“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Brilliant way of doing things that no one notices. 

The man continued, leaving Finne confused and unable to understand the situation. 

“What is your wish? I will prepare anything that I can. Please tell me how I can call you to the laboratory.”

His words were overwhelming. 

Just as Finne was about to step back from the man who leaned forward, a citrus scent wafted in the air. 

Interrupting them was Zion Creutzfeldt, her formal husband. 

“Sensei, has my wife disturbed your contemplation?”

Perhaps Finne had made a mistake. 

It was natural to think so if anyone had seen the situation. 

(Who is the person that the 《Ice Magician》 calls “sensei”?)

On the other hand, Finne was thinking about who the bearded man was. 

She wasn’t very familiar with the magical world of the kingdom. 

She didn’t want to know more because it would only add to her worries, and she wasn’t interested in other people’s affairs in the first place. 

For Finne, magic and books were more important than anything else in the human world. 

(Maybe he’s someone quite high up. Who is he. . .?)

Finne stared at the white-bearded man intently. 

The man spoke to Zion, “Tell me, who is she? How can she write such a proof?”


Zion looked puzzled as the man pointed to the proof written on the table. 

“. . .Did you write this?”

Finne nodded, still confused. 

“Yes, but. . .”

“The approach and way of thinking used here are completely different from modern magic theory.” 

The man with the white beard says, 

“Even as an honorary professor at the Royal Magic College, I cannot fully understand the advanced and complex application of ancient magic.”

(Honorary professor?! Isn’t he an incredibly amazing person?!)

Finne is speechless at the unexpected big shot. 

“Moreover, it was improvised. She looked at my notes and wrote this in less than a minute.”

The honorary professor says excitedly. 

Before she knows it, a crowd has gathered around them. 

(Something serious is happening. . .!)

Finne’s eyes roll back in panic. 

For her, who has been living alone in the ghost mansion, the attention is too much to bear. 

(I need to calm down. . .I can’t be overwhelmed by something like this. I have adversity resistance like a dandelion growing on the roadside. . .!)

She raises her spirits and returns a smile to those around her. 

“I just thought of it because there was a similar idea in a book I happened to read this morning. As expected, you’re good at praising, Professor. Well then, excuse me for today as my stomach hurts.”

When in doubt, run away. 

A perfect plan to naturally exit the situation. 

(As expected of me! Pretending to be sick is such an advanced strategy that no one else would have thought of it, and there’s no way they’ll find out!)

Finne, who grew up without much communication with others and is ignorant of the world, left the scene with a confident expression of victory. 

(What was that obvious fake illness. . .)

No one could stop Finne’s escape plan because it was too low-level and transparent. 

Humans are strange creatures. When they are shown something blatantly vulnerable, they tend to suspect that there must be some ulterior motive behind it. 

Moreover, in Finne’s case, the situation up until now had been pushing her forward. 

She was a Count’s daughter who showed talent to the point of leaving Professor Austin, who served as an honorary professor at the Royal Magic College and was also known as the 《Ice Magician’s》 teacher, speechless. 

A shut-in who couldn’t even go outside, a failure who couldn’t do anything. 

Such rumors in high society had begun to be completely overwritten in just a few minutes. 

(She’s not incompetent at all. Is this why the Creutzfeldt family has their eyes on her? Where did she get that much power from. . .)

The nobles gasped in amazement. 

(Who is that girl. . .?)

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