I Don’t Care About Being Liked by the Capture Targets. I Will Be Myself and Free! – Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Disaster Avoidance Meeting (Part 5)

(I can’t ruin the heroine’s life just to avoid destruction. . .)

For one’s own happiness, to trample on others.

That was contrary to Chloe’s envisioned villainous path.

Chloe wants to become a villainous daughter who can be praised as “splendid despite being a villainess!”

“Steed, if I have to do something as shameful as involving others, it would be better to choose my own downfall. . .Of course, I don’t want to face my downfall. I can’t accept it gracefully at all. After all, it seems painful! But I still don’t want to live by crushing the happiness of the heroine’s family. . .”

However, downfall is terrifying.

As she hangs her head in despair, she is gently comforted by having her head stroked.

“I thought you would say that. Don’t worry, I promised not to let you face your downfall, right?”

“But. . .”

“Also, I promise not to sacrifice the heroine and her family for your sake.”

“. . .! There must be some way!”

“The development of the heroine’s family situation and Chloe’s father being the mastermind will naturally arise in routes other than Oliver’s. However, not all routes have the same ending. There are routes where most people don’t end up unhappy and things are resolved peacefully.”

(Most people?)

Chloe feels suspicious, but decides to listen to the rest of the story for now.

“There is a route called the ‘Normal End.’ In this route, the main focus is on resolving the conspiracies within the castle, and instead of ending up with a specific person, everyone can have a reasonably happy ending.”

“But not everyone, right?”

In response to Chloe’s question, Steed’s expression momentarily darkens.

Just from that, she knows who will be left out.

“So, that means an ending where everyone except me is happy.”

“Yeah. That’s why I absolutely won’t accept a normal ending. But we can use it as a base and make modifications to lead to a happy ending where Chloe can also be happy.”

Honestly, Chloe feels relieved at Steed’s words.

Feeling embarrassed, she quickly puts on a poker face.

“A happy ending? Wait, does that mean everyone holding hands and being happy together? I don’t want that. The villainess wouldn’t participate in a happy-go-lucky game like that.”

Putting her hands on her hips, she turns away with a tsundere attitude.

Steed chuckles and, as usual, accepts Chloe’s twisted remarks.

“Don’t worry. I’m envisioning a future where you can be yourself.”

Feeling like he can see right through her heart, she squirms.

It’s tough when you’ve been together for a long time.

(Steed always seems to know everything about me.)

It’s a little frustrating.

Chloe coughs to dispel the uncomfortable atmosphere.

“But what about Oliver? How can he be happy if he can’t love anyone?”

“Except for Oliver’s route, he didn’t have a specific girlfriend, but he seemed happy that way. [All women in the world have their own shining charm. Don’t you think it’s tasteless to choose only one person? Look at the stars shining in the night sky. It’s impossible to rank them, isn’t it?].”

Steed says in a singing tone, perhaps imitating Oliver.

Chloe twitches her mouth and becomes dumbfounded.

(Even though I haven’t met him in person yet, there’s no way I could ever be with Oliver!)

“Let’s hope Oliver finds happiness in that direction, admiring the starry sky.”

“Finding someone you love and falling in love isn’t the only way to be happy! I’m not interested in love at all. There are so many other wonderful things in the world!”

“Sigh. . .”

“What? Why did you suddenly sigh like that?”

“No, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about me. ――Let’s get back to the topic. We’re going to interfere with Oliver and the heroine’s love story, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Playing the role of a love rival is not bad for a villainess.

Chloe becomes enthusiastic.

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