How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: I want to tell you not to cry

The people passing by Loire Castle all had their eyes widen at the sight they saw.

The beautiful Wolf King ran at full speed without looking back, and chasing after him was the lovely lady Margaery de Noël.

“Your Majesty!! Julius-sama!!”

“Wait, Your Majesty!!”

“Stop! Please wait!!”


Margaery ran like a ninja, lifting the hem of her dress, and her deep blue eyes were fixed on the back of the King like a sniper. Despite moving so vigorously, her silver hair was not even slightly disheveled, and it was truly remarkable.

Through the corridor, hall, kitchen, and training ground, they finally arrived at the greenhouse. 

Just as they reached the garden, the king screamed in terror.

“How can you keep up with me, Margaery de Noel?!?!”

He was panting heavily.

On the terrace of the garden, where they had tea together once, the two of them breathed heavily.

Leaning against the brick of the flower bed, Julius groaned enviously.

“Why, how can you run so fast…?”

“Unfortunately, I used to do early morning running to train myself for a while.”

“So you were already experienced!”

After opening his eyes in surprise, Julius hung his head in exhaustion.

“Truly, you are an unexpected person,” he muttered.

(It seems like Julius-sama is back to his usual self.)

Taking a deep breath, Margaery stole a glance at him. He must have been very tired. His transformation had worn off halfway, and now Julius was in his half-beast form. The sight of him sighing with his ears drooping was pitiful and cute at the same time.

The cold and frozen shadow of the Wolf King is nowhere to be seen in him now.

However, that is also a side of Julius. 

He sits on the ground, holding his knees, and buries his face as if tired. Margaery turns to him again.

“Why did you run away?”

Julius’s ears twitched slightly. Instead of answering, he hugged his knees even tighter, pretending not to hear. Margaery had no choice but to squat down as well.

“No silence allowed. Otherwise, I won’t call you Yuri-sama ever again.”

Julius flinched slightly. Eventually, he answered in a resigned tone.

“I was scared. Scared of disappointment.”

His tail, hanging down, showed no energy. He continued quietly, still looking down.

“I talked to Serge, but I got carried away and couldn’t make use of anything you did for me. And then you appeared in front of me, and before I knew it, I was running away.”

“It was the worst,” he said. The voice that came out was filled with self-loathing, just like the shadow he showed in the corridor when he parted with Serge. He was screaming with his whole body that he hated himself.

Margaery closed her eyes, seeing that he still wouldn’t look up. 

Then she let out a short sigh.

“It’s the worst for both of us. I also realized my mistake just now.”

Julius gasped. His black tail curled up tightly.


Julius was bewildered, and she called out his name.

It was no wonder. Margaery had embraced him, enveloping him in her arms. 

The wind blowing from the Lowera River ruffled their hair as they stood close together. Holding all of his confusion, Margaery spoke.

“I forgot to mention, but I am on your side.”


“You may not understand, but we’re in this together. So now that it’s come to this, I can’t just give up on you. Even if Yuri-sama runs away or gives up, I’ll chase after him and knock some sense into him.”


“But nothing. In other words, you’re not alone anymore.”

And so, Julius lifted his head, drawn in by Margaery’s words.

Under the cloudless blue sky, her silver hair sparkled. With her deep blue eyes, she smiled straight ahead, taking everything in.

“So please, don’t hate yourself so easily anymore.”

Julius’ almond-shaped eyes widened.

If only he had told Julius sooner.

That he wasn’t alone. That he had a friend to share his troubles with.

Of course, when it came to the future, Margaery was lacking. What was needed was a capable vassal who could stand between the opposing ministers and lords and connect them. That was Serge, the younger brother of the king and the only one who could do it after their late father, the Prime Minister.

However, Margaery was not one to abandon someone either. In fact, she was more serious than anyone else about worrying about the future of the Wolf King.

He no longer had to suffer alone. The Wolf King’s plan to be loved was already one step ahead.

His soft black hair swayed in the wind. In between, she felt something sparkling in his eyes. However, he immediately looked down, so she couldn’t confirm it.

While averting his face, he groaned.

“…I hate that about you.”


At the sudden declaration of “hate,” Margaery’s eyes widened. Then Julius continued to grumble resentfully.

“It’s been like that since we first met. You keep stepping into my weak spots. You mess around as much as you like.”

“Eh? Yuri-sama, eh?”

“It’s unfair. It’s cowardly. You have no sense of delicacy. How much do you have to toy with people to be satisfied?”


Margaery, outraged, threw away her ladylike mask and got angry.

“W-What about me?! I’m worried about you, Yuri-sama…”

“I know.”

With a sigh, Julius buried his face in Margaery’s shoulder.

“I hate that about you, but I like it.”


At his straightforward words, Margaery was the one who gasped this time.

The weight that was transmitted to her shoulder was a sign of his trust. Realizing this, Margaery felt a little embarrassed.

(…He really likes me, doesn’t he?)

In the corner of her vision, she could see the tail that had been drooping earlier now wagging happily.

She had been drawn to something strange, but since she had already gotten involved, there was no turning back.

Margaery always followed through with what she started. That was her pride.

And now, for the first time, she heard his heart.

“No matter how much I’m hated, it doesn’t matter. I’ve always thought that, but when I see you, I become envious. I want to face my younger brother and everyone else properly. That’s what I wish for now. Margaery, can I become like you too?”

“It’s not about whether you can or cannot. If you want to, you can become it.”

Placing both hands on his shoulders, Margaery asserted.

She smiled like a shooting star at Julius, who raised his face.

“I told you, didn’t I? I will take full responsibility and train Yuri-sama until the end.”

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