be alone.


Lisel shrugs as Lorde mumbles to himself.

She didn’t expect to hear her name after all these years.

So she is happy and answers.

“Lorde-sama. It is Milan… I have come to see you again.”

I would have given my life to protect you. Milan’s lord.

Her heart trembles as she touches Lorde on the cheek.

She was about to stroke Lorde’s head, which had grown so large, to wish him a peaceful dream when he grasped her hand firmly.

“Eh! Lorde-sama?!”

“…Is it true…!? Milan… is that you!?

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