How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: A saint just for you

Haah, haah. 

Rough breathing echoed in her ears. 

While stroking Julius’s back, which seemed to be in pain, Margaery continued to call out desperately.

“Yuri-sama. Can you hear me, Yuri-sama?”

There was no response from him. He could hear her, but he seemed to be struggling to suppress the swirling magic that was about to burst out.

In the midst of that, Serge pulled her shoulder.

“Margaery, you have to evacuate too!”


She was about to argue, but Margaery swallowed her words.

――She didn’t want to abandon Julius. She couldn’t abandon him. Margaery wasn’t the only one who thought that way. Serge also had a face that looked like he was about to cry.

But. . . 

Margaery herself didn’t know what to do and was at a loss.

Julius had an enormous amount of magic power as the Wolf King. If his magic power went out of control, his life would be in danger. The last hope was the awakening of the Saint, but if it was too late, it would be the same as in the novel. It wouldn’t be in time to save his life.

(Will the Saint even appear in the first place?)

A terrifying thought made her body tremble.

Flora awakened as the Saint in the novel. However, everything surrounding Julius’s environment and the circumstances that led to his magic power going out of control were too different from the novel. And if Freed’s theory of “soulmate” was correct, would Flora and Julius have that kind of bond now?

If the Saint didn’t appear until the end. . .

“. . .Ah, ga. . .!”

Julius’s body trembled violently. Magic spewed out like smoke, and a black pillar of magic rose up.

His fingers struggled in agony in the air. Serge finally pulled Margaery away, who was about to reach out to him.

“He’s coming! I can’t let my brother hurt you!”

“Ah. . .”

Through her blurred vision, Julius collapsed. Had he let his guard down because Margaery had moved away? The black magic spewed out even more, threatening to swallow him up.

In the moment when she collapsed, Julius looked over at her. Margaery saw him as Serge held her and pulled her away.

Julius was also crying. It was unclear whether his tears were due to the unbearable pain or sadness. But in the last moment, his red eyes caught Margaery’s gaze.

Then, he smiled.

He smiled at Margaery, as if he was relieved.

Something inside Margaery snapped at that moment.

Before she knew it, she had shaken off Serge’s arm and was running towards Julius, just one step away from the barrier.

“Margaery! Margaery!!”


She heard Serge’s and Flora’s voices from behind.

But Margaery didn’t stop walking.

The warning sound had been ringing in her head. This was the situation she had feared. Julius’s magic went out of control in front of her, and she was caught up in it. It was the end of the Wolf King and an unfortunate accident where the villainess Margaery was punished.

Her former self would have run away to avoid the destruction flag. She had manipulated schemes to avoid the death flag. She had vowed to survive no matter what. 

It wasn’t that she wanted to die. 

It was just that she had found someone she wanted to live with. 


Julius lifted his head again at the voice that reached him despite the raging storm. His barely sane eyes widened as he caught sight of Margaery. 

Why, his eyes asked. 

(I won’t give up no matter what!!)

Margaery gritted her teeth and reached out her hand. Then, she wrapped her legs with magic to resist the raging magical wind. 

She struggled like that, to not lose her precious person. To protect the person she loved. 

“You’re going to become ‘someone,’ right?”

A voice sounded in her mind. 

“Margaery, run away! I’m done for. I don’t want to hurt you, only you!”

In the center of the storm, Julius shouted. His fingers and parts of his face had already begun to transform, but he still tried his best to help Margaery escape. However, Margaery shouted back in desperation.

“I don’t want to hear it, no complaining like that!”


“Besides, what about ‘His Majesty the Wolf’s Plan to be Loved’? I promised to train Yuri-sama to be loved by everyone! If you run away because of a magic surge, it will affect my reputation!”

“But, this isn’t the time to. . .”

“No! This is exactly the time!”

As soon as Margaery declared it, Julius opened his eyes wide.

His suspiciously shining eyes reflected Margaery. She should look at herself more. She should fill her own head. Yes, Margaery grinned.

If the Saint is the counterpart to the Wolf King.

If the king and the Saint are connected as soulmates.

The king. Julius. He is.

His ‘collar’ is――.

“I ask Yuri-sama!”

Margaery put her hand on her chest and looked down at him with a radiant expression.

“Who is the one you think of the most? Who is in your heart? Your. . .”

She extended her hand, which was on her chest, to Julius.

“Who is your ‘collar Saint’!!!!”

――He thought she was beautiful.

Margaery’s blue eyes, which fluttered silver hair that seemed to capture the brilliance of the stars, pierced him straight through.

How strong that gaze was. How many times he had wished to monopolize those eyes.

How many times he had begged to obtain that radiance.

“. . .It’s you.”

His fingertips, which were turning into sharp claws, reached out to her as if being drawn in. He touched Margaery with careful hands so as not to hurt her delicate skin.

With narrowed red eyes, Julius carefully told her those words.

“Margaery De Noel. You are my Saint.”

The people who were watching screamed. It was because a pure white explosion occurred beyond the barrier.

“What, what happened?!”

“What about His Majesty?! What happened to Julius-sama?!”


The last desperate cry came from Jordan De Noel, Margaery’s father and the Prime Minister. He had rushed over upon hearing the commotion, but by the time he arrived, the barrier had already been sealed. Even so, he had tried to enter and was restrained by Margaery’s brother, Eddie.

People looked at each other with worried expressions. The guests, the high officials, and the palace magicians all knew that the king had protected the people from the demon beast and had struggled to let them escape. 

They were all concerned about the king, who had been at the center of the explosion, and the girl who had returned alone to his side.

“Margaery-sama. . .”

“. . .”

Among them, Flora clasped her hands together as if in prayer. Serge, who was holding her shoulder, also stared beyond the smoke with bated breath.

Then, something flickered beyond the white smoke, and Flora exclaimed, “Ah!”

“Did someone move just now?!”


Serge gasped, and the others were also excited. 

Immediately after, the view split apart like clouds, revealing a scene. 

In the middle of the garden, where the flowers had fallen due to the aftermath of the storm, two figures stood. 

One stood tall, while the other was held in their arms. They embraced each other, just like in the final scene of a fairy tale. 

The sunlight shone straight into the garden, which was faintly smoky. It was like a ladder of angels, and everyone was speechless at the picturesque scene. 

The two who were embracing slowly lifted their faces. Silver and black. The two turned around, their colors fluttering, and were enveloped in a soft atmosphere as if the previous commotion was a lie.

Julius smiled awkwardly, almost embarrassed, at the people who were captivated by them.

“――Let me introduce you. The goddess who saved me. She is the current saint.”

Thump. The girl, Margaery, landed on the ground.

Her silver hair shimmered in the wind. Margaery, who stepped forward like a lady, elegantly lifted her skirt and bowed as if she were a performer.

“For those who I am meeting for the first time, nice to meet you. For those who know me, good day. My name is Margaery De Noel.”

Margaery smiled defiantly at the stunned people.

“Don’t worry. Now that I have awakened as a saint, there will never be another commotion like today. After all, I am someone who aims to make Julius-sama a king loved by everyone.”

As people exchanged looks, skeptical of the sketchy catchphrase, “Recruiting…? Pyramid scheme…?” 

Margaery, with her blue eyes sparkling, placed her hand on her chest and declared:

“I will train Julius-sama… no, Yuri-sama, for all eternity!”

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