How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Heroine is a healer after all

As soon as Margaery arrived at the castle, she reunited with her classmate from the Royal Academy, Flora Hermeia.

Flora must have heard about her arrival time in advance. She caught Margaery as she was trying to enter the castle.


Running up to her with a sparkling smile befitting a heroine, Flora looked up at Margaery.

(Ah, Flora-sama is still so cute.)

Margaery lifted the hem of her skirt and put on her “young lady” persona as a result of her comforting aura. She smiled at Flora.

“I’m glad to see you, Flora-sama. However, even if we are close, shouldn’t we properly introduce ourselves since it’s been a while since we last met?”

“I-I’m sorry. You’re right, Margaery-sama.”

Flora blushed and grabbed the hem of her skirt in a hurry.

“Even though you taught me so much at the academy, I’m still no good. I got too excited when I thought I could spend every day with Margaery-sama from now on.”

(S-She’s so dazzling…!)

Margaery felt like covering her eyes with her hands due to the heroine aura emanating from Flora. 

Then, she heard the voice of another protagonist.

“Hehe, it seems like the lesson has already begun.”

“Your Highness Serge!”

The blonde-haired prince appeared under the sunlight, and Flora took on her ladylike demeanor again. Serge gently hugged Flora’s shoulder and smiled at Margaery.

“When I heard that you were one of Flora’s educators, I was surprised, but I’m really happy. With Margaery here, there’s nothing more reassuring. I’ve indebted you again.”

“Oh, not at all.”

‘This was a chance to accumulate virtue to avoid the destruction route.’ Margaery quickly judged and humbly showed her modesty, as she had done for three years at the academy.

“It’s for no one else but my dear friend. I’ll do my best to fulfill my duty.”

Anya muttered, “You were full of refusal at first,” but Margaery ignored her, of course.


(They really suit each other.)

Margaery admired Serge and his partner, who were snuggled up together.

Even without the bias of being a favorite character in her beloved novel, they were both truly good people with a straightforward and sincere nature. They were pure and earnest, never arrogant, and always grateful to those around them.

To avoid the destruction route, she took the position of two friends and benefactors. At first, she approached them with ulterior motives, but it was also true that she had fallen in love with them purely.

Now she wanted the two of them to be happy. She genuinely thought so from the bottom of her heart.

(Although I want to go home whenever I have a chance…while I’m in the castle, I’ll do my best to be of help. It’s not like I’m deviating from the policy I had during my academy days by trying to repay my kindness!)

Margaery, who was always kind-hearted, made up her mind.

Since they couldn’t just stand there talking forever, Margaery and Serge headed to the courtyard at his suggestion. It was a different garden from the one where she spent time with King Julius the other day. 

As they walked, the conversation turned to how they would spend their time from tomorrow.

“Flora-sama will receive lessons in history, culture, and manners. I will accompany her for all of them.”

“I see. You’ll be taking classes too.”

“My role is to support Flora-sama. If you have any problems, please consult with me. Of course, I will also point out anything I notice.”

With a smile, Flora blushed prettily.

“It’s like you’ve returned to the Royal Academy. But, you came all the way here for me, Margaery-sama. I will do my best with all my heart and soul to become a splendid fiancée.”

“Fufu, that’s right.”

Flora was so cute that Serge gently patted her head.

Margaery couldn’t help but smile at the peaceful and happy scene.

(Ah, it’s so healing. I’m glad they’re together.)

She felt more like a meddling relative than an otaku watching her favorite couple. ‘The air was delicious just watching the two of them being happy. Seriously.’

Suddenly, Flora smiled at Margaery.

“We should also thank His Majesty Julius. I heard that he was the one who called for Margaery-sama.”

At the sudden mention of Julius, Margaery looked at Serge.

Julius and Serge had different mothers. Moreover, Julius was born from a mother of lower status, but inherited the power of the first king, Serge was supposed to give up the throne to his older brother.

Due to these circumstances, the relationship between Serge and Julius was delicate. Even in the novel, they avoided each other until Flora tried to reconcile them.

Margaery wondered how Serge felt about Julius bringing up the matter with Flora. She looked at Serge with concern.

“It’s true. I wonder how I can thank my brother properly.”

There was no sign of discomfort on Serge’s smiling face, so Margaery decided to ask him directly.

“Have you talked directly with His Majesty Julius about this matter?”

“No, my brother is always busy…and as you know, we’re not that close.”

Serge chuckled wryly and shrugged his shoulders.

But later, Serge blushed and scratched his cheek shyly.

“But you know, I’m happy. It’s the first time my brother has shown concern for me like this. I wish I could express my gratitude honestly, but once things get awkward, it’s hard to fix.”

Margaery looked at him with mixed feelings.

Julius called Margaery to the castle purely to keep her there. The fact that it was for his younger brother and his fiancée was most likely just an excuse.

However, the fact that Serge was happy about what Julius did, no matter what the reason, was also true. It seemed like a waste that Julius didn’t know that.

[I have no friends who I believe in or trust. It’s different from Serge.]

Julius’ line from the novel suddenly came to mind.

(…They should just make up already.)

She knew from reading the novel that the rift between the two brothers was not an easy one to bridge.

Still, Margaery couldn’t help feeling a sense of frustration.

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