I Was a Shadow of the Royal Family, but Now That I’ve Been Reborn, I’m Devoted to You in This Life As Well! – Chapter – 4

Chapter 4: I See You Are Still a Crybaby│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Lisel did not think to see him awake. Lorde’s eyes stared directly at Lisel.

There is only a faint trace of his childhood.

Lisel’s heart trembles at the sight of the grown-up Lorde.

“Is it really Milan? I’ll behead you if you’re not Milan! Be honest!!!”

What should I do?

Lisel was too rattled to say anything.

It sounds like the cry of an infant left alone and seeking its mother, and Lisel makes up her mind.

“…Lorde-sama… You have grown so much…”


Lorde’s eyes trembled as she looked at Lisel.

A film of tears formed in his eyes, and they fell.

Lisel reached out and wiped away his tears and gently stroked his head.

She gently stroked his head, a gesture she had often made with young Lorde.

“Fufufu… You’re still a crybaby, aren’t you? It’s all right now. Milan is here with you.”

“Mi-Milan? Is it really you…?

“You did a good job… all by yourself.”

Lisel smiled, tears streaming down her face.

She can’t help but think that the man in front of her now is the boy prince she left twenty-five years ago.

Both of their forms have changed over the years, but the strong bond between master and servant is unbreakable.

She felt in her soul that her master was still Lorde.

Lisel, who had lived with Milan’s soul, had made up her mind to dedicate this life to Lorde.

As Lorde’s [shadow], even in this life… so with a strong will, she took the vassal’s bow.

“Lorde-sama I…”

“You don’t have to bow to me anymore. I’m not letting go of Milan this time.”

Lorde covered Lisel’s pouting lips, not knowing what he meant.


When she realized that she was being kissed, she was held tightly and could not escape.


Their lips met again and again, and when they finally parted, Lisel’s face was flushed red.

Lorde smiled as he watched her.

“I love you. Milan, ever since you were my shadow, I love you, only you.”

Lisel’s heart skipped a beat in surprise as she looked into his eyes.

She had never expected the Lord, whom she had served since childhood, to confess his love to her.

“Can you tell me your name for this life? I want to love you as you are now.”

“Jeus… I’m Lisel Jeus, the fiancee of Lorde-sama’s…”

She thought she had just cut it short, but before she could correct herself, Lorde’s expression changed to one of horror.

That’s exactly what they say about the icy stare that freezes the hearts of anyone who sees it.

“Fiancee…? I’m going to have to cut his head off immediately. Don’t worry, Lisel. You’ll be my queen.

“Eh…?! Wait a minute. My betrothal to His Highness Eduard has just been annulled!”

“Do not call any other man’s name but mine. He’s no blood relation either. He’s just a potential heir. I have no problem cutting that incompetent b*stard down.”


Lisel could not hide her surprise at the Lord’s words and raised her voice absurdly.

Didn’t you just say that you’re not related by blood?!

She thought the two royal children were the children of Lorde and the former queen. Why are they not related to him—

“I love Milan and Lisel. I have no desire for any other woman. She forced me to marry her. I left her unloved, and before I knew it, she gave birth to two children. Isn’t that strange?”

Lisel was stunned by Lorde’s self-mocking remark.

She had no idea that Eduard was the product of the former queen’s infidelity.

That’s why Lorde showed no interest in Eduard at all…

“I tried to end the war and be a good king, but everything seemed to be in vain, and I could only hold onto my office. I had no hope in life and wanted to go to Milan as soon as possible.”

She wondered how long he had been living a life so reckless that it was killing him.

Lisel’s heart sank at the thought of how much Lorde had been hurt and influenced by Milan’s death.

“I can only see a future with Lisel now. You are mine now…”


“I will not let you go…”

The only thing the [Solitary King] ever wanted was love. It was—

Their lips met, and Lisel’s eyes widened.

It was like a bolt from the blue to be wooed by the one and only gentleman whom she had cared for since childhood.

“Well, let’s go and get rid of these fools…”

But for now, Lisel is determined to do her best to keep the Lord from turning into a monster.

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