Did the Hero Ask Me to Die? – Part – 5 – End

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When we came back from the demon territory, everyone celebrated because we had defeated the demon king.

I declined to return, but I was kidnapped to the royal capital and received a reward from the king.

Of course, it was a reward worthy of a D-class adventurer, but he had a lot of money to spend due to the lack of heroes, and he gave me a lot of colors.

Afterwards, I attended the celebration party.

I was forced to sit at the party because there were already four custom-made seats.

During the party, the Saint kept a sad face and held up the memory (portrait maybe) of the hero in front of her body.

“If we do this, people will think we’re doing it right.”


In fact, many of the people who rushed to the party saw her as a Saint grieving over the loss of her heroic lover.

According to the Saint, popularity in the world leads directly to power in the church.

After that, there was an interview about the defeat of the Demon King.

The Warrior and the Sorceress agreed to change the hero’s actions and testified that he had sacrificed himself.

In order not to break her oath to God not to tell lies, the Saint sobbed and cried as soon as the hero was mentioned, creating a situation where no one could speak to the broken Saint..

—Hmmm, everyone is a good actor.

Two months after the journey to defeat the Demon King, I received a call from the Warrior.

He said he had found a hot spring.

That’s a stroke of luck!

He wanted to build a town with hot springs and asked me if I could help him as a representative of the town.

“You’re a good cook. Why don’t you work as an innkeeper?

The Warrior said he wanted to build a town where retired adventurers could live.

I had started out as an adventurer because I had no one to turn to and no money to spend, but I knew I wasn’t cut out for it, so I decided to accept the Warrior’s offer.

With the reward for defeating the demon king and the Warrior’s loan, I opened an inn.

My old guild members visited me frequently since a hot spring had sprung up near the village where I had lived for a long time.

The Saint and Sorceresses sometimes come to us to rest.

On such occasions, the Warrior and I are usually the ones who listen to their complaints.

Both of them are in important positions, so they say,

“Even if I get paid a lot of money, I’m too busy to spend it.”

That’s tough.

Compared to that, life in the spring town is easy.

Anyway, A lot happened on that trip, but I’m happy now.


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    I ship Ricca the MC (Support) with Bain the Warrior. 😍

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    What a refreshing story where it’s not the party that betray the MC. Just the arse of a hero.lool

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