How to Be a Son-in-Law – Chapter – 6

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The next day.

Eucliffe is summoned to the Marquess of Duston’s mansion by his father; he rushes to finish his work and rushes to the Marquess of Duston’s house.

He met with the Marquis of Daston, who was a bit grumpy for some reason, and his wife Tifa, and before he knew it, the engagement between Eucliffe and Leafa was set.

“It is a great honor,” Dan, the father, said as he wiped his eyes with a handkerchief. “Until my bones turn to dust, I will serve the Daston family.” He kept repeating it like a broken record.

Before the engagement was sealed, he and Leafa had seen each other often at her father’s workplace, the Duston household.

Since they were five years apart in age, he loved her like a younger sister, but when Leafa’s engagement was decided, her father asked her to refrain from going to the Duston’s household, saying that it was unbecoming for a man other than her fiancé to come and go, and he had not seen her since then.

He still remembers the sound of Leafa’s voice, with tears in her eyes, saying, “Goodbye, Big Brother Eucliffe.”

He was concerned whenever he heard bad news about Leafa’s ex-fiancé and inquired about it.

His father said that “he is still young, and his life is still uncertain, but he is a man of ability.” So he just hoped Leafa had a happy married life.

That is the story of her engagement to Eucliffe and the dissolution of the former engagement.

Leafa, who had gone to school, returned home as he pondered whether it was okay to be someone who had never been popular with women, whether he could take the girl he thought of as his sister as his wife, and whether he could be the heir to the Marquis of Duston.

But as soon as he met her…

She looked up at him with moist blue eyes and said,

“Big Brother Eucliffe, please take me as your wife~!”

Eucliffe’s head instantly boiled as he heard her say it in a fading voice and with a bright red face.

He said to his father,

“Why has she become so pretty? What am I supposed to do now? She’s too pretty!”

His father, Dan, with tears still in his eyes, slapped his head as hard as he could, and he finally calmed down.

“…I-I’m sorry, I’m distracted.”

The Marquis’s scowled face, the Marquess’s giggling voice, and his father’s trashy eyes broke his heart, and Eucliffe looked at Leafa beside him.

The blush of embarrassment on her face is reassuring. Wonderful.

“I know you’re surprised by the suddenness of this, but I have high hopes for you. Please take care of Leafa”

“Yes, I may be a little old, but I will make Miss Leafa happy.”

“You have a lot to learn. Do your best.”

Dan, her father, cracked his knuckles and smiled grimly.

Why does the marquis seem to have a strong feeling for the other person? It could be because he was tricked by his previous son-in-law.

“His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, has asked me to formally take you into my entourage. You are also expected to be the next Prime Minister. Good luck. “

Even the marquis smiled at him. An uncomfortable sweat trickled down Eucliffe’s back.

“I will serve Big Brother Eucliffe as best I can.”

Leafa, his future wife, looks up at Eucliffe and declares, “reliably.”

At any rate, he has to get her to stop calling him “big brother.”

Eucliffe was still anxious, but he felt he could do his best for Leafa.

One year later, Eucliffe and Leafa were married as soon as Leafa graduated from school.

Eucreiff was originally a capable man, but by officially becoming the heir to the Marquess of Duston, he began to work to his fullest as the Crown Prince’s assistant, and he began to make a name for himself.

Despite his busy job and the enormous demands of the Marquis and his father, Dan, Eucliffe manages to find time to spend with Leafa, and he dotes on her.

Every time he sends her flowers or a small gift, she bursts into tears, sometimes mumbling, “I’m so happy.”

Every time, Eucliffe felt like killing Leafa’s former fiancé.

Her ex-fiance never gave her flowers or gifts, and even when he escorted her to a party, he never danced to a song and left her alone.

Leafa, as his wife, supports Eucliffe in the shadows, tenderly cares for her husband, and supports him to the extent that it is hard to believe that he is the his son-in-law.

Eucliffe wondered what the previous fiancé had to complain about such a lovely Leafa.

Well, he gave her up so Eucliffe could have her, for which he was grateful.

Kirk, the former fiancée, fell from grace after their engagement was broken off.

While he was still in school, he found out that the baroness he was dating was pregnant. This angered Count Lagat, and he disowned him.

The Baroness begged him to marry her, which he was reluctant to do, but he could not stay in school and dropped out. Somehow, he managed to join the order, and he began to work as a squire.

Unlike his father and older brother, who served as vice captains of the Order, Kirk skipped his training to become a knight and worked himself to exhaustion every day in the Order.

Lana, Kirk’s wife, abandons him after the birth of their child and goes from man to man with sparkling eyes, hoping to find a man with better conditions.

As a result, their marriage is at its worst, and the Lagat family has taken in the neglected child.

From time to time, a letter arrives from Kirk to Leafa asking for reconciliation, but it is reported to Eucliffe before Leafa sees it, and with a powerful smile, Leafa’s maid shreds the letter and puts it on the fireplace.

“How dare he say that!” or “I hope the blonde goes bald!” The smiling maid tearing up the letters is chilling. And then there is the occasional silent but terrifying guard who joins her.

Eucliffe, of course, is the most terrifying of all. The guards and maidservants refer to him as “Sarnina’s devil” because of his tenacity. despite the fact that he is being played with by his new wife.

And so, with the exception of a few annoying letters, the Marquesses of Duston are peaceful and happy.

“Listen, Leafa.”

Ever since Leafa was a little girl, her mother, Tifa, had told her.

“You must not disobey the master who welcomes you into your home.

While embroidering, while making tea. Learning manners

Serve the master, always build him up and support him.

Always as serene as a still lake.

Look around, listen, gather information, and be of service to the Master.”

And lastly, continue like this.

“Then the master will do as you wish.”

Her mother says this with a beautiful smile.

“That’s what a wife of the Marquess of Duston is supposed to do.”

Leafa smiles as she pats her swollen belly.

“I will, of course, teach my daughter.”


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