Did the Hero Ask Me to Die? – Part – 4

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The scene returns to the beginning.

The hero keeps looking at me with his back to the valley.

Of course, I don’t know what to say.


“I haven’t heard anything about that!”

From behind me came a low voice that sounded like it was echoing through hell.

It’s the Warrior.

It was the first time I heard the Warrior’s angry voice, since it was usually the hero who talked with intelligent enemies.

I was overwhelmed by his voice, which was different from when we were having a silly conversation, and I became even more immobile.

But the Warrior’s voice didn’t faze the hero.

“It’s a hard decision for me, too. That’s why I didn’t tell you.”

With a frown and a pained look, he continued.

“We may have to face an unknown enemy again. If that happens, you, the Warrior, the Saint, and the sorceress, will continue to be a critical resource.”

I put one hand on my chest and clenched my fist.


I don’t want to hear it.

The sense of alienation I felt when I interacted with other members of the party…

I’m not like them anyway. I’m not good enough. And now I’m going to be confronted with that fact…

But my stagnant, dark thoughts were interrupted by the trembling voice of the Saint.

“N-no It can’t be…! I’m sure we defeated the Demon King. B-But again, at the bottom of the valley…”

The Saint pointed out, and the hero quickly turned around.

“How can he be back so soon!?”

With that, the hero leaned over the edge of the valley and peered down into the valley floor.

Then the Warrior rushed to him.

It looked like this:

But the Warrior ran behind him with all his might and kicked him in the back.


I couldn’t help shouting.

The hero, whose feet were lifted off the ground by the kick, looked at him for a moment.

“Why me?” was written on his face.

After that, the hero fell to the bottom of the valley.

After a while, the clear and soft sound of “fur” sounded, and the dark cloud dissipated, and many rays of light poured out.

The miasma that hung in the air was quickly sucked into the bottom of the valley.

This lasted for about a minute.

The wasteland was still there, but the area had turned into a purified place, and the Warrior who had been looking down at the valley floor looked back at us.

“I guess what’s done is done.”

The Warrior’s mouth twisted a little, but his expression was unconvincing.

After a short pause, someone behind me muttered,

“I guess.”

It was the sorceress.

When I turn around, the Sorceress holds her glasses and continues.

“I’m sorry. I got stuck in a thought loop because the hero suddenly started saying strange things… What’s with that behavior? Did the Demon King take over his mind? Or is it of his own volition?”

“It’s probably premeditated.”

The Warrior answers the sorceress’s question.

I can’t understand the suddenness of it either.

The Warrior continues.

“At the guild on the border, the hero was having trouble finding a final member. I asked the guild master, who helped with the selection, why. He told me the most important requirement for a member was that he/she had no relatives.

I lost my parents at an early age and have no siblings.


The Warrior’s words reminded me of something.

“Um, before we left, he asked me if I had a boyfriend.”

Was that a final confirmation?

At my confession, the Sorceress lets out a sigh.

“…It’s not all black. So all that self-sacrifice he told you about is just to lighten your own mental load.”

The Sorceress closes her mouth and adds, “Makes me want to puke.”

—Well, if I’m convinced to sacrifice myself, then the hero won’t have to worry about it…

I shuddered at the thought.

I wondered why the hero was talking to me on the road.

While I was caught in this unanswerable thought, a voice came from the other end.

“If you had consulted me beforehand, I would have offered myself.”

It was a Saint.

—The Saint is really a Saint.

When I turned to her, she had already turned her back on me.

“There’s no point in staying here. Let’s go home.”

She turns around and starts walking.

I felt a tug in my chest as I watched her walk away.

—I thought of him and the Saint…

The Saint’s back is getting narrower.

The Sorceress calls out to me as I continue to watch the Saint’s back with an irresistible feeling.

I ask…

“Um… the Saint and the hero were in love, weren’t they?”

The Sorceress raises her eyebrows and shakes her head at my question.

“No, I don’t think so, because we are a hastily assembled party formed only to defeat the Demon King.”

She looked like she hadn’t heard that before.

I said…

“But the hero said he was destined to be united with the Saint at the end of his journey or something. I thought that’s why the Saint was sad.”

The Sorceress waved her hands in front of my face as she denied my reasoning.

“Sad? No. No. Because think about it.”

Then the Sorceress continued with a sigh.

“From there, she couldn’t see the bottom of the valley.”

(Potato-tan: She’s talking about when she egged the hero to look down.)

The Warrior, who had caught up with her, then began to speak.

“After the reply, the Saint waved her hand at me to send the hero to the bottom of the valley.”



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    Hahaha good. What a scumbag hero. Honestly a sacrifice like that really is a job for the hero or the saint but I guess he had thoughts about her. Plus even if she didn’t have relatives or a boyfriend she sounded popular with her whole guild so bad target. Even the party members liked her a lot 🤣

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