I Was a Shadow of the Royal Family, but Now That I’ve Been Reborn, I’m Devoted to You in This Life As Well! – Chapter – 1

Chapter 1: I’m Just a Duchess│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

“Lorde-sama! Please run away!!!!”

“No…! I don’t want you to throw your life away because of my shallow actions—”

“Lorde-sama. Milan is in the shadow of the Crown Prince. It is my duty to protect my lord. You know how strong I am, right? I will not die in vain. Now, Lorde-sama, go and do not look back!”

The footsteps of the enemy soldiers were almost upon them. Milan drew her beloved sword from its scabbard and turned her back on Lorde.

Milan, a shadow skilled in espionage and assassination, is not a pawn for Lorde.

For Lorde, who was separated from his parents at an early age, Milan, with whom he spent all his time in the shadows, was his mother, his sister, and his first love.

“No, Milan! Please live with me! With me—”

“Lorde-sama. You are the hope of this country. I hope you will be a good king.”

Milan looked at him and smiled as gently as ever. At that moment, another shadow grabbed Lorde and forced him to leave the scene.


With Lorde’s cry of grief behind him, Milan plunged into the enemy soldiers.

It was almost reckless for even the most skilled Milan to take on more than a hundred soldiers by herself.

Still, she could buy some time to let Lorde escape.

The young prince finds himself in the middle of a war. She hopes he survives, that his innocent eyes never dim, and that he becomes a good king. Despite the fact that she is unable to be with him at this time,

Eliminate the enemies, avoid their attacks, and hold them back as long as possible.

The soldiers, blocked by a woman, are at first impatient, but her strength is not inexhaustible.

As Milan’s movement slows down, the soldiers begin to attack her.

Her eyes began to blur, and she felt a burning shock in her chest.

Lorde-sama… please, be careful…

Milan’s consciousness was cut off at that moment.


“Duchess Lisel JeusI am breaking off my engagement to you right now!!”

Lisel propped her head in her hands as she heard what Eduard, the Crown Prince of Brighton, had said at her graduation ceremony.

Next to Eduard on the stage, Nico, the Baroness, looked down at Lisel with a triumphant smile.

“Your Highness, may I ask why?”

“You were jealous of Nico because she was too good at everything. You spread rumors that damaged her social standing. You ostracized her and tormented her at school because she was inferior. We have all the evidence. Nikos was attacked and attempts were made to kidnap and imprison her! You are not the right person to be my fiancée!”

Lisel lets out a deep sigh as Eduard lists Lisel’s crimes with gusto.

He’s nothing like Lorde-sama. What kind of education did he receive?

Then Lisel threw a thick bundle of papers at Eduard’s feet. It contained a lot of information that contradicted the testimony just given.

“Viscountess Diehl testified that she received money from Baroness Nico Nisha and spread rumors that I abused her. This was recorded on the crystal with video and audio. All the other testimony was also corroborated.


“It seems that you have good connections with the underworld. Baroness Nico Nisha.”

Lisel smiles slowly, and Nico turns pale and trembles.

She wanted to portray her as a villain, but in the underworld, there is no one better than Lisel. And when it comes to espionage—

“Anyone who gives testimony that could incriminate the Dukes of Jeus will be dealt with accordingly. Also, Your Highness, this engagement is a political one between the royal family and the dukes. You are unilaterally breaking it and abandoning your right to the throne. I’m sorry to hear that.”

As Lisel says this, Eduard begins to turn pale. He is not sure what to do.

It is impossible that Lisel cannot cope with the baroness’s schemes.

She’s been working in secret as a shadow for the sake of the royal family, if she may say so. But that’s why she made her decision.

Eduard is unworthy of the throne—

“Y-You.. You’re just… Just a Duchess…”

“I’m just a Duchess?”

In my past life, I was a shadow of the royal family…

Lisel stared coldly back at Eduardo.

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