I Was a Shadow of the Royal Family, but Now That I’ve Been Reborn, I’m Devoted to You in This Life As Well! – Chapter – 2

Chapter 2: I Hope His Majesty Will See Me Now!│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com


When she was five years old, Lisel once caught a high fever from an epidemic and spent a week in bed. During that time, she muttered about Lorde many times, as if she was talking.

When she regained consciousness, another self existed in Lisel’s [mind].

The memory of her life and death as Milan, who had served as a royal shadow to the young prince, Lorde, came back to her mind.

It would be a so-called [past-life]

The war had ended. It was the current king, Lorde Brighton, who had put an end to the long war with the neighboring country.

Reading in the history books that the young Lorde had led his army in the ruthless annihilation of his opponents was a sobering experience.

There were many casualties, both from friends and foes.

There were probably no more of Milan’s colleagues left alive.

She couldn’t stop crying that Lorde had survived all that and become a good king as Milan had wished.

I want to help you. Lorde-sama

She swore that she would be with him, and her former self, who had died, cried out in pain.

From that day on, Lisel was no longer a duchess, but a shadow of the royal family.

Lisel, who had been so selfish, became taciturn and began to train in secret.

In order to be able to use her skills as an assassin in this world, she worked hard to improve her physical strength, ability to use magic power, and intelligence skills.

Milan was the most talented and skilled member of her family who did a lot of assassinations as a shadow.

As if guided by their spirit, Lisel’s skills grew and improved.

When Lisel was betrothed at the age of fifteen to the first prince, Edward, son of Lorde, she swore with her life to make Edward king.

Due to the fact that the royal shadow attached to Eduardo was useless, Lisel made sure Eduard was safe and took away any distractions so she wouldn’t be noticed.

She cautioned him and continued to show him the way to the Crown Prince.

From Lisel’s point of view, Edward was in danger. His mother, the queen, had died when he was very young, and he had been spoiled by the adults around him, so he tended to think that others would take care of him unconditionally.

In addition, he has a weak heart and tries to take the easy way out without thinking about the future.

He is the exact opposite of Lorde, from his childhood.

How many times had she brought Eduard back from being a prince when he had tried to escape the prince’s education?

Lisel wondered why his father, Lorde, was so indifferent to Eduard.

She thought he must have been very busy as king, but she had never seen the two of them face-to-face in any form of father-son contact.

Unable to meet the king’s expectations and interests, Edward grew harsher and more arrogant by the day.

He often got into small quarrels, and each time Lisel admonished him and told him several times what kind of king he should be.

Gradually, Eduard began to distance himself from Lisel. And he fell in love with a baroness who only talked sweet nothings.

At the same time, Lisel made the painful decision to abandon Eduardo, claiming that he was unfit to be king.

Why does Lorde-sama leave His Highness Eduard alone?

Lisel’s frustration with Lorde for letting Eduardo, her fiancé, go unchecked is growing. And then, there was the latest ruckus over the annulment of the engagement.

“I wish to see you, Your Majesty!!”

For the first time since she remembered her previous life, Lisel decided to face Lorde head on.

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    Lol…. The king misses his first love soo much, he abandoned his family. (Trash, i would say)
    I hope she didn’t end up with Lorde…
    That is just way too weird.

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