I Don’t Care About Being Liked by the Capture Targets. I Will Be Myself and Free! – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Disaster Avoidance Meeting (Part 3)

“So, how are we going to avoid the fate of destruction this time?”

Steed has already taught Chloe everything she needs to know about the characters’ personal data, game terms, and systems.

However, she has yet to receive much explanation about each character’s route.

“Since it would be confusing to remember all the route details for everyone at once, let’s follow the same approach we did with Roland and discuss the details when we reach the stage where we have a connection with that character, okay?”

Steed proposed this when Chloe learned the game terms.

The routes and the many branching points along the way are crucial to preventing the destruction end, and one small mistake could lead to disastrous results.

Can she remember all the routes perfectly for everyone?

Chloe had no confidence at all, so she had no objection to Steed’s proposal.

It is a difficult task to grasp and perfectly remember the life of a person whom you have never seen before for fifteen years.

Unlike the intelligent Steed, Chloe was originally the type who disliked studying, and she felt her limits after only mastering game terms.

“I have to make sure to remember it properly.”

“Don’t worry, Chloe. I’ll explain it in order so that it’s easy to understand. First, it’s about the important episode that we’ll be visiting this time. And it’s about who it’s related to. Chloe, do you remember Oliver, one of the capture targets?”

Of course.

Information about the capture targets is the most basic of basics.

Chloe proudly recited it, pointing her index finger. 

“Oliver Bloom. He’s the son of a wealthy merchant and a playboy. He’s frivolous and a womanizer. He lies as easily as he breathes and never speaks his true feelings. . .”

Despite being quite sharp, he always remains nonchalant and never shows his true feelings in any situation.

He’s the complete opposite of Chloe, who always strives to be the villainess, and his frivolous nature is questionable.

He’s a completely unbearable guy.

“He’s definitely not my type! But, even such a hopeless guy can change his ways once he falls in love with the heroine.”

“It feels great to hear you badmouth other men.”

Suddenly, Steed interrupts the conversation and says something incomprehensible.

“I see all men around the world as my rivals. If I hear that one of them is already behind before the start, it makes my heart race. Of course, I feel a little guilty since I gave Chloe information that made her dislike him.”

Is it okay to be happy to hear bad things about others?

(Despite Steed’s sparkling appearance, he sometimes shows his dark side.)

As he gets older, that side of him seems to become stronger.

(The villain character is my privilege! I can’t stand it if someone else takes it.)

While keeping an eye on Steed in a diagonal direction, Chloe urges him to continue the story.

“So, an important episode involving Oliver happens this time.”

“That’s right. Ten days later, in a summer resort called Prim, Oliver has a fateful encounter with a girl who is the heroine of a game.”

The first meeting between the heroine and the capture target is certainly a very important event. 

“Oliver didn’t realize his romantic feelings for the heroine until he turned fifteen. But the trigger for him falling in love was the result of their first meeting.”

“I see. So that’s where the ‘flag’ for love was raised?”

“You have a perfect understanding of gaming terms, Chloe.”

Feeling proud of being praised by Steed, 

She is happy that her efforts have paid off.

“This time, we’re going to break that flag. We’ll make sure Oliver never falls in love with the heroine.”

She was surprised by the unexpected answer.

She had imagined a pattern similar to Roland’s case this time as well.

In other words, she had imagined saving her life from being twisted.

(I see. So this is also a possibility.)

However, Oliver’s love and Chloe’s ruin.

What kind of connection is there between them?

“If Oliver and the heroine fall in love, why will I be ruined?”

For example’s sake.

If Chloe bullies the heroine as the game goes, and as a result, gets revenge from Oliver who loves the heroine, she just needs to stop bullying her.

There’s no need to ruin the love between the two.

The man and woman in love, and Chloe.

It seems like she has nothing to do with it at all.

However, the answer that came back from Steed was unexpected.

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