How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Strategy is a crumbling thing

Less than an hour had passed since the pleasant afternoon tea party when the incident occurred.

As Margaery was about to head to her evening lecture after parting ways with Serge, Flora suddenly looked flustered and said, 

“I’m sorry, Margaery-sama. I left my handkerchief at the tea party.”

“Oh, shall we go back and get it?”

If she left it at the tea party, Anya, who was cleaning up, should have picked it up. Thinking so, Margaery asked, and Flora hesitated for a moment before nodding.

“Yes, please. It’s an important item given to me by Serge-sama. Margaery-sama, please go ahead…”

“No, I’ll go with you. We still have time before the lecture starts.”

With a smile, they turned back on the path they came from. The evening class was Madam Elsa’s etiquette lesson. Even if they returned to the courtyard and headed back, they would have plenty of time.

As they chatted, the two headed towards the courtyard. It was when they reached a certain corridor.

“I can’t take it anymore. Please help me, Serge-sama!”

A man’s voice echoed from around the corner. Margaery and Flora looked at each other and pressed themselves against the wall. Then, they peeked around the corner.

There was Serge, whom they had just parted with. He looked troubled as he listened to someone.

(Isn’t that the back of Minister Freed?)

He was short and chubby, and looked nothing like the delicate beauty of the queen dowager, Titania. But he was the Foreign Minister and the queen dowager’s brother, Lucius Freed.

He was a man who came into this country with the Empress when she married from neighboring country Agrina and became a vassal of the Legrand royal family. 

He was the one who advocated for Serge to become the next king and has had many conflicts with the current king, Julius.

(Father said that he’s a troublesome person because he can’t be treated lightly due to his position in the neighboring country…), 

Margaery recalled her father’s rare complaint and furrowed her eyebrows. Judging from the way he was confronting Serge, it was not a peaceful scene.

Unaware that Margaery and the others were watching with bated breath, Minister Freed sighed in exasperation.

“I have said it many times. This is the perfect opportunity to form a military alliance with Agrina and expand our territories together. Yet, His Majesty refuses to listen to me. It’s because I’m the younger brother of Her Majesty the Empress that he’s on guard!”

“No, that’s not it. His Majesty has his own thoughts. It’s not like he’s not listening to you just because you’re the one proposing it…”

“Then why doesn’t His Majesty meet with High Highness Serge? Isn’t it typical of King Julius to distance himself from those close to Titania-sama?”

“Well, that’s…”

Serge was caught off guard and stumbled over his words. Minister Freed sighed as if to say, “I knew it.”

“If he wishes for the development of our country, he should not miss this opportunity. Yet, he is not only ignoring the words of his vassals and trapped by past grudges, but also hesitating to go to war…The name of the Wolf King is crying.”

“Hey! Watch your mouth!”

“It’s not just me. Everyone is saying it,” 

The minister persisted, unrelenting despite Serge’s changing expression.

“Julius-dono was not fit to be king.”

At that moment, the air froze, not just as a metaphor.

“If you think that, then draw your sword and face me. It would be more efficient for both of us.”

Freed’s throat made a sound, and the minister turned pale like a small-minded person. Serge’s voice trembled.


Margaery also held her breath.

Julius appeared from the depths of the corridor, with an expression that Margaery had never seen before.

The sharp and perfectly symmetrical face had lost all expression, leaving only the cold red eyes piercing through the minister. He wore black clothes on his slender body and walked slowly, like a beast aiming for its prey’s vital points.

There was no trace of the sulking from being forced to run since early morning, or the joy and embarrassment from Margaery’s words. This was not the same Julius as before.

He was the wolf King of Legrand. That was the only fitting way to describe him now.


When he called his name in a freezing voice, the minister jumped up. Julius slowly bent down without paying attention to it.

“No matter what you say, I have no intention of invading other countries. If you really don’t like it… too bad. We may have to start a war within the country, not elsewhere.”

The minister was now a pitiful prey. Julius coldly declared, as if his sharp fangs were biting into his throat. 

“It must be tough to look up to an unwanted king. I sympathize with you. But remember this, if you bare your fangs, I won’t show mercy. I swear in the name of the Wolf King, I’ll hunt you down.”

“Ah, yes…”

The minister trembled and eventually shouted, “Please forgive me!” before running away like a rabbit.

And so, only the half-siblings remained in the corridor.


Flora murmured with concern, and Margaery swallowed nervously beside her.

The atmosphere between Julius and Serge was terrible. If Margaery had nothing to do with them, the tension would be enough to make her turn and run.



Margaery suddenly realized something.

Come to think of it, this might be a chance.

(Scenario 118: “If you encounter His Highness Serge and are bad-mouthed.” Yes! It was properly listed in the scenario collection!)

She felt as if the cloudy sky had cleared up.

Could there be such a bad coincidence? She had written it with doubt, but her prediction had come true!

Moreover, they had read Case 118 this morning. She had diligently prepared, and the scenario conversation was firmly in her head.

(My stomach was in knots, but it was God’s guidance! God was on my side so that His Majesty and His Highness Serge could reconcile!)

With renewed hope, Margaery looked at Julius.

Looking at Julius’ frozen expression again, it seemed like he was trying hard to remember the expected conversation he had learned.

(Do your best, Your Majesty! The important thing is consideration and compassion! After reassuring him that you don’t think of him as the same as those who spoke ill of you, subtly bring about reconciliation!)

She squeezed his hand tightly and sent him her thoughts.


“It’s good, isn’t it? Even such a small-minded person is on your side. If you become king, he’ll surely be happy to serve you.”


She almost blurted out, but quickly covered her mouth. In the meantime, Julius looked down coldly at his half brother as the Wolf King.

“It’s not just him. There are many voices that want you to become king. If they gather, it’s not a dream to bury one wolf… Before that, it might be a good idea to hunt them all down.”

“Your Highness…!”

Serge paled and held his breath. He desperately spoke out before it was too late.

“I will restrain them. So please, please just punish them…!”

“I’m not sure about that.”

Julius smiled thinly. His dry, cough-like laughter echoed through the corridor and dissipated.

“If I’m in your way, don’t hesitate to get rid of me. Although, I don’t think you can kill me.”

Serge’s expression stiffened. “Your Highness,” he called out, but Julius didn’t answer the fading call.

The two brothers passed each other without a word.


Margaery was at a loss for words at such a development.

Where was the reassurance? The reconciliation? The fluff and love plan? He not only cruelly pushed him away, but also deepened the rift with a reign of terror. 

(What is that person thinking?! Does he have any motivation?!)

Margaery was furious like a boiling kettle for a moment.


As he passed by Serge, Julius’ expression returned.

The color of agony floated on his well-structured face.

Self-blame. Regret. Self-loathing. These complex emotions intertwined and cast a dark shadow.


A sigh leaked from his thin lips.

“Serge is truly suitable to be king. Not me.”

His line from the novel floated and melted in her mind.

“Ma-Margaery-sama! Margaery-sama!”

She jerked back to reality after having her sleeve pulled. When she blinked and turned around, Flora whispered in a panicked tone.

“His Majesty is coming this way! We need to hide quickly.”

“Huh? Oh, what?!”

Realizing that she had been eavesdropping, Margaery turned pale. But it was already too late, and the sound of footsteps echoed crisply. The beautiful king appeared, flipping the hem of his cloak lightly.

Under his fluttering black hair, his red eyes widened.

‘This is bad.’ She had to apologize. Just as the pale Margaery was about to bow deeply, 

Julius ran away like a rabbit.


While she was screaming in shock, the king’s back was getting farther and farther away. Margaery was stunned, but then she suddenly came to her senses and turned to Flora.

“I’m sorry. I’ll be a little late for the evening lecture. Can you please tell the teacher?”

“E-Eh? Where is Margaery-sama going?”

“I’m going to stop His Majesty!”

“Eh?!” Flora screamed as Margaery grabbed the hem of her skirt and started running. Fortunately, she could still see Julius’ back. The distance wasn’t too far to catch up.

With a thud, Margaery kicked the ground.

And so, the chase began.

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