“I Don’t Love You,” Said the Ice Magician to His Unrequited Love, Who Was Disguised as Me – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Only the Starry Moon Night Knows

Even at dinner that day, Zion was still distant.

My careless misconduct——

“Hahaha! I dirtied you with a forceful kiss!”

“That’s so cruel… how could you…”

With such outrageous and wicked deeds like a demon prince, her husband’s heart was in disarray.

It was probably difficult to regain composure at this point.

(Huh? Maybe the gender is reversed after all…)

There were some things that bothered me, but she decided not to dwell on them too deeply.

If the conversation doesn’t flow, it’s okay to enjoy the silence.

Above all, the deliciousness of the food prepared by the cook never changes.

What else is needed to live a happy life?

After enjoying a dinner that made her cheeks almost fall off, she went to her private room.

“I’m tired today, so I want to go to bed early. I want to sleep soundly, so don’t wake me up. Try not to let anyone come near my room.”

“Understood! Leave it to me!”

Mia replied enthusiastically.

By the way, Finne became a demon prince unintentionally because of Mia‘s clumsiness, but Mia didn’t seem to feel any responsibility for it at all.

She didn’t even seem to notice, saying things like “Finne-sama! There was a pill bug in the garden! It looked healthy!”

When she first met her, she thought she seemed stupid and had no worries at all. But now that their relationship has deepened, she still thinks she seems stupid and has no worries at all.

It’s a good thing.

The secret to living happily is not to overthink things.

Thinking such thoughts, she pretended to sleep with a cushion in my bed. 

She took it out from the back of her room, hidden behind the dropped light.

A hidden pocket she made in the back of her bag.

Using magic to compress space, she hid her robe, hat, secret boots, and――mask.

She opened the window.

The wind blowing through the room shook the lace curtains.

Squinting at the moonlight, Finne said,

“Well then, let’s start the witching hour.”

《Transformation Magic》 is one of Finne’s most proficient magic. 

Originally, it was a magic she studied to leave the ghost mansion without being noticed, but it turned out to be the most useful magic when she was active as the 《Witch of Dawn》.

In the darkness of night, Finne transformed into a crow and flew in the pleasant breeze.

Her destination was Bernard’s former residence in the fifteenth district of the royal capital. 

This mansion, which was used as frequently as the main residence, was surrounded by a magical barrier to prevent intrusion. (The eight visible barriers were decoys. The real ones were hidden behind eleven barriers.)

Finne, transformed into a black cat, takes his time to carefully analyze the structure of the warding.

[It’s a pretty complicated barrier, but are you okay?]

“Yeah. Leave it to me.”

Nodding back at the ghost, she made a small hole in the barrier net.

It was too narrow for humans to pass through, but Finne could pass through by bending down as a black cat.

She walked through the garden of the mansion.

The moonlight reflected off the dewy grass.

[Where do we enter from?]

“Let’s enter from the skylight on the third floor. The surveillance network is thinner than on the first floor, and there is less risk of being noticed by someone.”

Balancing with her long tail, she climbed up to the roof of the third floor with light steps and cut out a circular skylight with a thread made of water magic. 

“All right, perfect.”

They infiltrate the old Bernard’s mansion.

Only the stars in the night sky are aware of Finne’s secret.


Dinner didn’t go well.

With a bitter taste of regret, Zion headed to Finne’s private room.

He wanted to apologize for his rude behavior, but the trusted maid who stood in front of the room blocked his way.

“Finne-sama is tired from helping at the university. She said she wants to sleep without talking to anyone today!”

It seemed like bad timing.

(I wanted to talk first because there’s a possibility I won’t be able to come back for a while.)

He sighed at how things weren’t going as planned.

Waiting for him in his own office was his senior subordinate, Hans.

“Are you really going to do it, Zion-sama?”

“Yeah. There are many inexplicable parts to my father’s actions. Grandfather is probably hiding something in that villa.”

Zion said.

“We’ll infiltrate and find out what grandfather is hiding.”

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