How to Be a Son-in-Law – Chapter – 5

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“On the other hand, my daughter has been very patient.”

After Leafa talked to Dan, the Marquis of Duston snorted as he looked at the records of the investigation into Kirk’s background.

After a day’s work, the Marquis relaxed in the drawing room with his wife, Tifa, and Dan, swirling a glass of wine.

After hearing his daughter’s story, the Marquis of Duston immediately began investigating Kirk.

While he did not deny Leafa’s story, he did not take it at face value.

Although she belonged to the nobility, Leafa was only 16 years old.

It’s possible that she’s a young girl with a certain innocence, and that she’s rejecting Kirk’s womanizing more than she should.

When the Marquis heard about Kirk from Leafa’s bodyguard and maidservant, he was so shocked by Kirk’s harsh words that he thought Leafa’s long friendship with him had led to favoritism.

So Dan, in a simple disguise, pretended to be Leafa’s bodyguard at the school, and spent a few days observing Kirk.

But after just one day, the observation ended with Dan’s words, “He’s scum”.

In no time, Kirk and Leafa’s engagement was called off.

“Well, we’re going to have to find a fiancée for Leafa as soon as possible.”

Since Kirk’s engagement was broken off, the Marquesses of Duston have been getting a lot of marriage proposals from people.

It’s a marriage partner for the daughter of one of the prominent families.

For the second and third sons of noble families, it is a position that they want more than anything.

A lot of nobles also came up to Leafa at the school.

Her maid and bodyguard begged her to hire more servants.

“It’s hard to know what’s in the book when you look at it.”

Leafa’s engagement was broken off.

The other party was obviously at fault, but there was no doubt that he was unhappy, and a second dissolution of the engagement would have been unacceptable.

“Are you troubled, Husband?”

Tifa, his wife, smiled and called out to the Marquis.

“Yes, do you know anyone who might be a good match for her?”

“Yes. What about Dan-sama’s son, Eucliffe-sama?”

“What? Are you talking about my son?”

At Tifa’s words, Dan looks up as if he’s been knocked off his feet.

“Yes, he works as a civil servant at the royal palace, and his excellence is well known, even at the other wives’ tea parties, and I’ve heard that the crown prince relies on him as well… Besides, I don’t think either of them has decided yet.”

“H-Huh. When we met the other day, he was lamenting that he was too busy with work to find a partner…”

Dan did his best to answer, though he was a bit sluggish given the abruptness of the conversation.

Marquis laughed at his aide’s unusual distraction and said.

“Hmm. It’s been a long time since I last saw Eucliffe. Dan, can you arrange it?”

“Y-Yes, sir! I’ll send a letter to my son first thing in the morning! That will be all for today.”

Dan bowed and left the drawing room like the wind.

“Tifa, have you been after Eucliffe all this time?”

The Marquis looked at his wife with amusement, and Tifa nodded.

Yes, husband. I’ve heard from the Crown Prince that even though Eucliffe-sama is a great man, the Crown Prince can’t use him openly because of his low status, and he’s been itchy about it.

Dan is the second son of an earl. His son Eucliffe is in the same family as the earls, but because he doesn’t have a family to inherit from, he isn’t as important as the earls.

But if he becomes the heir to the Marquess of Duston, he can dream of becoming the Crown Prince’s right-hand man and Prime Minister in the future.

“I have known him since he was a child, and he has a gentle personality and is trustworthy.”

The Marquis thought to himself,

(My wife has never expressed any opinion about Kirk.)

That means she had nothing to say about him.

“I’ve given Leafa a long, hard time because I chose that man.”

The marquis was inconsolable at the thought of the treatment Leafa had received.

Tifa shook her head at the marquis.

“There is nothing you do that is not good for us, Husband.”

Softly and calmly, Tifa continued.

“I’m sure she has learned how precious and important it is for a couple to be considerate of each other. I think she will be able to serve him better if she becomes a couple with Eucliffe-sama. And besides, “

Tifa smiled wickedly.

“Leafa’s first love is Eucliffe-sama. I’m sure she’ll be delighted. “

“What, is that so?”

The Marquis was angry for no reason when he heard about his daughter’s first love.

Giggling, Tifa snuggles up to the Marquis.

“A woman is happiest when she is with the one she loves. I am sure of this, for I have done it myself.”

His wife’s sweet words made the Marquis blush at his age.

“So, husband. Please support my little girl’s first love.”

The Marquis reflected.

His wife always respects him, but he has never won a battle.

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