“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Crossing

The third floor of the former head’s villa.

Finne, who had turned into a black cat, explored the mansion while wagging her tail.

The feeling of the carpet under her paw pads.

The villa, decorated with luxurious furnishings and artworks, was in an unusual state that was different from its original state.

Scattered documents and piles of books.

Open drawers and a deep red scarf hanging from them.

A messy room as if it had been ransacked by a thief.

However, seeing that the magic barrier was functioning properly, it seemed unlikely that an outsider had invaded and committed the crime. 

(If there were such facts, information would have circulated within the Duke family.)

Necessarily, someone inside the villa had ransacked it.

“The most natural line is that the new head was looking for something hidden by the former head.”

[Yeah. However, if we assume too much, there is a possibility of misjudging the situation.]

“There is also a line that the former head was looking for something taken away by the new head.”

[In any case, I think we can assume that there was something worth searching for here.]

Something worth searching for. 

(The most likely thing we are looking for is 《The Mirror of Cucumericulus》.)

“It seems like they were searching in a hurry. I wonder if something unexpected happened.”

[They may have been impatient because they couldn’t find it. Or maybe it had already been taken from where it should have been.]

“Or maybe they wanted to pretend that they had already searched by making it look like that.”

Finne says. 

“It’s pointless to search through the ransacked room. It could be a decoy, and we’re searching so desperately. Even if there was something, it’s undoubtedly already been taken away. We should be searching for a place that hasn’t been touched yet.”

[A place that hasn’t been touched?]

“A hidden room.”

The cat’s eyes gleamed mischievously as she spoke.

“It’s the former lord’s nature to be suspicious and cautious. Don’t you think there might be a heavily concealed secret underground room or something?”


“Are you sure you want to do this? Is it really okay to do this?”

Hans looked uneasy as he spoke, but Zion answered without changing his expression.

“It’s not good.”

“Then why——.”

“If we don’t find anything, there won’t be any problems.”

Zion spoke calmly, and Hans looked troubled as he replied.

“Don’t make me an accomplice to illegal activities so openly.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you no matter what.”

His words conveyed a strong determination.

He was a rare genius who had been chosen as one of the Five Sages at a young age and was highly valued by the prime minister in the royal palace.

The reason he had risen through the ranks at an extraordinary speed was not only due to the Duke family’s behind-the-scenes work but also because of his confidence and sense of responsibility in going to the most dangerous places himself.

Four years ago, the historic stampede of demon beasts that attacked the northern region.

Half of the border security forces fled in despairing battle conditions.

Those around him knew that the legend of him fighting until the end and protecting the villages and towns in the north was not a lie.

“It’s okay if you don’t protect me.”

It was because of his nature that his subordinates said such things.

“Don’t say lonely things like that. We’re working with that kind of determination for Zion-sama.”

Zion looked surprised and opened his eyes slightly. 

After a moment of silence, he spoke.

“. . .Thank you.”

Honest and straightforward.

It was hard to believe he was from the infamous Creutzfeldt family with a bad reputation.

Hans sighs.

They arrived at the villa and looked at the magic barrier surrounding the perimeter with a puzzled expression.

“This is a very strict magic barrier.”

“My grandfather was always wary of betrayal. My father inherited that caution.”

“Even so, there was no need to go this far.”

Hans stared intently at the magic formula of the barrier.

“This is the level of magic that only a wizard who will go down in history can break through.”

“I don’t think it’s impossible.”

“That’s because you’re one of those who will go down in history.”

They opened a hole in the barrier and entered the grounds of the mansion.

Hans looked back at the barrier from the inside and let out a deep breath.

“Why are they so cautious? What are they hiding?”

“Maybe it’s a facility for manufacturing illegal drugs.”

“No way. That’s impossible.”

Hans smiled.

Zion stared expressionlessly at the mansion.

To cut to the chase, there was a secret basement in the former head’s mansion.

Nineteen types of concealment magic were strictly applied.

A secret entrance hidden behind the bookshelf in the library.

It must have been the work of a skilled barrier wizard.

Even though they were aware of the existence of the underground room and searched for it, it wasn’t easy to find. People without knowledge of magic would hardly be able to find it.


Finne was left with her head in her hands after seeing what was inside.

“Why is there an illegal drug manufacturing facility in the basement of this villa?!”

She whispered so as not to be noticed by researchers and security guards.

The smell of chemicals made her dizzy.

The concentration was far beyond normal levels.

The former head of the household, who had a bad reputation, seemed to be worse than the rumors. 

(I’ve heard that Zion-sama has a personality that doesn’t actively try to get involved with people, so maybe this is another factor. .)

If the most powerful person in the family is such a dangerous person, there is a possibility of causing trouble for even those who are close to them.

(Even those who seem to be blessed have a lot of difficulties, don’t they?)

While thinking about such things, Finne looks around the research facility.

(There are five private soldiers guarding. They seem to be quite skilled based on their movements.)

[It’s clear that illegal activities are taking place. Let’s inform the appropriate organization and have them deal with it.]

“I refuse.”

Finne said in a low voice.

“There are villains right in front of us that we can beat up without hesitation. It’s the perfect opportunity to relieve stress that I’ve been waiting for! I haven’t been able to beat up demon beasts as the 《Witch of Dawn》recently, so my desire to punch for justice and make things right is at its maximum!”

[I’ve been thinking this for a while, but you’re not defeating demon beasts for the sake of the world, but for your own stress relief, right?]

“Of course. All I have is a pure desire to beat them up. As long as it feels good, that’s all that matters.”

[I may have created a monster.]

The ghost sighs while holding his head.

“But the opponent is armed with illegal magical weapons. They’re not an easy enemy to defeat.”

“That’s why it’s good. There’s no point in beating them up if there’s no challenge.”

Finne narrows her eyes and returns to her human form.

“Watch this.”

Water magic was activated.

A white mist like smoke envelops the area.

“Hey, what are you doing!”

“No, I’m not doing anything――.”

The researcher must have thought that something went wrong. 

Taking advantage of their argument, she circled around and attacked from behind.

She knocked out one person with a lightning spell and closed the distance with the other person nearby.

She took out the second person with a lightning strike to the neck.

“Hey! There’s something here!”

There were three people left.

The illegally manufactured magic wand had an abnormally powerful long-range attack that could be fatal with just a graze. 

However, in this situation where their vision was obscured, there was a possibility of friendly fire among their comrades.

Confusion and hesitation.

“What’s going on…!”

The soldiers were shaken by the unseen enemy in the thick fog.

Flashes of lightning flickered in the mist.

“Calm down! Gather together and coordinate.”

A man who seemed to be the leader called out.

“It’s just you left now.”

She whispered from behind and sent a lightning strike to the neck, causing him to faint.

After that, she knocked out the researchers with lightning strikes, and her job of setting things right was done.

(Now, I should report to the Royal Knights… No, it’s better to inform Zion-sama first.)

If Zion exposes the former head’s corruption just after taking over, those who support the old regime will lose even more power, and his reputation is likely to increase.

(Fufu. Even though it’s just in name, I might have done my best job as a wife.)

Since it was a temporary marriage to complete Mr. Ghost’s research, she wanted to repay her husband appropriately for providing her with such a comfortable and great life.

“But we didn’t find any clues about the 《Mirror of Cucumericulus》.” 

[Not entirely.]


[Look at this document.]

Written in complex magical characters was a research document on forbidden magic.

(. . . A universal wish machine that can grant any wish.)

It was too difficult to understand the details, but she could tell that they were thinking of something terrible.

(For now, I’ll take this and read it carefully later.)

As she reached for the document, it happened.

[Not good, Finne!]

She quickly pulled her hand back at the sound of the voice.

In an instant, an ice spear grazed her fingertips.

(Even though I was distracted, I couldn’t even notice.)

Undoubtedly a skilled magician.

A strong magical presence that made her shudder.

(Who on earth is this. . .)

While remaining vigilant, she turned her gaze and froze in place.

“You, are――.”

There stood the 《Ice Magician》 with a stunned expression and wide-open eyes.

Zion-sama, who has a crush on the 《Witch of Dawn》, was there.

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