How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Past life’s guess is too pitiful

“Something feels off.”

Margaery murmured while looking out the window.

She was in a private room prepared for her at Loire Castle. It was slightly smaller than the Noel family’s mansion, but it was more than enough space from her past life’s perspective.

By the way, Anya was out of the room. She was touring around with the maids provided by the castle to learn about the castle’s surroundings.

So, this was a complete soliloquy. She could express her gloomy thoughts without hesitation.

Julius and Serge——In the novel, the two brothers meet a sad end.

As it is well known in this world, Julius is not the Empress’s child. His mother was a maid who worked in the castle.

The Empress, who had trouble bearing a prince, hated Julius. It was even worse after Serge was born. After all, by then, Julius had already shown potential as the Wolf King. The Empress repeated like a curse, “If only that child Julius didn’t exist.”

According to the novel, Julius has been targeted by assassins many times since he was a child. There is no evidence that the Empress was behind it, but Julius thought so, and so did Serge.

So they both feel inferior to each other. The older brother and the younger brother both hate themselves. Even if they don’t say it out loud, they both think so.

Flora, the protagonist, tried to bridge that gap. It worked momentarily, but in the end, it backfired. And who broke it? It was Margaery. 

Margaery, who hated Flora and Serge, tried to seek revenge by any means necessary. However, she was targeted and used by a group that didn’t like Julius.

Margaery had an assassin attack Julius and tried to frame Flora and the others as the culprits.

Unfortunately, the timing was bad. Just as he was about to reach out to his younger brother, Julius was pushed off a cliff. The sadness and despair broke him.

Julius easily defeated the assassin, but he believed the lie that Serge and the others were the culprits, which caused his magic to go out of control. By the way, in the novel, Margaery dies from being caught up in the magic going out of control.

Losing himself, Julius attacked the two protagonists. However, Flora awakened the power of the saint at the last moment and, together with Serge, stopped Julius’s magic from going out of control.

In the end, Julius regained his sanity. He reconciled with his younger brother, but unfortunately, Julius’s life was too short.


Margaery was speechless as she recalled the summary.

‘What a thing.’ She had thought the same thing in her past life, but King Julius was too pitiful. And what about the Margaery in the novel? What on earth was she doing?

(…Well, now I am that Margaery.)

With a sigh, Margaery slumped onto her desk. 

‘I don’t intend to do the same thing as the novel. However, someone who doesn’t like Julius might hurt him. If that happens, will he curse his birth, hate his brother, and cause a magical outburst like in the novel?’

[I’m happy. You’ll be right next to me from now on.]

Julius’ shy face, wagging his tail, flashed through Margaery’s mind. Suddenly, she lifted her head and trembled with guilt.

(No, am I a terrible person?!)

She wanted to avoid the death flag and live a long life. But if the novel was correct, Julius was the one with the death flag. 

If it had been before she had any involvement, she could have turned a blind eye. After all, he was her past life’s favorite character, but her own life was more important. But now, even though it was a mistake under the influence of alcohol, Julius was the one who had taken Margaery’s virginity. She felt like she would be finished as a human being if she left him alone.

But before that…

“…I can’t just leave him alone when he looks at me like that.”

Margaery pursed her lips. They were not bound by any means. It was more like, since she had accidentally picked him up, she had to take care of him until the end.

She ruffled her silver thread-like hair and shouted at the ceiling.

“Ahh~~! I didn’t want to get involved in the second part as much as possible because I could see this future coming!”

At that moment…

Knock, knock. Someone knocked on the door. 

Who could it be? If it were Anya, she would come in without waiting for a response, and if it were another maid, she would continue calling out. 

Could it be Flora? Come to think of it, when they parted in the garden, she said she wanted to visit Margaery’s room. She was full of energy and might have put her words into action.

“Hello? Who is it…?”

Without much thought, Margaery opened the door. She immediately regretted her recklessness.

“Oh? I came to check on you, thinking you were tired and resting, but you seem surprisingly energetic. It’s a luxury to relax in your room without even showing your face to the king.”

He made a sarcastic remark right off the bat. It was already like a family tradition, but it hit Margaery hard.

Julius, who appeared in front of the room like that, had the most unhappy expression he had ever shown to Margaery.

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