How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 40


Chapter 40: Epilogue: I spent the night with the Wolf King…? (Final Chapter)

“You’re cute. You’re beautiful. I love you.”

A low and sweet voice echoed in her ear repeatedly. 

Every time he whispered, Margaery’s mind melted, and she blushed and fidgeted.

“Uh, um, Yuri-sama. . . I understand enough already. I understand, so, please, no more.”


With the sound of rustling clothes, Julius’ terrifyingly perfect face peered into Margaery’s. His perfectly beautiful face was filled with an affectionate smile, causing her to let out a small scream.

As if trying to comfort her, Julius stroked Margaery’s head.

“I’ve always loved you so much. This is not enough to express it.”


With a snap, his lips brushed against her ear for a moment. That alone made Margaery scream inwardly (Kyaaaaa?!?!).

The two of them were in Julius’ private room. The glamorous banquet was over, and the sun had long since set, with the moon rising in the sky.

Margaery was in his room at this hour because Julius had invited her, of course.

(After this, won’t you come to my room? Well, if you’re invited like that on the night of the engagement party, you have to be prepared to some extent. But even so, this is too much for me to handle. . .!)

Suppressing her pounding and noisy heart, Margaery writhed in discomfort.

Since inviting her to his room, Julius had been sticking close to Margaery and whispering love words like “beautiful” and “I love you” endlessly.

Julius looked stunning in his formal attire with his cute animal ears and tail. It was enough to make anyone weak in the knees with a series of critical hits. 

It was unbearable to hear Julius, who had exceptional beauty, whisper such things to her. Objectively, Margaery thought she was also good-looking, but he was oozing with sex appeal. She wanted to hear compliments directed at herself.

“Margaery, I love you. . .”

Right after he gently stroked her cheek, she heard a kissing sound above her head. He probably kissed her hair. Without even checking, Margaery covered her face with both hands.

(It’s impossible! I’m going to die even though there’s no death flag!!)

Trembling, Margaery desperately tried to think.

She had no memory of it, but apparently, she had gone to bed with Julius once before. She couldn’t believe she had endured it. Just sitting next to him made her heart race, and yet, how could things have escalated further. . .

As she thought about it, she suddenly realized.

Ah, that’s right. Maybe we were drinking at that time!

She turned to Julius with a sudden idea. It was a complete turnaround from earlier when she was shy and avoided eye contact.

“Yuri-sama, let’s have a toast!”

“Huh? A toast?”

Julius blinked in surprise at her sudden proposal. 

While the king tilted his head in wonder, Margaery continued to chatter proudly.

“That’s right, cheers! People have been deepening their friendships by drinking together since ancient times, haven’t they? It’s also called a drinking occasion, isn’t it a good opportunity to get to know each other?”

“Well, I’ve never heard that word before, but I think you and I know each other pretty well.”

“That’s fine! The night is still young, so let’s toast together while looking at the moon. It’s quite romantic, and the mood will only get better and better.”

“I see. You have a point there.”

Julius thought deeply, his ears twitching slightly. Margaery smiled to herself at his serious expression.

The real purpose, of course, was to get drunk. It was hard to bear while sober. If she drank and got drunk, she felt like she could handle his overwhelming sex appeal and overflowing love. 

“Okay, I’ll arrange it right away. Please wait here.”

Unaware of Margaery’s scheme, the king stood up bravely and went to call the attendant who was waiting in the next room. Margaery gave him a thumbs up, making sure he couldn’t see her.

But Julius didn’t go to the next room, instead he pushed her down.

“――Did you think you could get away from me?”

Julius pinned Margaery to the sofa, a predator’s wolfish grin on his face. Margaery was just confused, looking up at him.

“Eh? Eeh??”

“Just so you know, I’m not repeating the same mistake as last time. Today is a no-alcohol day. It seems like you have a troublesome constitution that makes you want to drink despite being weak.”

“What! I’m not weak! I’m not!”

“You’re surprisingly unconvincing. That’s what the girl who passed out in the garden at night says.”

Julius restrained the struggling Margaery and grinned.

“Relax. We’ll have moon-viewing sake another time. Tonight’s just postponed.”

Instead, he unfastened the clasp of his chest and showed it off to the blushing Margaery. 

From his relaxed white formal wear, his masculine neck and collarbone peeked out.

Exuding an incredible sensuality, Julius narrowed his red eyes and smiled seductively.

“I’ll make you drunk tonight. To engrave what we’re about to do into your memory.”

Margaery’s throat tightened in shock.

――How can he say such lines without feeling embarrassed? But whether it was because of Julius or her own weakness for him, she couldn’t help but find it charming. Not only that, but it had enough destructive power to sink Margaery, who was already on the verge of collapse.

“. . .I-I’m at my limit.”


“Please go easy on me next time. . .!”

Margaery murmured like a dying message, and her head swayed to the side. Julius, who was startled, checked on her and found that she had fainted.

“What? Huh? That can’t be true. Margaery? Hey, Margaery?!”

Julius panicked and lightly slapped Margaery’s cheeks, but it was in vain. Margaery had completely passed out and showed no signs of waking up.

“Wake up, Margaeryーーー?!?!”

The pitiful wolf’s tragic howl echoed through the bedroom.

Did she continue to sleep soundly until morning?

Did the pitiful wolf finally receive his reward upon waking up?

It was a secret between only the saint and the wolf.

――The End――

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  1. midori says:

    thanks for translating the series! super cute, and while i think there could have been more moments between our two leads, it was a nice read nonetheless!

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