How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: A perfect ending that makes everyone happy

Several days had passed since the good news of Saint Margaery’s birth had spread throughout the kingdom.

The day had finally arrived.

The king standing in front of the door took a deep breath and exhaled.

(Calm down, me. Keep calm. . .)

He felt restless and excited. If he let his guard down, he felt like he would get carried away easily.

He was wearing a white ceremonial outfit, which made him a little nervous since he usually wore black, which was the symbol of the Wolf King. But if it made her happy, this outfit wasn’t so bad.

He cleared his throat softly and coughed once. Then he knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me. Julius.”

After Julius answered, there was a moment of silence, and then the door opened quietly with a click. When the king, who was eagerly waiting for his beloved, straightened his back――swish! Several knives jumped out from inside the door!

“. . .?!”

A knife was stuck in the wall behind him, swaying back and forth. He grimaced, not knowing what had happened, and then a voice came from inside the room. 

“I apologize for this. I just wanted to be prepared in case something happened.”

“That’s more than just being prepared?!”

He blurted out, and Anya, a maid from the Noel family, still holding the knife between her fingers, looked up at Julius with a fixed gaze.

Then, footsteps could be heard from inside. 

“Anya, what’s going on?! Ah, there you are!! Yuri-sama, are you okay?!”

(Oh no.)

Julius choked up at the sight of his beloved Margaery, who had come out in a panic. Her beautiful silver hair was loosely braided, and her delicate décolletage was exposed. The pale violet color emphasized her slender upper body, and the bottom flowed elegantly. 

She looked like a fairy who had descended to earth. Seriously, he thought so.

He could feel his hidden tail wagging uncontrollably at the cuteness of his beloved, but he didn’t realize that and was stumbling at the sight. Margaery shook her head and said, 

“Anya, the last time I was kidnapped seems to have been very traumatic for you that you wouldn’t let anyone in. And when someone came, you threw knives blindly.”

“It’s not blind. I’m aiming properly. Just barely missing.”

“That’s not the point! What world has a maid who threatens the king with a knife?!”

“But Margaery-sama, there’s a possibility that this person is also a kidnapper disguised as His Majesty Julius. . .”

“That’s impossible?!”

Julius was stunned by their argument. Despite being beautifully dressed, their exchange was too ordinary. 

With a slight chuckle, Julius remembered how she was. Despite sometimes acting strangely, her words and thoughts were straightforward. He fell in love with her strong and resolute core.

Chuckling softly, Julius extended his hand.

“I’d like to keep watching your cheerful self, but unfortunately, it’s time.”

He finally remembered why the king had come to pick him up. Margaery looked up at him with a sudden realization on her face.

As soon as her eyes, surrounded by long eyelashes and a blue hue, met Julius’, her small lips parted slightly. Then, her cheeks blushed with a fine texture, and she averted her gaze shyly.

Julius was relieved by her adorable reaction. Good. Her response was excellent. That’s why he dressed up.

With amethyst earrings that matched Margaery’s necklace, the king urged his beloved once more.

“Come, Margaery. Let’s go together.”


Blushing, Margaery placed her hand on top of the other’s. She squeezed it tightly and pulled her forward, her eyes sparkling as they stepped forward.

“I’m so happy!”

And now, the two of them stood side by side, holding hands under the clear and bright sky.


“Congratulations, Your Majesty! Prince Serge!”

The invited guests clapped happily as the main characters appeared.

The engagement ceremony, held in the church within the castle grounds, had already ended, and the scene shifted to the engagement party. The venue was the memorable garden of Loire Castle, in many ways. 

As the season grew warmer and the engagement ceremonies of Julius and Serge, the two royal family members, coincided, they decided to switch to a garden party earlier than planned.

“I never thought we would have our engagement ceremony on the same day as my brother.”

Serge laughed mischievously and looked at Julius. Julius looked a little embarrassed at the happy expression of his younger brother with bright sky-blue eyes.

“You can blame me. It’s because I caused a magical outburst and ruined your special day.”

“Not at all. I’m happy about it. We’re together with my brother.”

“Me too! Right, Margaery-sama!”

“Ah! Wait, Flora-sama! Please behave appropriately in public!”

Margaery scolded Flora while being surprised as she hugged her tightly, bouncing her flaxen hair. Then she looked at the scene in front of her again.

In the beautiful garden illuminated by bright sunlight, many smiles could be seen. There were not only the dignitaries due to Julius and Serge’s relationship, but also their friends from the Royal Academy gathered in the back. And in front of them were Margaery and Flora’s families, headed by their crying father Jordan, who was still crying today.

What did they look like in their eyes?

King Julius was alive and laughing with Serge next to him. Flora was still very cute today, clinging tightly to Margaery’s arm.

These were happy and enjoyable days that Margaery, who had just regained her memories, could not have imagined. 

At that moment, an idea flashed through her mind.

“Could this be the perfect true ending that everyone laughs and welcomes. . .?”




She had meant to say it to herself, but her voice was louder than she thought. Julius, Flora, and Serge all tilted their heads in confusion.

With all eyes on her, Margaery panicked. She waved her hand and looked away from them.

“N-No, it’s nothing. I was just thinking that today was the kind of day I had been aiming for.”

It started as a fight to avoid her own destruction, but it gradually turned into a struggle to protect the important people around her.

And now, her beloved ones were smiling beside her. That’s why today was Margaery’s perfect true ending.

She suddenly felt that way.

“Fufu, Margaery-sama, you say such funny things!”

Flora chuckled, and Serge followed suit, shaking his shoulders.

“Seriously. Sometimes you say the most unexpected things.”

“Flora-sama! Serge-sama! Did you really think that about me?!”

Margaery protested, blushing at the cheerful Flora. She wanted them to tell her important things like that sooner.

But before she could complain any further, Margaery was gently pulled back.

“――By the way, where is the ending? You and I, will it start from here?”

Kyaa! A small scream that was about to spill out was swallowed back as their eyes met. 

When did he transform? The beautiful king, with his black hair swaying in the wind, smiled happily. He looked up at Margaery, whom he had lifted up, with an affectionate gaze and tilted his head as if begging.

“My dearest, my saint. Will you train me?”

As he asked, his large tail swayed once.

She thought it was unfair to ask like that. He was cute, cool, and lovable, and she wanted to spoil him. 

So Margaery wrapped her hands around Julius’ cheeks.

“I will make Yuri-sama the happiest wolf in the world. So please be prepared.”

“I hope so.”

Their foreheads touched. Without thinking, they laughed together.

“I love you, Margaery.”

“I love you too, Yuri-sama.”

They rubbed their foreheads together as if to cuddle, and both raised their voices at the same time.

“May happiness be with our future!”

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