How to Be a Son-in-Law – Chapter – 4

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After dinner at the Daston residence.

From that day on, Kirk Lagat’s life changed forever.

Earl Lagat and his brother, Orloff, were waiting for Kirk when he came back to his house with faltering steps after the dinner party.

They looked like demons.

In Earl Lagat’s hand was a detailed report of Kirk’s behavior, along with the dissolution papers of the Marquesses of Duston.

There were a lot of things in the report that showed that Kirk had relationships with both married and unmarried women. He had thrown some bad parties, talked about taking over the Marquesses’ house with his lover, and had spoken out against Leafa.

He and his son Orloff went to the Marquesses of Duston right away and signed papers ending the engagement, which he had read in the report.

Earl Lagat, a stern and honest man, and his legitimate son, who was his carbon copy, apologized on their knees for their second son’s behavior, clenched their fists until they bled, and were furious.

Kirk was beaten to a pulp by his father, the former vice commander of the Knights of Sarnina, and his brother, the current vice commander.

Kirk dragged his aching body to school early the next day, unable to stand the way his family looked at him and the way his servants treated him.

But even there, Kirk’s treatment is drastically different.

Overnight, news of the breakup of Kirk and Leafa’s engagement had spread around the school.

The cronies who followed him not only treated him as if he were nothing, but even berated him, saying his future was bleak because of his fall.

When Kirk called out to them, the ladies, their cheeks flushed, scowled and hurried away.

They came to him, praised him, and treated him like a guest of honor, all because Kirk was the heir to the Marquess family.

If it weren’t for that, Kirk would have been the second son of the earl’s family.

He’s a worthless man.

Kirk, who now understood such a natural thing, realized the value of Leafa.


Leafa was enjoying a cup of tea on the school’s terrace when she heard a familiar voice and frowned.

“I’ve been looking for you!”

Her former fiancé, whose face was swollen in many places and whose hair and clothes were dirty, approached her with a look of desperation.

Leafa’s personal bodyguard intervened and blocked his way.

“What can I do for you, Lagat-sama?”

It was the first time Kirk had heard his voice, although he had known it for many years as Leafa’s bodyguard.

Kirk had never been interrupted by this guard before. That was because Kirk was Leafa’s fiancé.

The reason was that Kirk was Leafa’s fiancé.

When the son of an earl, who was no longer related to her in any way, tried to talk to the daughter of a marquis, it was only natural that the guard stopped him.

“What are you doing? You’re being rude!”

But Kirk, still unable to accept that his engagement to Leafa is off, doesn’t understand and bites the guard.

Seeing this, Leafa’s maid casually moved so that Leafa was hidden from Kirk’s gaze.

“It’s okay.”

Leafa calls out to her guards. After appeasing the angry guard and the maid, Leafa calls out to Kirk.

“Lagat-sama, please come in.”

Her voice is flat as usual, but she calls him by his family name, which is different from the way she’s called him in the past.

Kirk is annoyed by the stranger’s behavior.

“The Marquis told me yesterday that he was breaking off our engagement!”

“I’m aware of that.”

“What in the world are you doing?! What did you tell the Marquis?! Are you going to let your petty jealousy get in the way of the politics of the two families?!”

“Jealousy? Politics?”

Leafy blinked her eyes in wonder.

“Without our involvement, there is no political fence between us.”

“What? The previous heads of the family decided on our engagement, remember?”

“Indeed, it was decided by your grandfather and the previous Earl of Lagat, on the grounds that we were of the same age and that it would be better to be somewhat acquainted than strangers.”

Ever since she was a small child, her grandfather had taken her to visit the Lagat family several times, and Leafa knew the Earls, Orloff, and Kirk.

“And what do you mean by jealousy? You don’t think I’m jealous of your womanizing, do you?”

Leafa’s cold voice made Kirk’s eyes swivel in agitation.

“But you do like me, don’t you? You’ve done everything I’ve asked and done everything I’ve wanted!”

Leafa’s voice drops to a freezing point as Kirk rants.

“That’s because you were my future husband. Even if I didn’t like you at all because you were sloppy with women and not good at your job, I thought it was only natural that I would serve you once we were engaged.”

“What, you don’t like me at all?”

“Please think about it. If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve had to throw your work around while flirting with another person of the opposite sex right in front of you, would you like that, Lagat-sama? I can only imagine someone who has a special proclivity to love someone who does that to them.”

Leafa’s words gave Kirk palpitations, and the blood drained from his face.

Kirk thought she was in love with him.

Because she had followed him since he was a little boy, and as he grew older, she had taken care of him and cared for him in every way.

No matter how much he mistreated her, no matter how much he picked on her, Leafa would never leave him.

Because she loved Kirk, he thought.

But, it was only because Kirk was Leafa’s fiancé.

Now the engagement is about to break up, and Leafa will be just out of reach for Kirk.

“Wait, wait, wait. I’m not going to break our engagement… I’m in love with you…”

Leafa tilts her head in awe as Kirk clings to her in a thin, trembling voice, saying nothing.

“Well… It’s no use talking about such nonsense now. If you had been smart enough to whisper sweet nothings to your actual fiancé, even if it was a lie, we wouldn’t have thought of dissolving the relationship.”

“What, what do you mean?”

Kirk stares at Leafa as if he really doesn’t understand.

With a sigh, Leafa says to Kirk.

“If you are so shallow as to be disgusted with your fiance before marriage, you are not suited to be our son-in-law at all.”

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