“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Family

Just after Bernard was sucked into the 《Mirror》, Finne found herself standing in a completely white world.

There was nothing around her.

Only a vast expanse of white.

She tried drawing a magic circle.

A magic that would make a small flower bloom.

But there was only the white void.

(Probably, it’s a special world that operates on a different principle than reality.)

“That’s right. As expected, you’re excellent.”

Standing there was Mr. Ghost.

He was standing in the space where there was supposed to be nothing.

His usual calm smile.

However, Finne couldn’t help but gasp at his appearance.

He wasn’t translucent, and his voice definitely shook her eardrums.

He was standing there with a tangible form, not as a ghost.

“This is a special space I created with magic. It’s like a spiritual world, so to speak. I wanted to talk to you. This is the last chance.”

The ghost said.

“Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, in the distant past when the Great War broke out and the old civilization was destroyed, there was a boy who loved magic. And he loved humans. He thought that if he invented magic and magical tools, everyone would be very happy. He polished his skills happily. It was an incredibly happy time.”

The ghost narrowed his eyes lovingly.

And then he continued. 

“But eventually, even such a season comes to an end. The people around him began to engage in ugly fights, seeking his magic and magical tools. He was deceived, betrayed, and made to realize the ugliness of humanity. Above all, what hurt him the most was that his magic and magical tools were misused, causing countless deaths. He began to hate himself. And then, he began to hate humans too. He stopped interacting with the people around him and became a recluse in a remote mansion.”

The ghost says.

“However, people did not leave him alone. No matter how much he hid, they searched for him desperately and asked him to create even more amazing things. More magical tools that could generate more wealth. More powerful magic that could kill enemies and subjugate enemy countries. He truly began to hate humans from the bottom of his heart. And then, he developed magic that would make it impossible for others to recognize his existence and cast it on himself. He was supposed to have a peaceful life and spend his remaining years quietly.”

The ghost continues with a bitter smile.

“The magic failed. He had failed more than anyone else, but this failure was truly fatal. He became an existence that was outside the logic of this world and could not die, living forever without being recognized by anyone.”

He sighs.

“It was an empty time. I didn’t even know if I was alive or dead. Only the flow of time kept getting faster and faster. A great war broke out, and the world came to an end. From there, a few survivors slowly began to rebuild the world. It didn’t matter. I would live like a dead man, alone, for the rest of my life. That’s what I thought.” 

After a moment of silence, he spoke, 

“That was when you found me.”

Finne recognized the gentle expression on his face.

His soft bangs swayed.

“I was really surprised. I never dreamed that there would be someone who could see me. You called me Master and we did many things together. This is a secret, but I thought of you as my daughter. I know I’m not qualified to be a father, but still.”

The ghost said.

“Even so, you were an important presence to me that I couldn’t help but think that way. I would do anything to make you happy. I’ve been thinking about what I can do for you and what I should do. So, I’ve been preparing for this day. And I lied to you. Although I do want to complete my research, honestly, it doesn’t matter. My goal was to obtain the all-purpose wish machine that I made in the past, the 《Mirror of Cucumericulus》.”

A large mirror appeared next to the ghost.

A bewildered Finne is reflected in the mirrored surface.

She didn’t understand what he was saying.

(Didn’t Mr. Ghost want to obtain the 《Mirror of Cucumericulus》?


“I will make my wish come true with this 《Mirror》.”

The ghost said.

“I will change the past and create a world where your parents are revived and you can live happily as the daughter of the Count family. You should live loved by your real parents. It’s wrong to live your life in that dilapidated mansion, estranged from your adoptive family. You should experience life as a normal Count lady, interacting with people in the outside world, experiencing both good and bad things. That’s the best gift I can give you.”

Finne remained silent for a while.

Eventually, she spoke up.

“But there must be a price to pay for using the 《Mirror of Cucumericulus》. How much compensation is required to change the past?”

“What’s important is the total amount of magical power that the soul possesses. And I know someone who has enough magical power to fulfill that requirement.”

The ghost looked at Finne.

“I will activate the 《Mirror of Cucumericulus》 by using my soul as compensation. Be happy. With your real parents who will love you in the new world.”

He shook his head regretfully in front of the mirror.

Then he said,


The ghost’s body was sucked into the 《Mirror》.


Finne ran towards him.

She reached out to keep the ghost in this world.

But it was too late.

Her outstretched hand couldn’t reach him, and only Finne was left in the white world.

The 《Mirror》 emitted a blue light.

The white world began to rapidly change color.

The past was being altered, and another world was being created.

Finne lowered her head.

It was almost unbearable if she let her guard down.

She felt like crying.

But she didn’t have time to cry.

She had to expel the compensation and make it seem like nothing had happened with the activation of the 《Mirror》. 

The sound disappears from the world.

Sinking into the sea of accelerating thoughts.

Fingers draw complex geometric patterns repeatedly.

What she created was a huge magic formula.

The 《Mirror》 emits a dazzling light.

The world is enveloped in light.

“I can’t believe it. How did you. . .”

In a pure white world, Finne said to the stunned ghost,

“I am your top disciple. It is the disciple’s job to imitate and learn the techniques you have shown me.”

Looking up at the ghost and getting closer to his face in an intimidating manner, she continued,

“Don’t decide my happiness for me. The days I spent at the ghost mansion were an important time that made me who I am today. Sure, it was a terrible environment, but I gained a lot from it. I learned to sleep on hard straw in three seconds, and because I could only eat one meal a day, I learned the importance of food. I became more patient and could endure anything. I learned to look at things positively even when they were bad. But most importantly, you were there.”

Finne said,

“I’ve kept it a secret, but I’ve always thought of you as a father figure. You were always there for me, never disliking anything I did. Your kindness gave me courage when things didn’t go well. I never felt anxious because you were always on my side, and when I made mistakes, you scolded me seriously. Even though you were angry, I was happy because I could tell that you really cared about me. You were such a big presence in my life.”

“But that’s because there was no one else.”

“No, that’s not true. I truly believe that it was you.”

“I can’t touch you, and no one else can see me. We’re not even related by blood.”

“So what? It doesn’t matter to me at all. I’ve received so much from you. Even if I had to redo my life many times, I would still want to be your daughter.”

Finne narrowed her eyes.

“So please stay by my side for a long time, Otou-san. . .”

A tear flowed from the ghost’s eyes.

It traced a beautiful line down her cheek and fell to the ground as a droplet.

Finne smiled at the ghost, who covered his eyes with his palm.

“You’re crying too much.” 

However, Finne didn’t know how much those words meant to him, who had lived alone without being able to connect with anyone for so long.

And the ghost didn’t know either.

For Finne, who had lost her parents and was shunned by her new family, he was such a grateful presence.

They couldn’t understand each other perfectly.

They weren’t even related by blood.

One of them didn’t even know if the other was alive or dead.

Nevertheless, there was undoubtedly an invisible bond between them.

There was a family that could be found anywhere.

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