How To Train the Wolf King – Accidentally Spending the Night Together and Triggering the Death Flag, I’ll Tame Him To Aim for a Happy Ending! – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Papa loves his daughter too much

Margaery fell into the Wolf King’s scheme and ended up becoming the guardian of Flora and Hermeia. She was given a room at Loire Castle.

One day, a carriage arrived from the castle. Before getting on, Margaery looked back at her family.

“Otou-sama. Okaa-sama, Eddie-onii-sama. I will fulfill my duty.”

“Take care, Margaery-chan.”

Her mother, Cheryl, smiled leisurely. She had flowing silver hair and deep blue eyes, just like Margaery, but her personality was very laid-back.

“Do your best, my dear Margaery…! You can come back anytime you want…!”

Beside her mother was her father, Jordan, who was sobbing. There was no need for an explanation as to why he was crying. In response to her husband’s tears, Cheryl placed a hand on his cheek and said, “Oh my, there there.”

“Papa is just feeling lonely. Are you going to be okay like this from now on? After all, someday Margaery-chan will get married…”

“The castle is nearby! We can see each other anytime you want!”

Margaery shouted in panic at her mother’s careless remark. But it was already too late. Her father became even more despairing and said, “G-Getting married…?”

Her older brother shrugged his shoulders in exasperation.

“Father will be able to see Margaery the most easily. As a guardian, she can move freely anywhere within the castle.”

Eddie, the eldest son, made a face and interjected. He was very caring and fond of Margaery. As a civil servant working in the castle, they would occasionally meet. It was a great relief for Margaery.

“Seriously, if there’s anything you can’t handle alone, let me know. And rely on Anya for anything. That’s why we decided to bring her to the castle.”

Anya slightly lowered her head in response to the glance directed at her.

It was her father who decided to bring her along, of course, as a maid and bodyguard. “It would be a disaster if spies infiltrated the castle,” her father had said, but it was needless to say who the “bodyguard” was really for.

“If you notice anything suspicious, report it immediately.”

Her father emphasized this to Anya while sniffing his nose. Then he tightened his face and gave Margaery a thumbs up.

“Don’t worry. If anything happens, Papa will start a rebellion in a snap.”

“I have no reason to feel relieved, and I really want you to stop being serious about that?!”

Margaery screamed at her father, who was smiling but had a serious look in his eyes.

She felt like her head would hurt if they kept talking like this. Margaery hugged her family one last time before getting into the carriage with Anya.

“Take care, Okaa-sama and Onii-sama! Otou-sama, please don’t do anything strange! Well then, everyone, goodbye!!”

“What are you going to do?”

Not long after they departed, Anya brought up the topic with Margaery, who was holding her head in her hands.

“What are you going to do? About what?”

“About master. He definitely suspects something happened on the day Ojou-sama came home in the morning. At this rate, the master might be the one to arrange the engagement between Ojou-sama and His Majesty.”

“Please don’t say that! I’ve been trying not to think about it!”

She covered her ears and crouched down, but it was the truth.

It seemed that King Julius had switched to a strategy of slowly hunting down Margaery, but it was troublesome that her father was keeping an eye on her.

(Doesn’t Otou-sama love me? Even if he treats the premarital affairs of noble ladies as damaged goods? If he finds out that His Majesty has laid his hands on me, he’ll definitely try to arrange the engagement…)

Margaery trembled at the future scenario that was not difficult to imagine. If her father, the astute Prime Minister, moved, there would be no chance for Margaery.


“I’m sure… no, it’ll be okay. I’ve been preparing for this for a long time.”

Margaery repeated it to herself as if to convince herself. Then Anya asked with a face that showed no expectation.

“Why were you able to prepare for this years ago? I have a question, but I’ll listen. What did you do?”

“It’s the ‘my ideal person is someone like Papa’ strategy.”

Margaery answered solemnly, brushing her silver hair like a thread of silver.

This was the second strategy to avoid the death flag of Julius, which she had been slowly executing since regaining her memories of her past life.

“Isn’t my papa’s blonde hair wonderful?”

“Yes…uh, yes?”

“My beloved Okaa-sama has silver hair. And, Onii-sama and I also have silver hair. It’s a bit lonely being the odd one out, so when I compliment Otou-sama’s hair color, he gets really happy.”

[Otou-sama’s hair shines and sparkles in the sunlight, it’s really wonderful.]

Since long ago, when Margaery complimented him like that, her father would be overjoyed.

Taking advantage of that, Margaery repeatedly whispered to her father for three years.

[If I get married, I want someone with blonde hair like Otou-sama.]

Men aren’t judged by their appearance or anything like that. They say that you’re drawn to your destined partner. However, Margaery brainwashed her father like a witch, even though he seemed to agree with those words.

[If you ever find someone for me to marry, don’t forget. Make sure it’s a wonderful person with blonde hair. Definitely okay?]

“Yes. Uh, so?”

Anya tilted her head with an unclear expression. Margaery shook her head with kindness towards the clueless maid.

“Otou-sama wouldn’t easily arrange an engagement between His Majesty and me. After all, Julius His Majesty has black hair!”

Bang! Proudly, Margaery answered.

It was actually going well. Previously, when her mother joked about “Who will Margaery-chan marry?” and brought up the topic with her father,

[Is it His Highness Serge, who is the same age? Or the son of the Archduke, who is one year older? With Margaery-chan’s beauty, even His Majesty Julius could be a possibility…]

[I wonder if His Majesty Julius is around.]

Father immediately responded, “Oh, why do you think so?” while her mother tilted her head in confusion. The father looked at Margaery.

Jordan touched his own blonde hair and winked.

[Well… it’s Margaery and Papa’s secret, right?]

“So. Otou-sama wouldn’t voluntarily arrange a marriage between His Majesty Julius and me.”

Margaery brushed her hair and looked back proudly.

Anya listened to the conversation with a bewildered expression. But as soon as it was over, she took out a handkerchief from her pocket and began to lament.

“Oh, poor master. Thanks to Ojou-sama’s half-baked plan, he will suffer deep wounds in his heart.”

“It’s not half-baked! It’s a perfect plan, isn’t it?!”

“Is it really perfect? His daughter will be taken by a man who isn’t blonde, and his damage will only increase, won’t it?”

“That’s not true!”

Margaery shrugged her shoulders, and Anya sighed, looking at her with pity. 

“Well… I don’t think the master would proceed with the engagement without Ojou-sama’s consent. In that sense, you may not have to worry too much.”

“Right! I think Anya is right!”

Margaery suddenly became cheerful. Anya looked at her with a distant gaze as she smiled.

“It’s only a matter of time before she’s eaten up…”

“What? Did you say something?”

“No, nothing.”

The carriage wheels rattled rhythmically.

Loire Castle, where the king was waiting, was only a short distance away.

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