“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Evaluation and Reality

Former head, Bernard, of the Duke Creutzfeldt family was involved in illegal drug manufacturing.

On the other hand, the judgment of the new head, Charles, was accurate. 

He clearly stated that the responsibility lies with Bernard and declared that he would fight against the previous regime that had been corrupting the kingdom from within.

His attitude of disclosing information without hiding anything was unprecedented in the corrupt and secretive noble society of the kingdom, but the people received his actions favorably.

The new head faction fighting against the corrupt former head.

In the kingdom, Charles Creutzfeldt’s evaluation is steadily increasing.

“It’s impressive. Your father did a great job.”

Zion responds without changing his expression to Cornelius, who serves as prime minister.

“Thank you.”

“You’re not exactly a person of justice as people say. That’s why you’re reliable. As you’ve always said, we can’t let our guard down.”

Cornelius nods and then looks up.

“Anyway, what I want to hear today is about that person who is rumored in the capital.”

“That person?”

“The 《Witch of Dawn》.”

Cornelius says in a low voice.

“The legendary wizard who achieved the solo defeat of the 《Demonic Crimson Dragon》. Due to her overwhelmingly exceptional power, half of the kingdom’s magical world is skeptical of her existence, while the other half idolizes her.”

“Yes. I think that perception is accurate.” 

With the appearance of the legendary 《Witch of Dawn》 in the capital city, the Royal Knights have entered a first-class special alert status. His Majesty and neighboring countries are also watching her movements, but he wants to hear from someone who knows more about her by directly engaging in combat.

He continued to stare at Zion with sharp eyes.

“Who is she?”

Zion did not answer the question for a while.

He remained silent, as if waiting to find an answer that satisfied his own heart.

Then he spoke.

“She is a wizard with power that cannot be measured by our common sense. In addition to having a naturally high aptitude, some unique environment must have made her an extraordinary wizard.”

“Unique environment?”

“An environment where you can learn ancient magic that existed in the lost ancient civilization. For example, being able to study under the ancient sages.”

“That sounds like a somewhat far-fetched hypothesis.”

“Yes, I think so too.”

“But she has something that makes it necessary to consider such things.”

“That’s what I mean.”

Cornelius exhaled deeply before speaking.

“With that much power, she protects people from demon beasts and corrects the misdeeds of nobles.”

He exhaled deeply again before continuing.

“She must be a great person with a noble soul.”

Cornelius’ eyes were no longer looking at Zion as he spoke. His expression was as if he was looking at something far away from here.

“Perhaps she has a higher perspective than us and is someone who has a clear heart free from various desires in this world. I would like to talk to her once.”


(These sweets are so delicious! I can’t stop eating them!) 

At the same time,

Finne was devouring the cookies and madeleines that were prepared in her room.

“Mia! Get me seconds! Bring me more!”


She asked for seconds with her desire.

She had already had three servings, but her momentum showed no signs of weakening.

[Isn’t this too much to eat?]

Mr. Ghost looked at her in disbelief, and Finne shook her head in exasperation.

“You know? Life is like a great romance novel.”

[The sweeter, the better?]

“No one knows what awaits us in the future.”

Finne said while pointing her finger.

“That’s why we have to live in the present with all our might. After all, if we hold back, we might not be able to eat these sweets.”

[Even so, it’s better to hold back a little.]

“This is delicious! It’s amazing! I have to ask for seconds of this one next!”

[You didn’t listen. . .]

Finne devoured the sweets with her desire.

It was a disappointing sight that was completely different from the rumored “Witch of Dawn,” who was said to have a noble and pure heart.

Shortly after this, she would despair on the scale, but of course, she had no way of knowing that future.

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