“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Encounter

Zion couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

It was the villa owned by his grandfather Bernard, the former head of the family.

At the end of the secret passage in the library was an illegal drug manufacturing facility.

(Doing something so despicable. . .!)

As he stepped in with anger, the soldiers and researchers had already been restrained.

The only one left was a wizard who was deeply engrossed in reading documents.

(Betrayal or a third party?)

At any rate, she is surely quite skilled.

(Arrest her and then hear her out.)

Instant activation of ice magic.

A surprise attack from a concealed magic state.

However, she reacted to an attack that she shouldn’t have noticed and avoided it.

(She avoided that. . .how?)

However, Zion’s thoughts turned white as he saw her figure looking back at him.

“You are. . .”

There was the person he had been searching for for the past four years.

The 《Witch of Dawn》

The person who saved him that day was there.

◇  ◇  ◇

She had no choice but to say that he was the worst opponent.

Zion Creutzfeldt, the ice wizard known as the strongest in ice and snow magic.

Above all, the problem was that he knew Finne well.

(If I reveal even a little bit of information, I’ll be exposed immediately. . .! Moreover, he seems to have a crush on me in the 《Witch of Dawn》 mode. . .)

Her face became slightly hot under her mask.

Since Finne had hardly any experience with people of the opposite sex of the same age, it was also her first time being treated with favor. 

Thinking about it made her feel self-conscious.

[You’re blushing like someone your age should be, and I’m happy about it.]

“Shut up.”

She said in a low voice while looking at the Ice Magician in front of her.

(He likes me, so I’m sure he won’t come at me with all his might.) 

Finne tried to escape by taking advantage of the gap, but hastily dodged the rushing ice spear.

(No mercy?! Is this a joke?!)

As he put his hand on the ground, he looked up at his face and realized.

(Oh, that’s the face of someone who’s trying to catch me no matter what. . . In romance novels, he would be classified as a so-called ‘persistent’ type.)

The ice wall surrounded the surroundings.

Hastily kicking the ground, Finne thought.

(Keep distance and don’t let me get close. . .! He has researched my magic thoroughly. . .!)

◇  ◇  ◇

Zion Creutzfeldt had thoroughly researched the usage of magic and fighting style of the 《Witch of Dawn》 from all records.

It was not just because she was someone he had been searching for and wanted to meet again.

As someone who loved magic, he was strongly attracted to the magic she used.

It was a highly advanced application of lost ancient magic that could not be fully understood by modern magic.

He knew that she was an unreachable opponent.

Still, he wanted to catch up with her even a little bit.

He had put all his prepared strategies into action, but the 《Witch of Dawn》’s movements exceeded Zion’s imagination.

(She responds so accurately. . .!)

Against Zion, who had thoroughly studied the best moves in advance, she returned with only a slight delay but with the best response.

Her activation accuracy and judgment had reached the level of supernatural ability.

(What a monster. . .)

Undoubtedly, she was on a different level from other wizards that Zion knew.

However, he had anticipated that his opponent would exceed his imagination in advance.

As someone who knew the most about the 《Witch of Dawn》 in the kingdom, he valued her abilities higher than anyone else. 

And on top of that, he had meticulously prepared the most difficult battle and strategy to deal with her.

(Alright, it’s working.)

Zion grinned at the 《Witch of Dawn》’s reluctance and impatience.

There was no need to hurt her.

If he could just create a situation where she couldn’t escape, he could achieve his goal in this place.

And what Zion chose was a secret plan to freeze the entire outer edge of the basement and trap her in the basement with him.

(She’s not an opponent you can win against without sacrificing something. But I can secure victory in this situation by taking her down with me.)

His breaths became white and hazy with excitement.

He noticed her intention and used ice magic to pin her down to the exit.

She skillfully dodged the rushing ice spears, but the exit she tried to jump into was blocked by Zion by a hair’s breadth.

(I caught her.)

The secret plan was a success.

At that moment, he was confident of his victory.

But then, her body disappeared into a small mist.

(Illusion by water magic. . .)

He sat down on the frozen chair, left alone in the basement.

He shook his head and chuckled bitterly at his defeat, which he hadn’t experienced in a long time.

(You really are amazing after all.)

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