“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: I want you to tell me

After a warm but somewhat embarrassing time, Finne suddenly found herself back in her original world.

Bernard’s hidden mansion was in shambles and seemed about to collapse, and her adoptive family was slumped over in the distance.

The 《Mirror》 had disappeared, and the children who had been swallowed by it were sleeping around it.

“Are you okay?”

A familiar voice.

Zion was closer than Finne had thought, and she was startled.

She wished he would stop surprising her. 

Her heart had been acting strange lately when she was with Zion-sama.

(But I’m the 《Witch of Dawn》 now!)

It was a world behind a mask.

If she spoke, there was a possibility that her true identity would be revealed.

She had suddenly disappeared, and even though she could no longer return to her life as the future wife of the Duke’s heir, if her true identity were to be revealed, it could lead to an irreparable situation later on.

(Just don’t answer and leave silently.  The《Witch of Dawn》leaves coolly.)

As Finne began to walk away, Zion stopped her.

“Wait. There’s something I want you to tell my wife, Finne, your disciple.”

Something he wants her to tell his wife?

What could he possibly want to talk about?

There shouldn’t have been any common acquaintances between him and the 《Witch of Dawn》――

No, that’s not it.

There is one person.

“It’s about my wife, who is your disciple, Finne.”

(It’s me. . .)

It’s definitely not going to be good news.

At first, they got along surprisingly well, but something went wrong along the way.

It was probably because he accidentally kissed him on the cheek.

It was only natural for Zion-sama, who had a distrust of humans and women, to start avoiding her because of that.

(It’s safe to say that he doesn’t think highly of me.) 

Moreover, she left the mansion without permission during an important time when the lord was attacked.

As the next Duchess, her actions were undoubtedly at their lowest score.

Those happy days cannot be returned.

(I actually liked spending time with Zion-sama, but that was just for my own convenience. I was undoubtedly a bad wife for him.

Still, even if I’m insulted, listening to him is my last duty as a wife. I had a good time with him.)

She turns silently to Zion.

Without a word, she turned to Zion-sama.

“Your meeting was a political marriage.” 

She quietly opens her mouth.

“I, who cannot trust people, conveyed the conditions for marriage to her. It was truly a terrible act. But she stayed by my side without any concern.”

Zion-sama says,

“The time with her was truly pleasant. It was the first time for me to get along with someone without any calculation or malice. Her presence had undoubtedly become something significant within me. I want her by my side. I am so selfish to think that.”

With a melancholic sigh, he says,

“I want her to come back. That’s all I wish for. I pray for it. Please tell her that.”

Then, Zion-sama says,

“I love Finne.”


Finne couldn’t return his words.

She stiffens for a moment and then turns her back on him while trying to maintain her usual 《Witch of Dawn》 demeanor.

She kicks the ground.

Her running speed gets faster and faster.

She takes refuge in an unpopular forest.

In the depths of the deep forest where no one can see, she leans against a tree trunk and breathes heavily. 

An unfamiliar feeling of embarrassment and warmth, and confusion.

(Zion-sama likes me? What does that mean? But wait, he should like the 《Witch of Dawn》 instead of me. . .well, I am her, so it’s still me.

Why am I being confessed to twice in someone else’s body?

And liking both the disguised me and the real me, isn’t Zion-sama liking me too much. . .?!)

[Your face is all red, Finne.]

“Shut up.”

She hid in the ghost’s blind spot and hugged her knees.

In the pleasant sensation of feeling light and fluffy for the first time, Finne was stunned.

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