How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Homely inauguration ceremony

“Yes! The certificate of sainthood is complete!”

The seal was stamped with a cheerful sound. Eddie, Margaery’s brother and the kingdom’s magic secretary, laughed nonchalantly as he dried the certificate.

“After the handover of the certificate, Margaery will officially become the saint of our Legrand Kingdom. Congratulations on your appointment! Let’s give her a round of applause!”

“Okay! That was too easy!”

Margaery couldn’t help but retort at her smiling brother.

As she looked at the fluttering certificate, she made a strange face.

“I know it’s a bit much to ask, but. . . isn’t there something more emotional or dramatic?”

Eddie chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Normally, we would have a grand unveiling to show off our saintly lady’s presence. But in Margaery’s case, she made such a flashy debut before the certification. I can’t think of anything more extravagant than that.”

“I see.”

Margaery also looked around, shaking her head.

Indeed. It was a grand finale from the birth of the saint, who narrowly escaped from the attempted kidnapping and murder by a high-ranking official, to the Wolf King’s magical rampage. Looking back, it was such a flashy unveiling. Even the novel version was surprised by the extravagant production.

As she pondered, Eddie smiled and said, “And also. . .”

“Anyway, Margaery will soon have another debut, right? It’s okay, you can combine it with that. Too many ceremonies are kind of annoying.”

“Isn’t Onii-sama treating me carelessly today?! Where is the kind Onii-sama?!”

“Huh? Well, it’s just that. . .”

Eddie smiled, glancing around. The Prime Minister of Legrand and Margaery’s father, Jordan, were there, the latter holding a handkerchief soaked with tears.

“Margaery. . . my cute angel Margaery. . . you’ve become a saint. . . you’ve grown so splendidly. . .!”

Eddie shrugged his shoulders, pointing to her father who kept muttering to himself. 

“He’s been like this since this morning. It’s getting annoying.”

“I’m sorry, Onii-sama. I apologize for my father’s behavior as well.”

Margaery quickly lowered her head, sensing the situation.

Meanwhile, her father continued to press the handkerchief to his face, crying like a child. As always, the representative of the dandy and cool uncle (the Prime Minister) crying like a puppy was quite a sight.

――After that.

Julius was safe, having managed to stop the out-of-control magic. Although he was a little exhausted, he had no after-effects and immediately began to deal with the aftermath of the incident.

It was a major incident that could shake the country, involving the kidnapping and attempted murder of the Marquis family’s daughter by the Empress’s own brother, considering the tension between the Empress and Julius. 

However, things seemed to have settled down unexpectedly peacefully. This was largely due to the efforts of Julius and Prime Minister Jordan De Noel.

At the time, Julius had almost purged Freed, but now he had detained the minister and thoroughly investigated his past crimes. Based on that, Prime Minister Noel had made arrangements with the Empress faction, the war faction, and even neighboring countries.

He had confessed and evidence had been presented. It was material that could destroy each faction or even lead to war.

Margaery’s father used it as bait to quickly resolve various “problems” that had been difficult to deal with until now. His skill was so great that he was truly the Wolf King’s right-hand man, and even his opponents were impressed.

As a result, the uneasy shadows surrounding King Julius had been somewhat removed. Furthermore, his skill and his attitude of fairly judging even rebels had gained support, and his allies had increased significantly.

After the post-processing was completed, Margaery’s canonization as a saint was officially announced.

After shedding tears of emotion for a while, her father suddenly wiped away his tears and looked serious.

“Margaery, as your father and as the Prime Minister, I am proud of you. And I believe in you. There is no woman in this country who can fulfill her duties better than you.”

Still, he couldn’t help but ask. Her father shrugged lightly and received the certificate from Eddie. Then he handed it to Margaery.

“The Saint is hope. The light of the people. It comes with great responsibility and many difficulties. ――Will you accept it?”

“Of course.”

She nodded firmly and quickly accepted the certificate that was handed to her.

The certificate had Julius’s signature and Margaery’s signature. It was a pledge that the Wolf and the Saint would join hands and serve the country.

To be honest, the talk about serving the country was added later.

“After all, I wanted to become a Saint.”

Margaery held the certificate of sainthood in both hands and showed it off with a smile that was innocent like a young girl. Her father and brother looked at each other, amused by her expression of joy as if she had obtained a treasure.

After they both laughed, they continued alternately.

“Saint Margaery, .”

“I entrust you with,”

“”His Majesty and the kingdom!””

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