How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: ‘Villainess’ best friend (1)

When Flora Hermeia entered the Royal Academy, she was filled with anxiety.

Her magical aptitude had suddenly been discovered, and she was taken in by the church. She entered the Royal Academy after only a month.

The Baron and Baroness Hermeia were kind and good people, but they didn’t have enough time to teach her the ways of the nobility. For Flora, attending the Royal Academy, where only children of nobles gathered, was nothing but a trial.

At the academy party right after the entrance ceremony, Flora felt like a needle in a haystack.

The piercing gazes were half curious and half unpleasant. Either way, Flora felt uncomfortable and could only cling to the wall, not daring to touch the food or drink. 

But the nobles wouldn’t leave her alone.

“Look at her. That’s Flora Hermeia, the one we’ve heard about.”

Whispering. But loud enough to hear. Mocking voices pierced her ears.

“She’s an orphan, but her magical ability manifested, and the Baron family took her in…ugh, how distasteful.”

Flora shrank back.

She knew better than anyone that she was out of place. She didn’t really want to attend the party.

But if she left too early, she might worry the kind Baron and his wife. Besides, maybe she could make friends. She had a tiny bit of hope and expectation. That was her mistake.

(I was foolish…)

Regretfully, Flora bit her lip. There was no one who would talk to her, a commoner. She didn’t have the courage to start a conversation herself, nor was there an atmosphere where someone would approach her.

Could she really last three years here?

Just as Flora’s chest was about to be crushed by anxiety, 

a silver-haired beauty jumped in front of her!

“Well, well, if it isn’t Flora-sama. Nice to meet you. I am Margaery of the Noel family. Let’s get along from now on.”

Flora was stunned by the sudden fast-talking girl.

She was so beautiful. Her silver hair was well-groomed, and her skin was as smooth as porcelain. Her blue eyes peeked through long eyelashes, shining with intelligence.

There’s such a beautiful person here. If she hadn’t made such a sudden appearance, Flora would have been mesmerized by her for a while.

Ignoring Flora’s surprise, the student who introduced herself as Margaery continued with a friendly smile on her perfectly arranged face, speaking rapidly.

Let’s have a toast. I’ll give you a uniform. And finally, let’s go to the salon together on the weekend.

The speed of the development, which was unexpected for a first meeting, left Flora with nothing to do but blink. But the next moment, Flora’s expression clouded.

“Please be careful. Flora-sama seems to have attracted a bit of attention.”

With a gesture towards the hall, Flora immediately understood that Margaery was referring to the gossip about her being whispered everywhere.

However, before Flora’s chest could be filled with gloom, Margaery put her hand on her chest with a radiant smile that dispelled all her worries.

“Don’t worry. If I’m by your side, no one can easily lay a hand on you. So, Flora-sama, please be my friend. I guarantee a comfortable school life for you, okay?”

Flora gulped at Margaery’s sparkling smile.

She was probably just being kind, but it was too much to say.

(I-It’s too suspicious…!)

It was the kind of invitation that came from shady business. Even the sisters at the church had been saying it until their mouths went sour. Sweet words always have a catch. Don’t be fooled by bad businessmen.


(What a strange person!)

She managed to hold back the urge to laugh.

Although it was highly suspicious, the blue eyes looking at her were clear. She had seen many people visiting the church every day, so she knew that Margaery was not a bad person. On the contrary, she was a good person.

She wanted to talk to this person. As soon as she thought that, her frightened heart suddenly felt lighter. She felt the eyes and voices that had been so scary before rapidly moving away.

“Y-Yes, I’d be happy to…?”

When she reached out her hand, Margaery shook it back with a beaming smile.

She was as beautiful as a goddess, as perfect as a princess, and yet a little eccentric friend.

It was the moment when she met her best friend.

Flora’s days were suddenly filled with color after meeting Margaery.

She was so happy that her previously gloomy school life became enjoyable. Every day, Flora was filled with happiness.


Every morning, Flora’s heart would skip a beat as she saw Margaery’s hair shining like silver threads in the morning sun, and she would run towards her. Margaery would always turn around and frown, saying:

“Flora-sama? I’ve told you many times, you should start with ‘good morning’ first, shouldn’t you? You can’t even greet properly, you’re disqualified as a student of the academy.”

“Hehe, sorry.”

When she stuck out her tongue, Margaery’s expression softened. Despite her words, she was also happy to see Flora. It made Flora feel tickled and happy.

“Good morning, Margaery-sama.”

“Yes, good morning.”

As she was taught, Flora lowered her head while holding the hem of her skirt, and Margaery responded with perfect manners.

She behaved like a lady, and was so beautiful that it was mesmerizing. Flora had even come to enjoy learning the painful manners of the nobility, wishing to be like her.

After exchanging morning greetings like this, the two of them laughed together.

Since they started spending time together, Flora had learned that Margaery, who was known as a perfect lady, had quite a charming side to her.

“Flora-sama, have you heard? The bakery on the main street is releasing a new melon bread today!”

Surprisingly, Margaery seemed to like the taste of the common people, and would come running to Flora with information like this.

Moreover, she had a strangely commoner-like side to her, despite being the daughter of a Marquis.

“Moreover, look at this. Our excellent maid won a shopping voucher for the main street in the lottery. With this, you can get the new melon bread for 100 dollars cheaper!”

“A shopping voucher…? Margaery-sama, you’re interested in that kind of thing too.”

“Of course! I won it, so I should use it properly. It would be a waste otherwise.”

Margaery showed off her shopping voucher with sparkling blue eyes, looking proud of herself.

As she happily suggested they go to the bakery together on their way back, her profile was so different from her usual noble and unapproachable demeanor that it was hard to imagine.

There was a side of her that only Flora knew. Thinking about that, Flora couldn’t help but feel happy.

One day, a turning point event happened.

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