How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Maybe, Maybe

As soon as he entered the room, Julius transformed with a gentle breeze. The fluffy tail that appeared swayed ominously in response to his displeased expression.

He walked straight to the sofa and sat down before being offered a seat. Then, he glared at her.

“You’re late. Too late. Why didn’t you come to see me right away?”


Unexpectedly scolded, Margaery inadvertently asked back in surprise. But Julius seemed serious. He frowned while swaying his tail ominously.

(Even if you ask me why…)

She had no plans to meet him. She came to the castle as Flora’s educator, not to see Julius. No matter how many logical arguments come to mind, saying them would only anger him.

Reluctantly, Margaery turned on her lady switch and lifted the hem of her skirt.

“I am Margaery de Noël. I have come to the castle at the command of Yuri-sama. I deeply apologize for the delay in my greeting.”


“And then.”

“And then?”

As if asking, his red eyes looked up at her. Margaery looked straight back at him and thanked him honestly.

“Thanks to Yuri-sama, I was able to reunite with an important school friend. Thank you very much.”

“Hmm, Is that so?”

Julius looked surprised, but quickly turned away coldly. But there was no doubt that he was happy. Unlike before, his tail was wagging happily.

(…How cute.)

She couldn’t help but stare at Julius, who continued to wag his tail with a cool expression.

Was this really the personality of Julius in the novel? A solitary king who closed his heart, didn’t trust others, and always had a cold smile on his face—that was how he was written.

At least he shouldn’t have been the type of person to suddenly barge into a room and approach someone with a wagging tail to express his emotions.

He seemed to have regained his good mood. He patted the empty sofa next to him.

“How long are you going to stand there? Should I carry you?”

“I apologize for intruding.”

Margaery hurriedly sat down, of course, a little away from him. Julius looked disappointed, but then put his hand in his pocket.

“I came to give you this.”

He handed her a necklace with a purple gem. It had a delicate design and was modest yet beautiful.

“…Thank you very much?”

Margaery tilted her head while thanking him and receiving the necklace. She liked it at first glance, but it wasn’t her birthday or anything.

Her doubts must have shown on her face. As he urged her to wear the necklace around her neck, he shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s like a talisman. I made it with my magic power. When you need help, touch the stone and call my name. I’ll receive it that way.”

“So, this is a magical tool?!”

Just as she hung it around her neck, Margaery was surprised, and her eyes widened. 

“Cinderella Suddenly.” is set in a fantasy world of swords and magic. However, magic users are not common and are highly valued.

That’s why Julius was chosen as king instead of Serge, and Flora was taken in by the Baron family. Margaery also had a slight aptitude for magic, and was evaluated as a candidate for Serge’s fiancée.

Magic tools made by magic users with magic power are very expensive. Especially those made by magic users of the level of the Magic Academy are of high quality and rare.

Julius, who was born inheriting the magic power of the first king, is equivalent to a magic user belonging to the Magic Academy, and may even have more magic power. Just thinking about the value of the magic tools he made makes one dizzy.

Julius shook his head at Margaery, who was looking down at the necklace in fear.

“I can’t bear it if something happens to you. So please accept this as a way of helping people… and also.”

Julius gently reached out his hand. Margaery thought he was going to kiss her, but he touched the necklace she had just put on instead of her cheek or chin.

He pinched the purple gem with his rough fingers. Then he looked at her with soft eyes, as if he were looking at someone he truly loved.

“I chose this color because it looks like the color that is mixed with your blue and my red… It looks good on your hair, which is the color of the stars.”


Even Margaery was taken aback by this. She panicked and looked away, but his sweet gaze and voice stuck in her head. She felt her face getting hot rapidly.

This must be a confirmation.

Blushing deeply and looking down, Margaery swallowed hard.

He declared that he would definitely get her, and his behavior of constantly approaching her matched his declaration. His strangely proactive and straightforward attitude…

“Um, Yuri-sama.”

Her throat was dry from nervousness. Margaery tried to speak despite her pounding heart swallowing her up.

“Please let me confirm. If I said something off the mark, please just laugh it off.”

“You’re being roundabout. Just say it already.”

Julius frowned, his beautiful face contorting.

Taking a deep breath, Margaery asked him boldly.

“Could it be that His Majesty, Yuri-sama, likes me?!”

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