“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Wedding and banquet

A few days after the introduction, Finne and Zion’s wedding was held. 

After the ceremony, there was a reception and a standing party. 

What happens there is a power struggle between nobles. 

They monitor each other’s every move, from the order of greetings to who interacts with whom. 

Especially now that the head of the family has changed, the Creutzfeldt family must be extremely careful. 

The Duke family seemed to be proceeding with the meal carefully under meticulous preparation and planning. 

As the next Duchess, Finne will inevitably be greeted by various people. 

(I don’t feel like I can remember anyone’s face or name. . .)

For Finne, who grew up in the ghost mansion without interacting with outsiders, the social world is too hectic and difficult to keep up with. 

(Everyone is so good at doing such troublesome things. I want to go home and read books while lounging around. )

However, there are good things about such meals. 

The prepared dishes were so luxurious and colorful that Finne had never seen anything like it before. 

It was her first time experiencing such food as she grew up poor. 

(I have to conquer all the menus without being noticed by those around me. )

Finne poured all her mental resources into finding the optimal solution for conquering the food without being noticed. 

At that moment, she was approached by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. 

“Don’t get too comfortable. You have no allies as a useless person. Don’t forget that, ” said her mother-in-law in a low voice, while her sister-in-law spoke next to her. 

“Good luck. It probably won’t go well, though.”

The Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law were quite dissatisfied with Bernard losing his position and marrying Zion. However, it seems that they cannot express their opinions openly because the other party is the Duke family. 

They still seemed to want to complain, but they closed their mouths when they saw a well-known noble nearby. 

“What unpleasant people, really.”

Mia whispered. 

“Don’t worry about it, Finne-sama.”

Finne was looking down. 

Her bangs hung down. 

A melancholic expression. 

(I wonder if I can put this meal in a container and take it home. )

Only the long-time companion ghost realized that Finne was only thinking about food. 

Looking at Finne with a look of exasperation, the ghost suddenly shook her eyes. 

At the end of her gaze was a man with a beard. 

In the glamorous social scene, the man was alone, writing something in a thick book. 


He peered into it with interest and then beckoned Finne over. 

[Come here for a moment. This person is doing something interesting. ]

Only Finne could hear the ghost’s voice. 

Acting as if she suddenly became interested, Finne approached the man. 

The white-bearded man was writing small letters all over the margins of the book. 

Written in ancient Almerian magical language, it cannot be understood by ordinary people at all. 

However, having been exposed to magical language at the ghost mansion, Finne could understand the content to some extent. 

It seems that he is considering a new hypothesis by applying magical theory written in ancient books. 

(What’s this, interesting. . .)

The more Finne looked, the more she was drawn into his hypothesis. 

There were many of the latest modern magic theories that Finne did not know, and there was a charm that made her want to think about it. 

Finne stared at the book and thought. 


Mia’s curious voice was not heard at all. 

Emotionless eyes. 

Accelerating thoughts. 

The small seed of inspiration rapidly bore fruit and extended its branches. 

As if guided by something, Finne picked up the fountain pen that the man had placed on the table and began to write down what came to mind on the table. 

After writing a proof that applied the theory of ancient magic used in the old civilization, she gasped and came back to herself. 

It was strange behavior for the next Duchess. 

The strange gazes of those around her gathered. 

Her mother-in-law and sister-in-law looked at her with faces that seemed to say, “What is she doing?”

Above all, what made it a failure was that the man with a beard who had started it all was frowning at Finne. 

(He’s really angry. . .I’ve completely messed up!)

She tried to cover it up in a hurry, but no words came out. 

“W-Well, Finne-sama loves books and is very smart. So, she was just intrigued by what she was reading.”

Mia followed up while trembling and turning pale under the gaze of the noble people around her. 

Just as Finne was about to speak up as well. . .

“Why. . .no, there’s no mistake. . .”

The man with white whiskers said in a trembling voice. 

“A genius. . .”

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