I Don’t Care About Being Liked by the Capture Targets. I Will Be Myself and Free! – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Disaster Avoidance Meeting (Part 2)

It was early summer when Chloe was thirteen years old.

Today, as usual, she is holding a disaster prevention meeting with Steed.

This gathering has become a regular event.

Although they call it a meeting, most of the time they stroll around the garden and discuss things while taking a walk.

When they enjoy tea, they spend time on the porch or in the rose garden of the mansion, and on sunny days, they sometimes spend time under the maple tree or on the lawn.

They rarely meet indoors except on rainy days.

Chloe has always been the type to want to move around rather than stay indoors, and Steed understood her preferences well.

Now, the two of them are sitting on a quilt spread out on the lawn, drinking tea in the refreshing early summer sunshine, in a relaxed atmosphere.

The maids are watching over the two of them with warm eyes.

It seems that the maids think of Chloe and Steed as young lovers.

The reason is clear.

Due to the disaster prevention meetings, the time Steed and Chloe spend together has increased significantly compared to before.

As a result, the maids have completely misunderstood the situation and, after pouring tea, have started to stay in a slightly distant place.

Although they are within earshot if called, their conversation does not leak out when they whisper to each other.

“It’s convenient for our secret meetings. And it’s nice to be thought of as Chloe’s lover.”

Steed is enjoying the situation and saying carefree things.

“I don’t like being misunderstood when it’s not true.”

“Is that so? When people around you see you as lovers, you might start to think it’s true.”

“What’s that? I’m not that stupid.”

Facing the sulky Chloe, Steed chuckles and adds, “That was my wish.”

The relationship between Chloe and Steed remains the same.

Chloe continues to ignore Steed’s one-sided love.

Chloe is thirteen years old.

In the noble society, it is common for people to be engaged at this age, and there are many young ladies who marry at the age of thirteen or fourteen.

So Steed is not particularly special.

The problem lies with Chloe.

(Are love and romance really that important? I don’t understand at all.)

Their current relationship is very comfortable.

Although she is confused when Steed occasionally gets too close, she can relax otherwise.

Steed doesn’t expect Chloe to behave like a lady, so she can be herself.

Is it wrong to continue like this?

(Do things have to change eventually?)

Chloe doesn’t really hate Steed.

She still remembers that he is her fiancé.

But she still doesn’t understand love and romance.

(Steed is, how should I put it, like a comrade.)

If Steed were to hear this, he would hang his head in disappointment.

Chloe reaches for the sandwich in front of her.

Thirteen-year-old Chloe is just as gluttonous as eleven-year-old Chloe.

As she thinks about various things, she starts to feel embarrassed sitting next to Steed.

Pretending to adjust her posture, she casually sits a little further away than before.

She feels Steed glance over at her.

She was nervous, wondering if he was going to say something, but he just shrugged his shoulders lightly.

“Well then. You’ve become quite knowledgeable about games in the past year, haven’t you?”


He’s back to talking about games.

She can avoid feeling uncomfortable this way.

“I’ve memorized all the special terms, and I have a solid understanding of the structure of the game.”

Right? She nods back in response to Steed’s question.

Her hand holding the egg sandwich, generously spread with high-quality butter, continues to move, but not enough to be seen as ravenous.

She thinks she’s done pretty well over the past year.

Even though she’s not good at studying, she didn’t give up.

All of this was to prepare for the next important moment.

And finally, the time for the decisive battle has come.

“Preparations are complete. Now it’s time to make our move.”

“Finally! Come on, tell me the details of the plan!”

Chloe’s eyes sparkle with enthusiasm.

Ever since she heard that the second important episode would happen in the early summer of her thirteenth year, she has been eagerly waiting for this moment.

She leans forward with the feeling of a gladiator heading towards the arena.

She wants to defeat the enemy of [Doomed Fate].

Chloe’s head is burning with an uncharacteristic fighting spirit.

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