“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Epilogue

A week has passed since she disappeared.

Zion Creutzfeldt feels a void in his heart.

However, his life as the next head of the Duke family does not wait for him.

A series of illegal acts committed by the former head, Bernard.

The investigation of the truth and the capture of key figures.

The condemnation of the Creutzfeldt family was not as loud as expected, perhaps because there are many dark sides to other nobles in the corrupt noble society of the kingdom.

That is why he must impeach the actions of the previous corrupt leader and create a new Duke family.

He worked desperately for his father who was attacked and is now in the hospital.

He was prepared to take over as head in case of his father’s death, but fortunately, he survived.

However, he does not know if that is really a good thing.

Zion does not know much about his father.

His father, who hated his grandfather, did not come home often.

Zion, who was liked by his grandfather, grew up in a dilapidated house while being shown the ugliness of humanity.

They say that too much power changes people.

His father may also start to behave like his grandfather and go astray.

Or maybe he is already hurting someone somewhere without Zion’s knowledge.

Zion has been exposed too much to the ugliness of humanity to innocently trust people.

Because his father has his grandfather’s blood flowing through him.

And so does Zion himself.

He may someday stray from the path or go crazy under the rain of desire.

But that is why Zion wants to be right.

To break away from the evil tradition.

To obtain a family and life that he does not have to be ashamed of.

(How nice it would be if you were there.) 

However, it may be an impossible wish.

Zion, who grew up in a crazy household, does not know what a healthy family is like.

Marriage life was probably not good for her.

It’s natural that she didn’t come back.

The conditions she was presented with at first were too terrible.

In addition, Zion knew too little about her.

He realized this when he learned the truth about the Westmeath family during the aftermath of the incident.

Northern borderland.

Imprisoned life in a dilapidated mansion.

Living conditions that are too terrible to be considered human.

Certainly, the woman he met seemed quite thin, but he never imagined she was in such a situation.

They mistreated her, a legitimate successor, and sold off the property of the former head of the family to which she had rights without permission.

Their actions not only violated inheritance laws in the kingdom but also went against basic human decency.

Details of the incident and their actions have already been submitted to the High Court.

The Westmeath family has enough power to easily suppress petitions from ordinary citizens, but this time they are up against the Duke Creutzfeldt family and the highest judicial body in the kingdom, the High Court.

It is impossible to completely cover up their actions.

There are already rumors that several newspapers are investigating the surrounding area as a scoop.

In another month, their actions will be exposed to the public, and the Westmeath family will lose their power and fall into ruin.

And she, as the daughter of the former head, regains the rights and honor that were unjustly taken from her.

She will probably be able to live without working for the rest of her life.

Howover, she may not come back. 

As a disciple of the 《Witch of Dawn》, she has an extremely talented wizardry ability.

The professors at the Royal Magic College are said to be grieving over her absence, and her whereabouts could be anywhere. 

(I guess I have to think of it as a good thing.)

However, there was a part of him that wished he didn’t have anything like before.

If it were a situation where he had no choice but to rely on himself, she might have been by his side.

Weak and ugly emotions peek through.

In the end, this void cannot be filled without her.

He has come to know the happiness of having someone by his side.

Until then, he had never felt lonely.

(Do not think. Focus on what you should do.)

He worked tirelessly on a minute-by-minute schedule.

Searching for the hidden base owned by former head Bernard.

Seizing and organizing evidence.

Discussions with legal officials about rights issues.

“Zion-sama, you’re working too hard. You should take a break for a little while.”

However, he couldn’t stop working.

He could visibly see that if he had free time, he would start thinking about unnecessary things.

On the way back after reporting his day’s work to his father.

Finally, there was no work left for him to do today, and Zion let out a deep sigh.

The hallway of the hospital owned by the Creutzfeldt family.

The red and transparent sunlight is shining through the window.

( I didn’t know I was this fragile.)

A side of himself that felt like a stranger, even though he should have known it better than anyone else.

(It’s all your fault.)

He smiled wryly and looked up at the sky outside the window.

The bright red sky at sunset.

(She is also under this sky.

What are you doing? 

Is it studying magic that you love?

Maybe you’re being taught by the《Witch of Dawn》 as her disciple.

Perhaps she even scolds you sometimes.

I wanted to know more about you.

But that’s life, there are also wishes that cannot be granted.

I have to taste that bitterness and move forward.

You’re probably living happily somewhere.

That’s enough.

For now, I just wish for your happiness.

May your future be filled with so many happy moments that you can’t hold them all.)

A bittersweet aftertaste.

Starting to walk with a long shadow.

Voices of various people can be heard from the hospital room.

A page of an unknown life faintly glimpsed.

“Finne-sama! Where have you been?! We were worried about you!”

He stopped in surprise.

He turned back to the door of the hospital room diagonally behind him.

He had forgotten to breathe.

Standing in front of the door, he put his hand on the handle.

The hospital room.

Beyond the open door.

She was making a troubled face as a maid hugged her tightly.

“Mia, calm down. Calm down.”

She calmed down the maid and pushed her back onto the bed.

Then she noticed Zion and held her breath.

Eyes that were averted.

Hesitation and indecision.

She probably didn’t plan to meet here.

Of course not.

She might even be trying to live without getting involved with him at all.

But even so, he thought it was okay.

He reached out his hand.

It’s okay to get hurt.

It’s okay to fail.

This feeling can’t be stopped anymore.

“I want you by my side. I want you to walk through life with me.”

Zion said.

“I love you.”

Finne opened her eyes slightly in surprise.

She looked around like a cat and pursed her lips.

A face looking down. 

Her well-shaped ears were dyed red.

“Am I good enough for you?”

“You’re good.”

Finne stumbled.

She was visibly confused, flustered, and spinning around.

Then, like a young girl, she nodded once with a small “yes.”

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