“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Distorted family

“It’s terrible! It’s so rude to suddenly say something like that out of the blue!”

Zion and his attendant left the room, leaving Mia alone with Finne. 

“I heard he was cruel and heartless, but I never expected him to be like that.”

“It’s fine. It saves time. It’s even easier not to get involved.”

Finne doesn’t seem to care at all. 

In fact, she seems to be humming a tune, but Mia doesn’t seem satisfied. 

“As you said, it was a strategy of raising and dropping. . .”

Mia says with her head down. 

“I thought Finne-sama had finally found a real family.”

“A real family?”

“Madam and Master treat Finne-sama like a nuisance. Even the Westmeath family, which was originally Finne-sama’s parents’, started boasting ‘this house is mine’ as soon as they died.”

“Uncle has the right according to the inheritance law.”

“But they did a lot of illegal things. How many things did they sell without permission to pay off their debts?”

After exhaling bitterly, Mia says:

“That’s why I was hoping for this story a little bit. I hope Finne-sama can have a truly reliable family.”

“Don’t worry. Mia, you know? Life is like a masterpiece romance novel.”

“Um. . .Does that mean you’ll mostly suffer from amnesia if you have an accident?”

“No, it’s not like that.”

“Well. . .I give up. What do you mean?” 

Mia tilted her head in confusion, and Finne narrowed her eyes with a smile. 

“It’s something that can be enjoyed even alone, more than enough.”


(I didn’t expect such a bright response. )

Zion Creutzfeldt pondered over their conversation. 

Finne Westmeath. 

She was the daughter of the late Count Westmeath, who was unable to socialize and was a shut-in young lady who couldn’t even go outside. Rumors spread by the current head couple said that she had no social skills, no education, and was a hopeless failure. 

However, Zion felt that the actual person was different from what was rumored. 

(She doesn’t seem to have such poor social skills. Is there another reason why she didn’t show up in society?)

After thinking for a while, Zion raised his head. 

(It’s none of my business. )

There is no love in noble marriages. 

At least, that’s how it is in the Creutzfeldt family where he grew up. 

His grandfather Bernard hurt many people as an irredeemable villain who indulged in debauchery and was eventually betrayed by his own son. 

The family was in terrible shape due to his grandfather’s selfishness and immense power. 

Zion’s parents hated his grandfather and rarely came home, so he always spent time alone. 

He had no one he could trust. 

Naturally, Zion became immersed in the world of magic. 

While he was absorbed in magic, he could forget about his twisted family and the loneliness of not being loved. 

However, fortunately or unfortunately, he had two rare qualities. 

[Amazing. . .I’ve never seen such numbers before. . .] 

One is his outstanding talent in magic that surpasses others. 

[Hey, can you tell me the name of that wonderful person?]

The other is his bewitching eyes that attract others even if he doesn’t intend to. 

The surroundings are naturally drawn to him, losing their composure. 

His talent, which is often viewed with envy, was mostly a curse in his case. 

A few days after his eighth birthday, Zion was held down by an older man and touched inappropriately. 

The man was a bishop of the Holy See who was close to her grandfather. 

Zion stopped trusting adults. 

In the summer when he was ten years old, he was taken to a hiding place by an older woman and touched inappropriately. 

Zion stopped trusting women. 

A chilling sensation remained in his head. 

He felt like she had become dirty. 

Since there were many other similar incidents, Zion was always wary of his surroundings and came to believe that he couldn’t trust anyone. 

(Humans are alone from birth to death. )

Zion thinks. 

(People can’t be trusted, and there’s no need to trust them. I don’t need family or lovers. )

However, despite trying to think that way, one image keeps coming to mind. 

Someone who saved him when he had always wanted to die. 

(What are you thinking when you’re about to get married?)

Zion shakes his head and takes a deep breath. 

(I’m fine alone. That’s enough. )

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